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The bigger the worse, the worse the worse! In Hangzhou, it is actually a more ruthless means than the price limit increase.

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I don't know if you have noticed that in recent years, the new houses on the market in Hangzhou are getting bigger and bigger, and the new houses in each sector are moving towards comprehensive improvement.

In Xiaoshan District, the threshold unit type of Binxin Ningwangfu also came to construction area of ​​about 108㎡, and this type of apartment The area of ​​the suite is only about 90㎡.

Binxin Ningwang Mansion is the first to open one room and one price map

In Sandun North, the hardcover price limit is 28100/㎡ Rongxin is like Lanxuan, creating a uniform construction area of ​​about 130-160㎡ pure improvement of large-scale products, starting from the total price of 3.5 million.

In the West Lake Zhuantang, the hardcover limited price of 31,350 yuan/㎡New Hope Jincui Qiyuan Mansion, in order to improve the positioning and maximize profits, unprecedented More than 100 sets of large flat products with a construction area of ​​about 245㎡ are planned. Its total purchase price has been violently pulled up to tens of millions.

The continuous enlargement of apartment types not only means that people can no longer infer the total price threshold of new houses in the area from the price limit of new houses in the sector. It also means that the house buyers bought out of six wallets, the real estate is smaller and the total price is higher.

What is the trick behind the bigger and bigger size of the new house? For the just-needed customers who are in urgent need of buying their first home, what other classic small three-bedroom options are available in Hangzhou? Should the big "room" be just in need, should it be abandoned?

Why the new house should be bigger and bigger


In the past, many real estates in Hangzhou had free area. In the years when the "90/70" policy was implemented, many developers were racking their brains to create 90 Square meters god-level apartment.

For example, Zhonghai Qiantang Shanshui 89㎡ apartment has 5 bedrooms and 2 living rooms; Shunfa and Meijia “buy one floor and get one free”, the owner can expand independently up to 170㎡; The 89-square-meter unit in Jinglan Bay has a gift area of ​​up to 43 square meters.

Shunfa and Meijia, the real self-casting

< p id="0LN6DIEJ">Bay windows, balconies, equipment platforms, mezzanine floors, patios, these spaces were all great gifts for home buyers at that time.

However, with the change of real estate market demand, the real estate market represented by Hangzhou is moving towards improvement. So the 90/70 policy loses its need for continued existence.

First of all, from the perspective of policy, the "Technical Regulations for the Calculation of Construction Area and Completion Comprehensive Measurement of Construction Projects" implemented in Zhejiang Province in 2018 blocked the possibility of stealing area from the surveying and mapping policy side. sex. Without the assistance of balconies, terraces, bay windows, and equipment platforms, there will naturally be no magic cubes in the market.

Secondly, with the rise in land prices and the tightening of real estate profits, developers have to further control construction costs. therefore, Large-scale housing has become a necessary way to reduce costs and reduce expenses.

Hangxun Future Center (Luting Road TOD ) The general floor plan of the residential part

The large area of ​​small units not only means an increase in the total number of real estate planning, but also means an increase in the construction area of ​​the partition walls and an increase in supporting water and electricity facilities. In the era of high turnover when profits are diluted, low-cost, fast-selling, and quick-payback are the kingly way. Buyers of large-scale and improved homes are willing to accept it, and developers are also making money. Why not do it?

The continuous launch of the last large-sized houses hides the little tricks of developers to screen customers. Especially in the popular sector where the supply of new houses is in short supply. The timely introduction of large-scale units has no great resistance for some home buyers.

The developer secretly expands the unit size, improves the tonality, and selects customers to effectively "earn out" buyers who are more powerful and more willing to place orders. .

Photo source creative ideas

At this time, adding hundreds of thousands of parking spaces and choosing a decoration package is just a matter of smooth sailing.

What other small-sized new house products are available

When improvement is in power, when the four rooms become the standard, have we ever thought that this jade dew nectar is an antidote or a poison?

For young people, especially first-time homebuyers, buying a gold 89㎡ apartment with limited funds is the first choice for home buyers. At the juncture of the year of improvement in Hangzhou, we are fortunate to find some three-bedroom products with a classic design of 89 square meters.

The most recommended new home product in Xihu District is not money Jianggudun Rainbow Pavilion is none other than that. The project with a construction area of ​​about 89 square meters is a classic three-bedroom product that is scarce in the market.

