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The upside-down god disk is actually cheap because of this... _ limit price

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Because in any case, new things last longer, and the materials, styles and other aspects of the product are better. Unless it is a collection of wine, watches and other commodities, it is unreasonable for the old to be more expensive than the new.

The inversion of house prices must be a phenomenon that occurs under the law of unnatural markets.

A good new house, how come it hangs upside down?

The inversion of house prices has two meanings:

1. The house price in the city center is lower than the house price in the outer suburbs of the city

2. The price of the new house Lower than the price of second-hand housing/stock housing

The first situation occurs only in extremely large-scale cities in developed countries with serious hollowing out. At present, there is no region in our country showing such a situation.

The upside down of new houses mainly occurs in my country,

in the new first-tier and second-tier cities with rapid development.

New Tier 1 Cities

















In addition to Chengdu, Nanjing and Hangzhou have the phenomenon of upside-down new disks. The common point of the cities with upside-down housing prices is that they are under the control of price and purchase restrictions.

The price cap causes new home prices to be lower than normal market prices. This has increased in disguise, the expected appreciation space and investment attractiveness of new houses.

Then we will see that there are a lot of people with good money in the lottery queue that just needs the disk. That's because everyone thinks that as long as you are qualified, you can earn blood, and you won't lose if you don't.

Although there is a slightly higher setting for just-needed qualifications, the overall low winning rate still leads to the fact that the supply of low-priced real estate is far from short of demand.

The winning rate of the Shenpan is maintained below 5%, which makes second-hand houses have the advantage of direct purchase. The second-hand houses with high cost performance were immediately bought by the just-needed, which in turn caused the price of second-hand houses to climb.

The price of new houses has been reduced, and the prices of second-hand houses in the surrounding areas have been raised.

What is the limit price?

The price limit is not a set price that is directly based on the market price of the surrounding real estate.

Different cities have different price limits. In Chengdu, price declarations are mainly made before the pre-sale, and the relevant departments review.

According to the rules promulgated by the Chengdu Municipal Government, the pre-sale price declaration is mainly composed of three parts:

Floor land price + construction and installation cost + reasonable profit

The floor price will be announced after the land is auctioned, and the construction and installation cost and reasonable profit are obviously the main way to limit the price.

So it is more reasonable to call it "limited interest" rather than "limited price". The price limit policy is actually a deprivation of the premium right in the hands of developers.

But pay attention to two principles:

1. No matter how the price is limited, the developer will keep the average market profit.

2. The price limit can only limit the profit margin, and the total price of the real estate with high land acquisition cost is still not low.

This can also be used as a basis for us to judge whether a real estate can become a god, and I will talk about it in detail below.

The same price limit, why is the future Yueyue cost-effective?how high?

The Sunshine City Future Joy must be taken as an example.

This year, there are many gods in Chengdu, but whether it is CapitaLand Zhuojin Wanda or Chuanfa Tianfu Shangcheng, in front of Sunshine City Future Yue, it will inevitably be overshadowed.

In the future, when Yueyue obtained evidence, it even deliberately did not use any price promotion, and opened the market in a low-key manner. However, the ultra-low lottery winning rate and the rapid liquidation have proved consumers' recognition of it.

For no other reason, the price is too low!

When Fang Xiaotuan's editorial department obtained the price of Future Joy from industry sources, we even suspected that we had heard the wrong information.

How did the low price of Future Joy come from?

First of all, according to the above logic, the most important cost control for a real estate is to acquire the land.

Check the official website of Sunshine City Group, you can find information about the future Yue land, this land was in June 2017 On March 1, Sunshine City acquired the Mid-Levels Hermes project of Futian International, which is the "Lvye Village Plot" in the picture. The total cost is 1.681 billion yuan.

The key points are:

1. This land was acquired by acquisition, which may be an addition to a large-scale project. head.

2. The land was acquired in 2017, and the building will be launched in 2020.

3. This piece of land is located in the Jinjiang Ecological Zone, on the inner bank of the river, with a plot ratio of only 1.8.

Since it was not acquired by land auction, we cannot know the exact floor price of this plot.

But through the first two points, it is obvious that the land acquisition cost of Future Yue is not high. .

Future Yue's lower land acquisition cost and the high quality of the land itself, coupled with the price ceiling policy, compresses profit margins. These conditions combine to create perhaps the most ruthless game of the year.

What happened to the other gods? Will there be any gods to buy in the future?

In order to make a magic disk, there must be conditions for cost control. According to the rules, I have summarized several types of magic disks:

1. Obtain low-priced land by acquisition.

The above future joy is, so I won't repeat it.

2. Multi-phase development projects with large land area.

In the past, developers were very fond of taking large plots, because multi-phase development was very good for a premium.

The reason is very simple, everyone knows that the earlier the land is acquired, the lower the price. Therefore, there will be corresponding time regulations after taking the land.

The above picture is from the Chengdu Public Resources Trading Service Center, and is the description under the land transfer publicity document. It can be seen that each plot has specific time requirements for construction completion.

However, the multi-phase construction period is very long, and the time for the latter batch of real estate to acquire the land will be very long.

In the past, multi-phase development would allow developers to obtain more profits, but now the price limit policy expressly stipulates that the pre-sale and current-sale prices should not be significantly higher than the surrounding and pre-transaction prices .

This makes it easier to get distracted with large plots, especially subsequent batches. A good example is the Tianfu Peninsula of Evergrande, which is also very popular, and is developed in ten phases! It is certain that subsequent batches will be shaken by 10,000 people without any suspense.

3. Early land reserve, or land use change.

Some companies will have some early land reserves, which will be developed after strategic adjustment. Some are converting industrial land into commercial and residential land, and the cost of these plots will also be lower.

In April this year, Chengfa Twilight Palace, a magic disk in the second ring road, is the old state-owned enterprise Chengfa will own The previous land bank was taken out for development. The location is good and the price is low, which is also commendable.

4. Policy-based housing.

This belongs to the national policy's care for the just-needed group. State-owned enterprises such as Habitat and Beichen, which are familiar to everyone, will make some low-cost quality real estate. These are also well-known and do not need much. Say.


Recently, the high prices of local auctions have been frequent, and many friends worry that there may be fewer and fewer gods in the future. This kind of thinking is not unreasonable. As has been analyzed in the previous article, if the cost of acquiring land is high, then no matter how much the price is limited, the price of the real estate will not be suppressed.

But through the analysis of several types of magic disks, everyone should also understand

that there will always be low-priced land circulating on the market, and magic disks will or will appear.

The most critical factor in the appearance of the magic disk is the price limit. At present, the price limit policy has achieved obvious results, and the overall housing price has been rising steadily. The government's regulation has given many people who just need them the opportunity to get on the bus.

The back waves of the Yangtze River push the front waves, and there will inevitably be more upside-down gods emerging in the property market in the future. Besides money, there is actually only one problem you should worry about:

Can shake ?


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