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Collection market trend forecast: it will definitely rise in the next few years... _ Antique

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This seems to apply to other trades as well, except smoking.

You don't have to look at this mountain to see the height of the mountain. You should go straight on when you see the goal. Over time, your eyesight and collection go hand in hand. It will be a matter of time before you become a collector.

Just like playing mahjong, you don't have to change the cards randomly, sooner or later you will meet.

4. Remove the crude and extract the essence.

Collections always go through this process.

I have poor eyesight at the beginning, low requirements, everything I see is good, I want everything,

It takes a long time to buy it back I’m a little tired again, or I’ve come across something better and want to be eliminated.

At this time, you can find a chance to share it out. Of course, try not to lose money. Losing money always makes People are not happy.

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Q: Which one should I invest in now?

Horse: It's hard to say.

I said that the official kilns will be closed down. In case the price falls in a few years, the fashion for people to play and collect will change slowly, and no one predicts it on newspapers and TV.

During the Republic of China, Song porcelain was very expensive. Not only the five famous kilns, but also the good Cizhou kilns, Yaozhou kilns and Longquan kilns were expensive, as well as the color and glaze. There are a lot of clean official kilns, and "enamel flowers" are also expensive, and the French ask for a lot of money.

Today's people pursue beauty, a simple beauty that everyone can understand. I think people's aesthetic level will improve in the future, will they return to this fashion? Come up? This is not a good idea, you can take it yourself.

Question: Can a person who lives on wages get his hands on cultural relics?

Horse: It depends How much is your salary, Schrapner earns $300,000 a year, which is also a salary.

In the past two years, the price of cultural relics has increased rapidly.

But for collections, if what you pursue is just to cultivate your temperament, not to open a warehouse, then you may not necessarily collect the most popular ones, but look for the unpopular first.

For example, the purses sold in the cultural relic market in recent years are very cheap, and their craftsmanship is also commendable.

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"The Right Way Collection" strong>

If you dive in, collect it to a certain scale, study it thoroughly, and pick up a purse, you will know its origin, embroidery method, Isn't it interesting and beneficial to age?

You can achieve the scale and situation I am talking about for only a few thousand dollars.

In addition, hookahs are also a very valuable collection of ornamental items, a few dozen dollars a few years ago, and now only a hundred dollars.A block or so, When you collect 100 pieces, you will have a thorough understanding of Chinese copper chisel craftsmanship, and even write a book.

The collections in history are not all rich people, there are also poor people, but they are just people with a heart.

It must be pointed out that the collection is always a matter of a few people. There are many things left in ancient times, and it is impossible for everyone to share them.

Antiques are not bought with salary, but some people have become collectors with salary, and the things are very good.

Therefore, it is not too late for those who are interested in collecting antiques. Now the price is higher than in previous years, but some items are different from international ones. The market gap is still very large.

The price of things in the domestic antique market is still a normal price, and you need to be discerning.

Favorites are one of the intentional choices people have in their interests, not the only one.

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"The Collector's World"

Q: Will the price of cultural relics continue to rise in the cultural relics market?

Ma: It will definitely rise.

You start collecting now. Although the collection is many times more expensive than it was a few years ago, it will continue to increase in value.

The absolute number of really rich people in China is still very large, and there are very few really rich people involved in antiques.

I think there will be a big leap in antique prices as people become more aware of them.

When people who speculate in stocks, real estate, and stamps turn to the antiques market, the prices of antiques will skyrocket.

With the opening up, Chinese people will see the price difference between the international market and the domestic market more and more clearly, and will naturally invest in it.

Q: What time do you estimate the price will rise again?

Ma: China's economy is developing steadily , without major political turmoil, the price of Chinese cultural relics will change greatly in seven or eight years at most.

It is no exaggeration to draw this conclusion from the comparison of the development of Hong Kong and Taiwan.

It took only 10 years for Taiwanese people to display XO wine bottles at home to display antiques.

Human development will pay more and more attention to the cultural atmosphere of the family.

European and American families have a strong cultural atmosphere.

We learn how to display wine, and only learn how to display the necessities of life.

People have wine, but we are the bottle.

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"The Collector's Shopkeeper"

Q: The wine bottle is also a culture.

Horse: That's a subculture.

By the way, some things may have a bad market price in a certain period. When you have a deep understanding of the antique, you can judge that its value will be When is it manifested, this kind of identification I see is similar to the work of "star scout".

Q: What do you think is going to become popular now? We can prepare the money.

Ma: The prices of old kilns before the Song and Yuan dynasties rose sharply.

This trend, I said two or three years ago, that old kiln porcelain will appreciate in value.

Because the porcelain before the Song and Yuan Dynasties in the Republic of China was very expensive. At that time, the porcelain of the Ming and Qing Dynasties was not paid much attention and was not valuable. After all, its age is very recent, and the number of surviving in the world is also very large.

Q: Why is the price of Ming and Qing porcelain now more than the price of old kiln porcelain?

Horse: mainly collectors There are too many, and the cultural level is limited. Ming and Qing porcelains are more beautiful and can be understood by ordinary people, so there are more people who start with them. The relationship between supply and demand is unbalanced, demand exceeds supply, and prices naturally rise.

The Song and Yuan Dynasty porcelains are simple and unadorned, especially the Song Dynasty porcelain, and the aesthetic realm is beyond the understanding of ordinary people.

