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Predicting the future popularity of Changzhou, the ten most popular sectors, the TOP10 list

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Changzhou house price review website has counted the hot-selling sectors of commercial housing in Changzhou from January to November 2014 to see which ten sectors are popular, which means that these sectors will have a relatively large population in the future. , to create a prosperous place.

Analyst comments: From the TOP10 list of hot-selling sectors, we can see some sectors, such as Qinglong, Xuejia, University Town , Feilong, Bell Tower Development Zone, etc. Like Hutang Old Town, City, Dinosaur Park, Xintiandi Park, and Lihua, which are relatively mature or developed early, their popularity will be even higher in the future.

From the perspective of regional distribution, the hotspots are located in Xinbei District, Urban District and Wujin District. The distribution of these three districts is relatively balanced. It can also be seen that the development of Changzhou's urban living atmosphere is relatively coordinated in the north and south, and there is no such thing as neglecting the other. of imbalance.

In terms of the transaction area and the number of transactions, the transaction volume in Hutang Old Town reached 657,300 square meters in the first 11 months of this year, far ahead of other sectors. This is also due to the mature development of the sector itself and the supporting Complete. It is foreseeable that with the reduction of resources to be developed in these originally mature areas, some emerging sectors will gradually rise, such as Qinglong, Xuejia, University Town and other typical sectors, the transaction area and the number of transactions are not bad.

From the perspective of the average transaction price, the average transaction price of relatively mature sectors such as City, Xintiandi Park, Dinosaur Park, and Hutang Old Town is also relatively high, around 7,000 yuan/㎡ or even higher. This cost is relatively large; Xuejia, University Town, Qinglong, etc. are still in the emerging sectors, which are recommended areas for new residents who just need it.

Hutang Old Town Section: Xincheng Xiangyilan Bridge

Actual price: 5809 yuan/㎡

Analyst comments: Xiangyilan Bridge is a new city Real estate development, quality and properties are guaranteed. The project is located in the Hutang Tesco business district, with convenient transportation and complete living facilities. The sale of the house originates from the delivery at the end of 2014, and the existing house shall be quasi-existing.

Qinglong plate: Xincheng Xiangyi Zijun (Phase II)

Actual price: 5329 yuan/㎡

Analyst comment: Changzhou local brand enterprise The projects developed by the new city have a good reputation for apartment types and properties, and high product recognition. However, both sides of the community are elevated, which inevitably generates noise. The fourth phase currently on sale is a residential area, which is far away from the elevated road, and is also more reasonable in terms of price.

Dinosaur Park: Shimao Champagne Lake (Phase 4)

Actual price: 6286 yuan/㎡

Analyst comment: The project is a brand real estate company Shimao Real Estate development, the strength of developers. A kindergarten and Changzhou No. 2 are planned in the project, with abundant resources. The location in the sales building is good, and the current discount is great.

Xuejia plate: Wharf Phoenix Lake Villa (Phase I)

Actual price: 5167 yuan/㎡

Analyst comments: Hong Kong enterprise brand, The quality of the project is good. The Wharf Property Management Company guarantees the quality of the property. The price of the project is lower than that of the surrounding competitors, and the price-performance ratio is outstanding.

Xintiandi Park: Road King Yucheng

Actual price: 5519 yuan/㎡

Analyst comment: 8 years of mature market, complete facilities, superior . The hot-selling situation proves that the market has a high degree of acceptance, and analysts believe that it can start as soon as possible.

City segment: Agile Galaxy Bay

Actual price: 6906 yuan/㎡

Analyst comments: Typical residential buildings in Changzhou, it is strong in Agile and Galaxy Bay Jointly launched products. Since the end of February this year, the price-performance ratio has been outstanding, and it is an improvement-oriented customer who can start as soon as possible.

Zhonglou Development Zone: Powerlong City Plaza (Phase II)

Actual price: 6185 yuan/㎡

Analyst comments: The community enjoys unique advantages Compared with other projects of the same quality in the park, the current price of this project is relatively low, and it is itself a large-scale urban complex project. The disadvantage is that the bus travel around the project needs to be improved.

University Town: Top City

Actual Price: 5,709 Yuan/㎡

Analyst Comments: Top quality market in Top City, the remaining houses are relatively high Few, there are no other buildings to be built, and it can be renovated and moved in after delivery next year, and there is no engineering noise pollution. The surrounding facilities are complete and can meet the needs of the owners in all aspects.

Feilong: Daming City

Actual price: 6347 yuan/㎡

Analyst comments: Compared with the surrounding projects of the same quality, Daming City is obviously located. Closer to the city, convenient transportation. Although the surrounding commercial service facilities have not been perfected for the time being, they are huge, and they are very prominent in the market publicity and public recognition, and the overall quality is good.

Lihua plate: China Resources International Community

Actual price: 5800 yuan/㎡

Analyst comments: Quality assurance of central enterprises, the market has its own business, , entertainment matching, . The location is good, the life is convenient, and the average price of the project is lower than the average level in the region.

Analyst Comments: Through analysis, the above properties have all reached the recommended purchase level of the house price review network. For example, Lujinyucheng in Xintiandi Park in Wujin District and Agile Xinghewan in the city section are rated as "start as soon as possible" by the house price review network. To sum up, the hot-selling properties in each sector are basically projects built by branded housing companies, such as the local leading housing companies Xincheng Liangpan Xiangyilan Bridge and Xiangyi Zijun; Road King, China Resources, Shimao built Dapan Yucheng, China Resources respectively. International community and Shimao Champagne Lake, etc. The quality of projects owned by real estate companies such as Wharf Phoenix Lake Villa and Agile Galaxy are also guaranteed, and it is reasonable to say that they are selling well.

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