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Analysis on the recent trend of Shanghai Composite Index

Release Time:2022-04-14 Topic:The trend of the Shanghai Composite Index in the past three years Reading:29 Navigation:Stock Liao information > Culture > Analysis on the recent trend of Shanghai Composite Index phone-reading

In the judgment on December 25, it was mentioned that the task in the last week of 2021 is to fall below 3589 points. This is a conclusion drawn from the nature of the trend down from 3708 points.

In the judgment on December 27, it was mentioned that the key to the trend on December 28 is whether it can stand at 3632 points. If it stands at 3632 points, it will constitute a daily The bottom type of the line can also hit 3648 points upwards, and the task of falling below 3589 points in the last week of 2021 will be postponed.

In fact, on December 28, it did not stand at 3632 points by one point, and the daily bottom line structure failed. Then, the task of falling below 3589 this week still has to continue.

There is an uncertain factor in the research and analysis of the past two days, that is, where can the rebound from 3589 rebound?

Sometimes we know it's a rebound, but it's hard to figure out where it can rebound.

For example, when the market closed yesterday, I also said in my judgment that the rebound will continue. In fact, the possibility of the rebound will continue at the opening of the market today.

So, to deal with any uncertainty, we have to find something deterministic.

The two parallel lines were also drawn on the judgment chart yesterday. The parallel lines are used to monitor the status of the uptrend of 3601. The best tool.

It closed a little bit above this parallel line yesterday. If it opens a little bit higher, it will drive the trend upward and leave the parallel line area quickly, and get rid of the suppression of the long moving average and the medium moving average. The result was wishful thinking, and it broke away from the parallel line at the opening, verifying the suppression of the long moving average and the medium moving average. Therefore, when the trend goes down and deviates from the parallel line, we know that 3601 can no longer be a breakthrough trend, but only an adjustment trend.

Then, looking at the downward trend of 3631 in turn, it is suppressed by the long and medium moving averages, and there is no downward support. This is the characteristic of a breakthrough trend.

Extended hub 1-10 hub mentioned in last week's judgment, its departure segment 10-11-12- 13, has been completed, is a failed departure segment, then the expansion center of 1-10 has also completed its mission.

The next center that needs attention is the 4-13 expansion center. 13 Down is the exit segment of this expansion hub.

Actually, when the trend reaches 5-6-7-8, it enters a stage of the bardo body. The bardo body has no direction. Need to trend itself to go out a direction.

At 11, 11 o'clock constitutes the three selling points of the 6-7-8-9 center, which is a choice of direction.

In the judgment on December 22, it was also mentioned that there are three subsequent evolution modes of the three selling points. Here, the middle one is chosen to construct a center around the three selling points. Here There is no high point that can hit the 3648 point upwards to expand the 6789 center, but it also completes the task of expanding the 4567 center.

The biggest difficulty and uncertainty in the solution is the placement of 13, which cannot be inferred in advance.

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