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Legal affairs of securities companies, college teachers, and thoughts on becoming a lawyer halfway through a monk | Young Lawyers Association

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I can't remember when it started. In the community where I live, every night around 8 o'clock, there will be a strong voice, shouting "Come on!", non-stop all day.
I began to think that it might be a vent, but after a long time, I felt that this was not a kind of persistence.
This encouragement is probably for myself, my family, my neighbors, and the city of Wuhan...
In an interview with Xu Zhiyuan, Mr. Xu Zhuoyun talked about his experience during the Anti-Japanese War , tears blurred.
"How many old people can't walk, tell the children you go, go. I knew then that China will not die."
He said that in the Chinese people, there is always something that is close to nature. Qi, this tone, is the righteousness between heaven and earth, this emotion, this style, is the reason why Chinese people can struggle in times when all conditions are not very good.
Facing the vast universe, we are small and powerless; but every choice and action is like a cry of individual life, small but noble.
What we cherish is precisely such a positive force. Every individual's choice and story conveys such energy.
Today's guest, lawyer Zhu Jingjing from Hubei Zhengkang Law Firm, also talked about his choice and persistence in the process of becoming a lawyer in a securities company, a university teacher, and then a lawyer.

On the 45th day of Wuhan’s lockdown, I suddenly received an invitation from Zhishan’s editor, Qing Qingruo. At that time, I accepted it with a little happiness and fear.

As an old man in the workplace and a newcomer in the legal field,Encountering this historic epidemic moment,Let myThoughts could not help but spread out.

It's not so much a summary of myself,Rather, it is a discussion of the meaning of life。

I was born in a small town in Jiangsu. When I was studying, I was an uncompromising young woman in literature and art. If I like Han Han, I will also read Lu Xun.

According to my own wishes, I really want to learn news or Chinese,In the year of the college entrance examination, it was because of his father's legal dream.Wrong choice of law major.

South Lake538Carrying my college days,The ignorant teenager does not have much knowledge about the law major,Only know step by stepGraduation after class and exam.

At the beginning of graduation,Like other students, I experienced a lot of inner confusion,The difference is that at that time I was confusedA little rebellious.

I have always been arranged by my parents to live my life, I hope I can choose my own life path,So I gave up the legal examination interview in my hometownOpportunity to go to a securities company to do legal affairs for a few years.

In the final analysis, legal work is not purely legal work. It involves the coordination of various departments and the control of the business field. During this period, my legal literacy may have not improved much, but I was young and students in the workplace. The anger was quickly smoothed out, and slowly I became more mature and understood society and work.Field rules.

Guiguzi in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period once said:Know the world but not the world,The calendar is smooth and naive。

Legal work has given me more exposure to financial markets,Seeing all the prosperous but making my heart impetuous。

remind yourself often,Please don't be the one you hate the most。

But at a high school reunion,I suddenly realized that it wasn't long before graduation,We have become worldly。

Although entering the society has to face the reality,But where is our original intention? This is a false proposition.


at meWhen I was in trouble with career planning and life thinking, a college classmate told me by chance that a university in Wuhan was recruiting counselors. On the phone, he thought I was very suitable. He just remembered that he was very firm and said to me: Quietly, come and try Try it, go back to campus, go back to your world.

After thinking about it for a few days,Packing my bags, I went back to Jiangcheng,Back to the embrace of hot dry noodles。

The interview went well,I went back to school and became a glorious gardener。

School life is simple and happy,Life slowly entered the two points and one line of the school home。

I'm not much different from the age of the students,For them, it is a big sister who is trendy in thinking and can talk to her heart。

Fragments of those years back,quiet and nice:During the regular class meeting, I walked into the classroom,will be applauded suddenlyOverwhelmed with whistles - hi, boss, you've changed your hairstyle so beautiful!Or when it's a holiday and suddenly give me a surprise and send me beautiful flowers and hug a bear......

During this period of time, I stopped the footsteps of the floating world and kept my youthful enthusiasm and original intention.

It's like meeting a senior sister whom you haven't seen for many years at the training venue of the Lawyers Association,she exclaimed:You are still on campusSuch a vibrant, high-spirited look makes people full of hope at first glance.


I do my job well as a counselor, and the leader talked to me and wanted me to work in a trade union.

So with a little reluctance, I went to the union,Live a more comfortable senior cadre-style old age life。

During this period everything was so orderly,I even have free time to bake and cultivate flowers and plants every day。

So much so that at a regular gathering of college classmates,They tease me that you're really in retirement now。

In the face of basic adherence to the lawAs for them, I couldn't intervene when discussing the case, and I comforted the girls myself. It's better to live a safe and simple life. It's easy to get old if I worry too much.


Maybe by accidentInevitably, something happened that completely broke this situation.

It's not so much that I chose to go back to the law,It's better to say that my inner restlessness and constant thinking about life, Let me change the trajectory of my life again.