The craftsmanship of Ming and Qing porcelain is extremely developed. The porcelain is colorful, with complete marking and recognition. It can be seen by both insiders and outsiders, and it is also highly decorative.

Appreciators of old kiln porcelain must have strong artistic sensibility and cultural accumulation.

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"Collector's Reference"

Q: Is it getting harder and harder to find things from stalls now, ok, valuable antiques?

Horse: Difficult. Few things, high prices.

Especially lately, antique prices are particularly high. Prices in the Jinsong Antique Market are frighteningly high, unimaginable two years ago.

Buying an official kiln in 1987 probably cost a person several months' salary.

A Kangxi official kiln blue and white bowl costs 300 yuan, which is equivalent to two or three months' salary for a person.

Although I earn 300 yuan a month now, I can't even buy an official kiln bowl for 30,000 yuan, and some ask for 90,000 yuan.

At that time, three or four hundred to buy an official kiln bowl was still a very market price, and it was very easy to buy. It was even cheaper in rural counties and street stalls in the morning market.

A friend of mine bought a huanghuali table for tens of yuan in 1984, which is now worth tens of thousands of yuan.

He said he bought second-hand stuff when he had no money at the time.

The blue-and-white porcelain jars are now selling for seven or eight hundred, and they only sell for a few cents when they are the cheapest.

Q: Is it normal for some prices to be higher than the international market?

Ma: I think Chinese people will eventually Enter the international market and compete with foreigners.

The more Chinese people have a deeper understanding of Chinese cultural relics, the more common they are.

As long as the Chinese have money, they will first buy back the things of their ancestors.

At the auction of cultural relics, most of the record-breaking auction prices of Chinese art are from Taiwan and Hong Kong people.

The works of art that the Chinese spend a lot of money on overseas are also the heritage of their own nation.

I am optimistic about the antique market in the future. Of course, it also needs the improvement of the eyesight of collectors and the improvement of the cultural quality of the whole nation.

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"Tibetan World Highlights"

Let's take a look at the advice given by Mr. Ma Weidu:

1. Collections can make you rich overnight, but more likely What's going to be poverty overnight.

Most investors have a gambling mentality, and if they have a gambling mentality, they are very likely to miss out.

2. There is no shortcut to collection. The shortcut everyone tells you must be a detour and a trap.

Don't think that any simple knowledge can determine this thingall.

3. I have been collecting for so many years, and the only thing I have seen depreciating is the RMB.

The stupidest kind of person in the world is to put their hard-earned money in the bank, not to let it have value, Don't let the vision come true, and only work on a series of numbers for a lifetime, and never have a good day.

4. There should be three realms in one's life:

The first is to seek profit and pursue material food and clothing ;

The second is to become famous, to pursue spiritual pleasure and sustenance;

The third is to place the soul , the pursuit of inner peace and detachment.

Most people can't walk when they reach the stage of fame and fortune. I don't want my age to still be doing things for money.

5. The visitor asked: What are the characteristics of this porcelain?

Ma Weidu A: This porcelain incorporates many features of modern craftsmanship and has an obvious modern style.

I think my words have been made clear.

6. Recommend good things to others. Don't be rude to yourself. If you can cooperate, cooperate, if you can't cooperate, then the next one.

This is an era of win-win cooperation: if you trust me, you can make a deal in a few words;

If you don't trust me Me, making a movie is also in vain!

”Dedicate time to reliable people!

You just need it, I’m just professional, that’s all!

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"Favorite News" strong>

7. In the industry of porcelain, it is generally not said that it is fake when you say something.People who say it is fake are more anxious, why is it fake?

Am I not porcelain?

So it's generally new. How new?

As long as you buy it, it will be as new as it is.

There is also an "official" written on purpose at the bottom. If you give it to the emperor, you will basically be beheaded.

8. Food and medicine are fake, so don’t expect antiques.

Since the awareness of collecting, counterfeiting has been accompanied by collecting.

Collecting is training eyesight, and playing is heartbeat.

9. It is useless for an Olympic shooting champion to meet a bandit:

You are three points on the line, your aim is on the gap, first take a breath and calm down You can only aim at each other. The bandits have already blown you away.

The market is very cruel. I don't dare to speak anymore.

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"The Collector's Big Lianmen"

10. The chemical composition of tears and sweat are similar, but the former can only exchange sympathy for you, while the latter can Win success for you. Buying and wanting to buy is a collector, buying and wanting to sell is a collector, and collectors and collectors are actually also That's it.

11, Collection should "abstain from greed" and don't believe stories; "collect" contacts and open up information channels;

12. Ma Weidu said: "I have always been to the evidence I am particularly interested.

Identification itself is a kind of technical activity, but identification itself is not scientific. You should not listen to those experts who say that this is also a science, it is not the real meaning Science, it does not speak with instruments, it is ophthalmology, visual inspection, experience, sociology.

So, the first step is to be familiar with its details , the rest is all background.

For example, if someone comes in, you know that he is a liar, he has information to tell you, and sometimes he will be fatal if he says more The problem.”

13. The highest level of collection is not only trading, but also heart-to-heart.

14. My experience is that if you want to collect, you must have some cash to prevent good things from appearing to you No money. At that time, I was basically in a state of being stretched, and I could not buy B after I bought A, and I often borrowed money.

The most fearful thing is that you have money on your body, and you can buy that pile of things, but you give up.

15. Life can be wandering and lonely, but the soul must take refuge.

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