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Experts predict: Yanjiao section, the next 5 years house prices are beyond imagination

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Question: Fangjie, please pay attention to the first question of newcomers: the bullet is about 400, and there is already a suite in Lin Aojiayuan has more than 100 mortgages. Currently living near the West Railway Station, I want to buy another house, short-term investment, long-term can also live for the elderly. I would like to ask which of the following schemes is suitable: 1. New projects near Gucheng Station on the West Extension Line of Chang’an Street, such as Chang’an Jiuli, Shougang Chang’an Yunshang, etc., with a unit price of about 70,000; 2. Near us, buy old and broken small ones nearby; 3. Chaoyang Buy an old house near Qingnian Road and Chaoyang Park; 4. Buy a small apartment near Wangjing; 5. Which of the above options do you think is reliable? Can you give me some neighborhood options? If neither is feasible, what do you think is a feasible plan? 6. Why is the price of Lin'aojiayuan Community so low, is it necessary to sell it? 7. More than 90% of what you said is full purchase and re-mortgage, but the mortgage jy loan requires a company loan. The personal loan limit is only 100. How to break it? Thank you

Answer: 1. The Lin'aojiayuan community is quite new, but it seems to be a directional resettlement house in Xicheng District, and it is also some distance from the subway. But there is no need to sell, the high point was close to 7 and then fell back. 2. It is recommended to choose option 3 or option 4. Take a look at Lishui Jiayuan, Huafang Yicheng, Zhujiang Rome Jiayuan, and Atlantic New City 3. jyd needs a company, it is recommended to find a channel for help, it is not easy to operate by yourself

Question: Newcomer asked for the first time, household registration vs work and residence permit and house change. Two people live in 75 square meters and a freshman because the concept wants their children to follow the international school route. The public route is not considered. Consider future house replacement And identity issues: 1. Regardless of public schools, is the hukou worthwhile? Do you know what the price is for Beijing Hukou and work and residence permit? Can a work and residence permit buy a restricted room? A friend said that you will get the Beijing household within 2 months, and do you think it is reliable to pay for it? Is there any pit? 2. The cost of international schools is high, and we are worried that we will not be able to pay the children’s tuition fees in the future. If you have a registered permanent residence, you can let your children take the public route, take an international class in high school and then go abroad, the cost can be greatly reduced, and it is a guaranteed choice. Attend a public high school? (No college entrance examination) 3. The current house is estimated at around 580 to 600 (rent 12,000, monthly mortgage repayment 7,700), the rent is high and do not want to sell, the elderly can come and live. Scarce pure south-facing freshman one-bedroom small apartment, very comfortable for self-occupation , don't know if it has holding value? We do not have the qualifications for the first set, and the cash bullet is expected to be 800. I would like to buy a 2-room plus a nanny room or a 3-room near the Lecheng International School. Do you have a recommended community? It is best to have no premium from the school district but have the potential to preserve value. 4. The child's father will go to the embassy immediately, and he does not know whether he is eligible to settle down after graduation? (It involves a lot of people who hope that this article should not be published publicly or to hide questions 1, 2 and 4)

Answer: 1. The purchase of competitive housing is the same as that of ordinary commercial housing, working and living Certificates can be purchased. You can clearly ask your friends how to operate, and it is a little difficult to judge whether it is reliable. 2. Not sure about the policy of entering a public high school. You can try to get into a good private high school in high school and go abroad, such as Chaoyang or Jianhua attached to the National People's Congress, or a public elementary and junior high school, and it is more feasible to get into the international department of a good high school. 3. You can take a look at Tianzhijiaozi, Kowloon Garden, Apple Community South District, etc. 4. You can increase your points after graduation, but you cannot directly settle in