A turbulent early autumn afternoon in a certain Jiangcheng,A close relative in my hometown called me anxiously,narrate do it yourselfAfter listening to the experience of being defrauded of money in business, I immediately realized in my mind that he was caught in a contract dispute.

at me的安慰与指导下,He quickly hired a lawyer to help him organize materials and prepare to sue to protect his legal rights。

Anxious, he often called me to communicate the progress of the case,One day in the middle of the night he suddenly called again,tell meHe said that the case is about to go to trial, and asked if I could go back and talk to his lawyer.

This case is important to him,He feels like a layman,I'm the only one in my family who studied law,I'mThe most worthy of his trust.

The next day, my father also communicated with me on the phone so that I could help this relative,So I went back homeThe road to the law also opened the prelude to my return to the legal road.

The case went well,The lawyer my relative hired was my high school friend's father.,in his tireless efforts, and successfully ushered in a favorable judgment.

During this period, I saw the dedication and pragmatism of legal workers,Diligence and Passion,so that after the case is over I go toWhen he visited the law firm, there was an urge to join it.


The night before I returned to Wuhan from my hometown, I had a meal with this old lawyer. During the dinner, he talked about his career as a lawyer and asked me to It sounded shocking.

He graduated from college of Chinese medicine,Small city in those days was a top student,After graduating, I entered a Chinese medicine hospital.Chinese medicine for many years.

Life is supposed to look like this,But one year, my younger brother encountered a civil dispute,After he heardObsessed with taking over this matter. Unsurprisingly, facing the opponent who hired a professional lawyer, his friend's father was completely defeated.

The loss cost his brother a lot of money,also let him—a lover of reading,The old Chinese medicine practitioner who loves to think re-examines himself, What is the pursuit of life?

Just like Lu Xun gave up medicine and started writing,He resolutely devoured law books in his spare time,three yearsTime, when the age of confusion has passed, got the certificate of the judicial examination.

Next, resign to law firm,Familiar with various cases for several years,Then open your own,Even formed the earliest and mostProfessional medical case team, along the way,
hard sweat accompanied the whole practice road, but also illuminated his life.

at the end of the meal,He spoke to me earnestly:What a pity you are, Zhu., you see that you graduated from such a good law school, but today you gave up your major, and you can't even figure out basic cases,
Later you will know how regrettable it is to lose your major one thing.

This thing touched me a lot,The earnest teachings of the elders lingered in my ears for a long time and could not be dissipated.

I started to reflect,The comfortable life of boiled frogs in warm water,Let me slow down the pace of learning,
I'mIt's been a long time since I read a book and didn't calm down and think about it.

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so ISeeking the help of psychology, I frantically read a lot of psychology books.

One of the passages about the meaning of being alive resonated with me:

It is only when you are busy that you realize the meaning of life.

If you are living your second life,in this life, You can make up or fix all the regrets or mistakes in your first life, how do you want to live this time?

no direction at work,Nothing in life。 This phenomenon has been seen in middle school students in their teens, and in middle-aged people in their fifties.

Frankel says everyone has their own unique mission,This mission is irreplaceable,and your life is notIt may be possible to do it all over again. People are not different in their lives, but in their missions.


After May 1, 2018, I made up my mind, uninstalled various software on my mobile phone, and bought a law test book.

four months,Morning and dark library retreat study,Always remind yourself not to leave yourself a way back,The old saying goesAnd the third is exhausted.

After all, I haven't been in contact with this major for many years,For the law test, I can be considered a zero-based novice。

With the simple legal thinking of the law school,I learned neurasthenia,Learn to do mock rolls late at night, crash and cry......


After losing seven or eight pounds and almost peeling off a layer of skin,Welcome to the good news of successfully passing the first law exam。

After the forensic examination,Resign to find an internship,All without hesitation and reluctance。

Today, I am about to pass the internship period and get the practicing certificate.,I still miss that job and I can still dream of itStruggling exam time.

I am particularly touched by the words of Zhong Xiuyong in civil law.:but do good,Don't ask about the future。

On the title page of each case-handling work log,I wrote it prominently。

Let's get down to business, I have only had more than half a year of internship experience in the legal industry. Maybe my experience in handling cases is much worse than that of an old lawyer, but I can also say that I have a little experience for a lawyer who can be said to be a monk. .

A few days ago, a high school classmate who worked in the courthouse asked me,quiet,I'm quitting my job as a lawyer,what do you haveSuggest?

to make a suggestion,I think be careful,take advice to people,Be careful with other people's advice。 Because every suggestion is made based on the experience, knowledge and understanding of the proposer, it is not necessarily suitable for the person being advised. Dershowitz, in "Letters to Young Lawyers," states that "Advice is a risky act...I've received a lot of bad advice and, almost inevitably, gave bad advice to others." Bad advice.” He believes that “most counselors are simply instructing others on how to be themselves.” But as long as you recognize yourself as a different person with dreams, experiences and opinions, you can learn from him learn something.

so,For friends like me who plan to quit and become a lawyer,I still have something to say。


Those of us who have social experience, if they want to become lawyers, try not to run on the same starting line as the trainee lawyers who have just graduated. Go further", don't "start from scratch".

so-called“Go further”refers to our previous social experience、writing experience, etc.,including our originalAccumulation, our social relations will become our direct advantage, allowing us to leave a few streets behind on the basis that we have come a long way.


