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The price limit order is to convey an expectation of rising house prices!

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Why don't you learn Paris to limit the price of rent, but to limit the price of new houses?

Does this not add fuel to the fire?

The price limit order gives the seller a firm belief that the house price will not fall, and there is no urgency to not sell it in advance; the price limit order gives the buyer a signal that the house price will rise, and hurry up to buy while the limit price .

The price is limited, do you still think it will be lowered? If it doesn't go up, whoever will limit the price will take care of it. The price limit is to say: "Hey, come on, the house price here is going to go up, it's right to buy it."

This is the expectation conveyed by the price limit order.

When you visit the large and small real estates in Zhengzhou, you will find that under the so-called "price limit order", there is a picture of Zhang Xu and Wei Snake. I do not want to believe but have to believe a reality, Zhengzhou developers are just a microcosm in many cities where price limit orders are issued.

What is even more tragic is that in the face of these shameless illusions, some people see it through but suffer from helplessness, and some people go through the process and still don't know that they are lambs to be slaughtered.

The listings of second-hand houses listed on the Internet have decreased sharply.

The developer is even worse. As soon as the price limit order came out, everyone lined up to buy a house. He was a businessman and did not do charity work. In front of the policy, the developer took off the coat of a competitor and was still a friend. Discuss privately, how about covering up and reluctant to sell?

You are trying to cover the market and reluctant to sell, then I will open the market, and even if I open the market, I will not be so stupid to sell according to the limit order:

1. Yin-Yang contract

1. strong>

Before understanding the Yin-Yang contract, let you first understand the new definition of "limited loan".

For example, if you buy a 100-square-meter house, the record price in the Housing Authority is 11,000 yuan/square meter, and the price is limited, then the down payment of 3 achievements means that you can only borrow 770,000, and the maximum loan is 77 10,000, this is the so-called "limited loan" of the real estate. It was invented by myself. The remaining down payment is calculated like this: if the actual sales price is 15,000 yuan/㎡, then the down payment = 100㎡*15,000 yuan/㎡-770,000 yuan.

And so the Yin-Yang contract appeared. The real contract will not be exposed under the price limit order. The house prices you see in Zhengzhou have continued to be stable, and even dropped a little, which has a lot to do with this.

2. Renovation fee charged for hardcover rooms

When hardcover rooms are sold out, they will announce the decoration standard of how much they have configured. After there is a price limit order, we must make the data look better. What should we do?

The decoration fee is deducted from the original unit price of the house, and the contract is signed with the deducted unit, and the decoration fee is paid in one lump sum together with the down payment.

3. Charge transfer fee

The developer is looking for someone before Contracted a building? Liao Zhaijun is not very clear about this link, if you know it, please explain it in detail. When the real estate consultant took it out for sale, it was already an existing house.

The real estate consultant quotes 15,000 yuan/square meter to the buyers to calculate the total price, which is the real unit price and total price. But the jaw-dropping operation is that the transfer fee of several hundred thousand is deducted from the total price, the transfer fee is charged at one time, the remaining total price is calculated as the unit price, and the contract is signed at this unit price.

Of course, the sudden appearance of a transfer fee will make you feel at a loss, right? It doesn't matter, the down payment can be considered in installments?

Is this the end?

Under the price limit order, homebuyers are all scrambling to grab it, and some people will buy the bad houses first. Better properties stay behind, and when the limelight passes, good properties can sell for a better price.

Limited price, you have to sell as much as you approve.

The starting point of the price limit order is a good thing that benefits the people and the people, but if developers want to make money, they must also adhere to their own "housing, not speculating" attitude, then only buyers can pay.

Seems like everyone is happyThe happy ending was that the buyer broke his teeth and swallowed it in his stomach.

If someone picks the lead, isn't it a price limit? How can you do this? Throw you a sentence: "It won't be this price after a while", you look back at the other buyers in the sales department who are rushing to pay the bill. If you are stuck in your throat, you can only sign the bill silently.

We, it seems, have little choice.

Writing at the end, I remembered a story:

A man caught a fish and planned to eat it, so he asked the fish: "Do you want to eat it steamed or grilled? Eat? You don't have to worry about it, I'm a good person, choose whatever you want, and I will try my best to satisfy your wishes!"

The fish said, "Can you not eat me?"

"Look at you, digress!"

- End -

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