Question: Hello, Miss Fang, I have been following you for a while, and I feel that your analysis is more professional and thorough. 1. The existing six-storey-storey duplex in Nanli, Jianxiyuan, has no elevator, and has more than 130 rooms. In addition, there are more than 20 square meters in the north and south terraces. The household registration and student status belong to Haidian. Xiaosheng has just arrived in the north and is currently planning to sell the house. He wants to quickly buy a house in the north. Do you have any suggestions on price strategy, intermediary selection, negotiation, etc.? 2. Sell this house and plan to buy a house in the northwest of Beijing. I work near Beiqing Road and Yongfeng. Because the old people on both sides want to live together, they are going to buy villa products to live in. Considering the price of selling the house and the funds on hand, I will be prepared at 900 ~9.5 million, the overall price in the back area of ​​the mountain is very high, there is a problem with the property rights that can be bought by the jade cloud map, and the upper stack of the Shanyu Xishan is 13 million. From the capital consideration, the focus will be transferred to the villa project in Changping, Longhu Yanlan Xinchen, Zhonghai Shanghu Family, Zhonghai Lichun Lake Villa, and Jinyu Shangcheng County are compared to Zhonghai Lichun Lake Villa. Considering the moderate driving distance from work, convenient transportation, community environment, and certain living in the surrounding area Supporting, more than 10 years less than the market, please help analyze how to choose, and do you recommend other real estate. 3. From the price trend, do you expect it to go lower in the second half of this year? Do I hurry up to make a move now, or is it appropriate to make a move in the second half of the year

Answer: 1. Look at the negotiation strategy Essence theme 2. Changping block Zhonghai Lichun Lake Villa is the best choice, and it is also a good selling plate 3. It won't go down, don't wait deliberately, if there is a suitable shot

Question: Hello, Mrs. Fang, I have been registered for a few months and have a look, come and ask and hope to get the first answer! The first set of first loan is about 150 bullets. The onlookers Fangjie suggested that Changying Xintiandi and Berlin Philharmonic should be basically locked now. Now he is hesitating between two options: Berlin Philharmonic, which is close to the subway, with a strong atmosphere of life but the community environment is slightly chaotic. 375 West facing 67 ping one-bedroom (changed to a small two-bedroom), I am more worried about the environment, and there are uncles and aunts stacking bottles; Xintiandi, 20 minutes walk from Changying subway, the road and the community are obviously deserted, The environment is good and the trees are dense. The one-bedroom 380, 66 pings in the southwest have been converted into two. Personally, I don't like it being too far from the subway... It's a high-level question: How do you recommend these two options? Are there any other areas in the city to recommend?

Answer: Compared with the environment and 20 minutes away from the subway, I think it is more important to get on the subway. Traffic inconvenience is a hard injury, and future life and value-added will be affected. It is recommended to choose Berlin Philharmonic. You can also focus on scouring Sihui, Shifoying, and Jinsong. Of course, the same price is closer to the urban area, and the quality of houses will decrease, and some choices need to be made.

Question: Ask for a friend (really a friend's business): The first type: Provident fund is 1.2 million for 25 years, and commercial loan is 800,000 for 25 years. The commercial loan interest rate seems to be quite high, 5.39%? The second type: Provident fund of 1.2 million for 25 years, employee credit loan of 800,000 for 5 years, the interest rate is 4.68%. The first type of loan repayment pressure is small, but the total repayment is much higher. The second is to pay off 800,000 in 5 years, which is very stressful. How to choose?

Answer: The real interest rate of the credit loan is calculated by irr, the employee credit loan is supplemented into the down payment, and then the mortgage loan is fully loaned. Supplementary down payment monthly payment is more important than simple interest rate

Question: Hello, Mrs. Fang, we just need it, Beijing has no housing, works in the north, Daxing Can Wei Shanzhuang and Jin Maoyue start?

Answer: This property is subject to competition and has a closed period. Those who will take over and lease in the future will mainly be working customers in the new airport. Weishanzhuang is positioned as a "new town" and an international residential area, but it will not grow quickly. You should be prepared for long-term value-added holding. If you can hold it for more than 8 years, you can consider it

Question: Beijing household registration, a small apartment of Huamao apartment in Sihuiqiao, about 5.4 million, rent 11,000 per month, first live in Yizhuang public rental housing, in hand About 80w, the provident fund was unavailable five years ago. Want to invest in a property with greater appreciation potential now? Do you think it is the Dongcheng School District or another property in Chaoyang? Can you recommend some properties? Thank you

Answer: It is not recommended to look at the school district housing for investment, and it is highly risky to be affected by the policy. Therefore, it is best to invest in sectors without school district attributes., out of the Huamao Apartment, plus the funds in hand, it is relatively stable to see a set of 800-1000 targets, if the monthly payment ability is strong, the full payment method can be mortgaged into a set of 1000+. Take a look at Wangjing Olive City, Baoxing International, Huigu Sunshine, Jijing Qinyuan, Shuangjing's Capital City International, Tianzhizi, etc.