Secondly, you must find a platform that suits you. The platform is just a different role, and all previous experience, skills, experience, etc. can be directly converted into the needs of new career development. .

I also went through a lot of thinking in the process of looking for a place,Later, I chose a place that gave me a relatively relaxed environment., The lawyers I teach here can cooperate, and other lawyers can also teach each other, which has greatly improved me in a short period of time.

Not only has the experience accumulated in many cases,It also allows me to have time to fully communicate with my peers.,expand your thinkingwith pattern.


There are also friends who feel that they are getting old, and they will look forward to becoming a lawyer again.

I don't think age matters,A lot of times, there is no retreat and can't afford to lose, but it can inspire people's fighting spirit,Although there will beTangle and anxiety,
but it will eventually prove to be a baptism and a transformation.

everyoneWhen you take that step, you will be entangled and anxious. It is normal to be entangled and anxious. The key is how to deal with it.

enter new industries,find a new career,All are challenges。 But every day of our life and work, which day is not a challenge?

I think if you want to come out,First of all, you must measure whether you can break away from the original environmental occupation, etc.。

I'm一个目标感执行力相对较强的人,in this case,Get rid of the previous work atmosphere and put in tensionThe high-pressure legal career is hard work for me, but it also brings more passion to struggle.

During the half year of the internship,From reading the lights at night to research the case that is about to be opened, the idea of ​​​​,arrive19all summerFrom time to time on the way to the detention center. As I am not good at driving, I often take several bus and subway trips to get to the remote detention center. The summer in Wuhan is very hot, and sweat sometimes soaks my clothes without me noticing it. Perhaps it is a belief and enthusiasm that keeps me happy.

Second,Consider the worst before you go out。 Then develop a relatively thorough strategy and plan.

Come out then,Might be a gorgeous turn,is a new chapter,What is obtained is another possibility of success.

In less than a year, I have a deep understanding,low income during internship, But in this case, it is easier to abandon ineffective social interaction and focus on your own business.

On weekends and holidays, I always travel to various training sites,Listen to the most cutting-edge information in the industry and communicate with senior colleagues at the same timeLearn a lot. During this period, I volunteered myself and went on the live broadcast, which made me more aware of the new ideas for the development of the lawyer industry in the era of big data network.

I remember a case that my acquaintance found me a few years ago was successfully concluded,I and my coaching attorney have written this few pagesOnly we know how much the verdict paid. I posted a circle of friends with emotion: In July, the case has been in continuous situations, and under various unfavorable situations, a reasonable liquidated damages has finally been obtained. On the road of legal affairs, I have to work hard on each case along the way, so that I can continue to strengthen my beliefs and not forget the way I came.

Just like the sense of achievement and excitement of the doctors in Hubei who rescued the new crown pneumonia when they brought the critically ill patients back from the death lineYes, every winning judgment fights for the parties' legitimate rights and interests, and fills the hearts of lawyers with a sense of professional achievement and glory.

Do not forget the original intention,Fang De always。 Just like a college classmate who has just graduated and engaged in the legal profession, he left a message to ridicule me in the circle of friends: What a diligent new lawyer, as an old bird, I miss my original intention very much. I will reply with the same joke: don't be fooled by the lard, you are the best!

I missed a lot,As a newcomer in the legal world, I can't write professional articles like Dana.,just myselfSome experiences and insights from entering the industry.

During the lockdown of Wuhan,Many new lawyers who trained together started to show their skills in a circle of friends。

i want to say,Lawyers are usually very professional and serious,But we, especially female lawyers, also listen to Xiaoqing in private.Folks, ordinary people who can do yoga and look bad.

I usually like dancing,like manicure,like pet cats,I also like to study psychology,I like to write with calligraphy, I prefer to run a few laps along the playground around my house and sweat it out.

Running not only allows me to maintain a healthy body and a standard physique,More is to let me know how to persevereThe meaning and everything to develop a positive and optimistic attitude.

Not surprisingly, I did not win the Wuhan Marathon this year.,This is the third time I've missed the draw,接arriveAt the moment of the text message, he laughed three times. It doesn't matter if we can't run horses, and we should be full of hope in life.

Staying at home lately,The circle of friends has a fancy show of cooking skills,得arrive了很多小伙伴的认可。 One of the girls left a message under the circle of the cake I made: I like the way you love life.

I returned a piece of my inner monologue:

< p data-pid="ABAcvsG7">感觉忙碌着才体会arrive活着的意义,不是说三个方法可以找arrive生命的意义

Dedicated to a career,

Love someone,

Have the courage to overcome difficulties

Finally, I would like to offer you my favorite sentence from Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching: Still water flows deep, and the wise are speechless.

this is my motto,At the same time, share with your peers。

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