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Bangtou financing express: Zhongyin Fashion (300901) landed on Shenzhen GEM IPO on October 29, 2020 _ Shoes

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Therefore, considering the needs of information matching within the industry, the need for resource optimization in intermediate links, and the need to ensure the implementation of design results, the company provides supply chain integration services to footwear customers to ensure the implementation of design results and improve the efficiency of the industrial chain. In addition to footwear-related business, the issuer actively expands the application fields of fashion product design by taking advantage of business synergies, and gradually expands the pattern design business, which is mainly used in luggage, clothing, household items and other products. New application areas are becoming another growth point for the company's profitability. The issuer's mass-selling design capabilities and strong supply chain integration capabilities just fit the industry characteristics of mass brand shoe companies, especially women's shoe brands, with a large number of new products, rich design styles, and fast response times. A group of well-known domestic and foreign shoe enterprise customers represented by CCC in Poland, Lady Stork in Argentina, Peak, and Tianchuang Fashion have formed a good reputation in the industry and become the product design partners of more and more popular shoe brands. At the same time, the issuer also exports fashion product designs to the vast number of traditional shoe OEM manufacturers and trading companies in China, and helps the transformation and upgrading of the traditional shoe industry with independent innovation. The issuer's innovative design ability can empower traditional shoe production enterprises in my country and help them improve product competitiveness. It is not only conducive to resolving and improving the utilization rate of traditional shoe production capacity, improving the survival dilemma of small and medium-sized enterprises, but also increasing employment. And export foreign exchange, both economic and social benefits.

Bangtou reporters inquired about its prospectus and learned that in 2017, 2018 and 2019, the company’s shoes The shoe design business achieved incomes of RMB 57.4997 million, RMB 83.8760 million and RMB 89.595 million respectively, and the main business income accounted for 9.26%, 13.43% and 13.07% respectively; the pattern design business also developed rapidly, and achieved sales revenue in 2018 and 2019 10,776,100 yuan and 16,715,800 yuan, accounting for 1.73% and 2.44% of the main business income; due to the high profit margin of the design business, the proportion of gross profit contributed to the total main business gross profit reached 48.05%, 59.25% and 55.61% respectively. . During the reporting period, the company's design capabilities continued to increase, and the scale of design business revenue grew rapidly, with a significant increase in the overall proportion.

During the reporting period, although the company's shoe design business accounted for a relatively low proportion of its revenue, the shoe design business was the starting point, foundation and core competitiveness of the company's cooperation with customers , is in the high value-added link of the industrial chain, and its profit margin is much higher than that of the supply chain integration business, so it is also the main source of profit for the company. The supply chain integration business is an optional value-added service provided by the issuer to customers based on the shoe design business. The footwear products organized and produced are all designed by the issuer, and there is no situation where the customer entrusts the issuer to organize the production of footwear products designed by others. , the supply chain integration business is completely driven by the issuer's footwear design capabilities.

Bangtootiao reporters inquired about its prospectus and learned that: this financing is mainly based on the approval of the third meeting of the company's first board of directors and the 2018 annual general meeting. Not more than 60 million A-share ordinary shares. All the funds raised from the new share issuance will be used for projects related to the company's main business after deducting the issuance expenses. Funds raised by the company will be deposited in a special account designated by the board of directors for centralized management, and will be used as planned under the supervision of sponsor institutions and stock exchanges. After deducting the issuance expenses, the raised funds will be invested in the following projects:

The investment projects of the raised funds In line with the company's long-term development goals, through the implementation of the raised funds to invest in the project, the company's key technology research and development progress will be accelerated, and the technology leading edge will be consolidatedAt the same time, it will further expand the company's scale, improve the company's financial status, improve the company's operating results, and fully improve the company's profitability and core competitiveness, which will have a positive and far-reaching impact on the company's development.

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