This two-bedroom unit is south-facing with a 6.3-meter walk-through balcony, providing excellent lighting and ventilation. The design of Shuangmingwei also well meets the needs of the elderly in the guest bedroom.

On the north side of the room, the independent study room is moderate in size and can accommodate large pieces of furniture. The design of the dining and living room with bay windows also really widens the living space.

Building about 89㎡ side apartment type

< p id="0LN6DIF9">Qianjiang Gudun Caihongxuan this set of side suites with a building area of ​​about 89㎡ The total price is less than 2.5 million yuan, for young people, it is both practical and practical and functional goodies.

Jiangshan Yunyue Mansion in the north of Xiasha University City , has a large number of three-bedroom units with a construction area of ​​about 88㎡ that are rare in the market. This unit is designed with three bays facing south. The south side of the unit can receive sufficient lighting and can form air convection with the study and bathroom on the north side.

The floor area is about 88㎡

The integrated design of the dining and living room and the 6.2-meter south-facing balcony have enlarged the living scale of the entire apartment. Now the total price of this 88㎡ three-bedroom apartment is only 20In the early 00,000s, you can get it with a down payment of more than 600,000. It is really fragrant.

Xingyao Yingmanli in front of Xiaoshan Yarn It is also a high-quality new house with out-of-print small apartment listings. The project is planned to have an 89-square-meter apartment in the middle, which is quite interesting.

First of all, this set of about 89㎡ floor area adopts the traditional three-bay south-facing design, double bathroom + L-shaped kitchen countertop, very good Meet the daily needs of a multi-family family.

The second master bedroom and the second bedroom are equipped with bay windows, which effectively expand the living scale of the two rooms. The master bedroom suite is designed to be more private, and the square study room can also be used as a variety of space in the future, with excellent practicability.

The floor area is about 89㎡

Xingyao Yingmanli is a new house with a unit price of 1, which is closest to the Olympic sports sector. The total price of this apartment with a floor area of ​​about 89 square meters is just over 1.6 million. Young people grit their teeth and do not rely on their parents. can take it.

Linping District, I recommend two projects with small apartments to To everyone, these two projects not only can be played in the apartment, but also the product area is also very good.

The City of Sunac Rongyao is located at the intersection of Xingqiao South Road and Tiandu Road, and is a project on top of Xingqiao Station of Line 3. Rongyao City has a floor plan of 89㎡, which adopts the design method of three bedrooms, two living rooms and one bathroom, and the space of the main bathroom is cancelled and transferred to the study room. The three rooms are all square and spacious.

It is worth mentioning that the public bathroom shower room of this unit adopts a vertical layout, the bathing space is spacious, and the lighting and ventilation windows can also well discharge the moisture to the outside, and the entire bathroom has the slightest Does not appear crowded.

Approximately 89㎡ floorplan

Sunac Rongyao City II is looking forward to further promotion. The average opening price of the project in the early stage is 24,000 yuan/㎡. With reference to the area of ​​the unit, the total price of the 89-square-meter intermediate unit is about 2.1 million.

The Shanghai Hengwen Puyue Jiangnan Mansion located in the Chongxian section has also built a 89-square-meter apartment in Yishuier for young buyers with limited budgets By.

The layout of this unit is similar to that of Rongyao City’s intermediate suite, but there is one more master bedroom and bathroom. Judging from the housing distribution map, this type of apartment is widely distributed in the central building, with a lot of space to choose from, and the difficulty of getting on the bus is relatively low.

Approximately 89㎡ floorplan

Shanghai Hengwen Puyue Jiangnan House is expected to open model rooms in March, and 300 units will be opened in April. The average initial opening price of the project is expected to be 23,600 yuan/㎡, and the total price of the 89-square-meter apartment in the middle is about 2.1 million.

The development of a city cannot only accept the well-to-do, but also You should take care of the flesh-and-blood dream catchers. Let ordinary dream chasers have a sense of practicality, and the society we live in will be more hopeful.

No need to consume six wallets to get on the car, no need to carry tens of thousands of loans, and no need to pay more deed taxes.

The total price of these 2 million-level small-sized good-sized houses has already sold one set less. These small three rooms built for a family of three should be paid more attention and cherished!

Don't let waiting be a pity, you have a chance to win if you can get to the poker table. The social security child wants to overtake in a corner. This set of classic small apartments isbest chance.

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