Question: Hello, Sister Fang! I own a 150-square-meter central property in Jindian Garden, a set of three-bedroom, full five. I figured it out, but the price of this community has always been low, and now it is only about 90,000. Sold for over 1000. May I ask you, is it appropriate to sell for replacement now? Is it appropriate to sell for cash? If it is replaced, I do not need a school district at present, mainly considering comfort and value preservation, what kind of plan do you recommend? I work in Fuchengmen and am familiar with the west side. Thanks!

Answer: The general environment is like this, so most of the districts have not seen any increase. The increase of Jindian Garden has always followed the market. There is no suitable replacement target. It is better to maintain the status quo. Because Haidian is mostly a school district with a premium price, considering the cost-effectiveness and comfort, there is no choice. It is recommended to look at Changwa, which is not a good school district. There are few premiums. In addition, if you can look eastward at the Chaoyang section, the selection will be much better

Question: Hello, Mrs. Fang, the newcomer is the first to ask. A local girl, older, unmarried, working for more than a year, now living in Chaoyang District, working in Xicheng, with a down payment of 2 million, and a house in her name of about 3 million, what should I consider when buying a house, and buy a house with the down payment Is it suitable, or is it suitable for two sets to be replaced by one set?

Answer: It is recommended to replace, otherwise, you can only buy a set of boarding discs, non-school districts are old and broken, and the increase is generally poor, after all, people who want to get on the car Too many, such products start with a premium. 500+ down payment can choose more range, Chaoqing, Shuangjing, Baiziwan, Sihui are all good choices

Question : Hello, Fangjie, I just bought a Fengtai small two-bedroom (with a record of 120 provident fund loan), and currently I have about 530 in cash. The husband and wife work in Chaoyangmen. One works in Financial Street and has a one-year-old child. Goal: Improve + Westside School District. Option 1: Buy a set of about 600 in Chaoyang for two rounds, then buy a car room in Xicheng with a low total price before the child goes to school, and rent a house in Xicheng after the child goes to school. For example, plan to change rooms after high school. Question 1: Option 1 and Option 2 have their own advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of Option 1 is that children can live well before going to school. The problem is that in the next few years, I don’t know if I can find a garage with a low total price of less than 400 in Xicheng, and I have to pay after school. Renting can be precarious. The advantage of the second plan is that children can grow up and go to school in one place. The problem is that the first-class area cannot afford it, so it can be used in Guangzhou and other countries. Can you give me some advice? Question 2: As far as plan 1 is concerned, we looked at the first city of Chaoqing Guomei, as well as the Metropolitan Garden, Love City, and Dongheng Times in Sihui District. Please help compare these discs. Question 3: As far as Plan 2 is concerned, we have seen the Visionary Garden and Ivy Garden in Guangxi, and Xibianmen Dongli and Xili in Guangner, No. 3 Courtyard of Kanhua Hutong, and Huaibaishu Street. Please help to compare.

Answer: Hello, thank you for paying! The child is only 1 year old, so there is no need to think about the school district now. It is recommended to start with a Chaoyang self-occupied investment plan. In the future, there will be bullet financing + mortgage to start the school district on the car. In terms of plate selection: Chaoqing is better than Sihui. Chaoqing has been rising in the past 3 years and is more stable. The current price of Sihui is slightly lower than that of 3 years ago. Gome First City is a good choice for real estate, and you can also pay attention to Huafang Yicheng and Youth Huijia Garden.

The above content is selected from the [Beijing Fangjie] public account | Fan Q&A

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