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The rumors are back! Xi'an cancels the price limit, have you been tricked this time?

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There are warm property market data, professional opinions with attitude, pay attention to the "real estate S sister" Zhihu account, and bring you more dry goods for buying houses.

Incitement and hype, sensitivity and anxiety are the true portrayals of the recent property market in Xi'an.

In addition to the hot sales cases and good deal news frequently circulated in the circle of friends, since last week, the circle of friends for real estate sales has added new content: "Xi'an Limited Edition" The price will be cancelled, and there will be a big rise soon!".

Associating the high-priced offers announced in the recent price approval and the just-needed offers with price increases, it is easy for people to believe it and spread panic in the market.

1|Learn to distinguish rumors again

In the Internet age, everyone will be in touch When you have a lot of information, you must learn to identify effective information so as not to affect your judgment. Of course, it is OK to pay attention to the real estate S sister.

Around the "cancellation of price limit", the most mainstream statement is "On April 1, 2020, the Xi'an price limit policy will be three years old, and it will be cancelled when it expires. ".

△The original text of "Ten Articles of Building" published on April 18, 2017

< p data-pid="">This statement is obviously untenable. In this round of regulation and control of the property market in Xi'an, the "price limit" policy first appeared in the "Ten Rules for Buildings" issued on April 18, 2017. In terms of time, it is true that the price limit policy will be completed for three years, but the original policy does not say that "the price limit will be cancelled after three years."

△ 2017 regulatory actions

In the "Ten Articles on the 418th Floor", the price limit policy only requires that commercial housing be put on record according to the system of one price for one house before it is sold, and it cannot be raised within 3 months. On September 30 of the same year, the Price Bureau issued the price-limiting rules, which gave rise to the publicity mechanism that buyers are very concerned about today. In the rules, there is still no statement about the "price limit policy period and cancellation".

The saying of "cancelling the price limit" originated from the intermediary and emerged in the circle of friends, and there is no relevant "red head document" issued, this is just a conventional trick to hype the market.

And just beside Sister S, those salespeople with outstanding performance disdain to use this method to "routine" buyers.

II|Price limit, is it important?

But then again, does it matter whether the price limit is relaxed in the current market? March is the first month after the resumption of work due to the epidemic, and various real estates have resumed order, but the real level of deconsolidation is not ideal throughout the month.

△March 2020 Greater Xi'an property market opening monitoring

A total of 22 projects were launched in March, and 2,105 of the 5,640 forensic listings were sold on the same day. The overall clearance rate was only 37%. Except for the ultra-high cost-effective properties such as Yujincheng, Huju Notes and Longhu Zichen, which were sold out on the same day , the remaining properties are sufficient, and projects with a sale rate of less than 50% abound. Once the projects are sold out, buyers will naturally have more choices.

For largeFor most properties, there are more or less discounts at the opening, the transaction price is lower than the record price, but the final opening price is still average, obviously the price has been dominated by the market , To put it bluntly, the price must be lowered even if the price cannot be sold at a high price, so at this time even if the price limit is cancelled at this time, the price may not be able to rise, it still depends on the purchasing power.

In addition to "cancelling the price limit", there are also rumors of "real estate recovery discount" recently. In fact, the incentives and methods of each real estate company and real estate are different. The sales and payment collection tasks at a certain stage have been completed (usually the task of redemption at the end of the month is the norm), it is reasonable to recover the discount, but the recovery does not mean that there will be no more Offer, put a picture, everyone can feel it for themselves.

This is the sales target of each real estate company in 2020 and the first quarter In terms of completion rate, only Evergrande is considered qualified. The annual gap of the rest of the housing companies is still large. Each regional manager and marketing manager has to shoulder the task. If there is a rescue policy in the later stage, in order to To rush tasks and move too much, you still have to rely on fancy marketing.

3. The case of price limit loosening begins

In fact, if the market If it is really hot, there is no need for any public hype. Instead, it is necessary to use administrative measures such as "price limit" to suppress prices. However, when the market is in a downturn, there will be some rumors that keep the market hot, and even relax administrative measures to support the market. city. Judging from the recent record prices, the price limit policy has not been cancelled, but it has been relaxed.

From the middle to the end of 2019, "zero increase" is the main theme of the Xi'an market. When the old listings were added, the proportion of "zero-increase" properties was close to 80%. Even if there was an increase, it occurred on those properties that had not been released for half a year or more.

In recent batches of Among the publicized prices, old companies such as Gaoke Luwan and Huaqing Xuefu City have raised their record prices, which are closer to market prices. Anyone who does marketing knows that sometimes they don't want to sell out at the opening, which will be considered a pricing strategy error. Similarly, the previous lottery with thousands of people is also abnormal, which shows that there is huge arbitrage room for housing prices, but the original just-needed property will attract many investors. This is obviously not the original intention of the policy, and it also breaks the normal supply-demand relationship and pricing in the market. law.

So after the price limit is relaxed, the original price-performance ratio of the old market will naturally increase the record price when the next batch of goods is pushed. Buyers are not friendly, so this is the reason why I always advise buyers who just need houses not to wait, because in the future, there will be either less or farther.

With the relaxation of the price limit and the successive entry of high-priced land into the market, there will definitely be projects with high record prices in the later stage, but I still want to appeal to everyone Rational Home Buying, the actual transaction price is 10% off the record price. There are some fans who talked to me recently. He bought a house near the third ring road of a certain brand real estate company, and the transaction price turned out to be the same. 40% off the average price of building records!

Recently, everyone often sees that "So-and-so" has broken the line within a few hours of registration, and "So-and-so" has sold very quickly after a year. Liquidation, etc., Sister S believes that this is a case phenomenon caused by various reasons, and does not represent the general market situation:

First, previous home buyers may have High and hesitant, but with the passage of time, the price is gradually rationalized, and some real estates even offer price concessions, and many interested customers will naturally make a decisive move;

No. Second, because Fengdong canceled the purchase restriction, some people who did not have house tickets returned to the property market;

Third, the epidemic backlogged home purchases need. The demand for the past two months has been released in a concentrated manner this month, bringing this wave of late "Xiaoyangchun" performance, but when the potential energy is released, if there is noWith the stimulus of the New Deal, the market will quickly return to stability.

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