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Will house prices drop in 2019? How is China's housing prices trending?

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The house has become an indispensable property in our life, because the house is very important to everyone, but the price of the house has been rising, never falling, so now, the house The price of the house is really too high, everyone is expecting the house price to drop. Let’s talk about whether the house price will drop in 2019? How is China's housing prices trending? Hope it can help everyone.

Will house prices fall in 2019

1. Real estate cycle Reincarnation once every 20 years, a person can encounter two real estate cycles. why? As a group, a person will buy a house twice in his life. The first time is when he gets married, the average age is 27 years old, and the second time he buys a house, the improvement demand is about 42 years old. The peak of a person's consumption occurs when he is 46 years old. After the age of 46, the consumption of this person will go down, and your consumption will gradually change from a house to a medical pension.

2. The house is consumed roughly twice in a lifetime, about once every 20 years. The real estate cycle is a 20-year cycle. China's current real estate cycle started in 1999. According to the real estate cycle law, it is divided into three waves. The first wave is from 00 to 2007. After 2009, there is another wave. After 13 years and 14 years, three waves go up. As a national real estate cycle The high point is judged in the report in 2014, which is the high point of China's real estate cycle, and the price will come down later.

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3. But in 2015, everyone suddenly found that the house was easy to sell again, and the core of first-tier cities in 2016 Regional real estate has skyrocketed, but this is not a real estate restart, but a blue wave. Houses in third- and fourth-tier cities can go up in a bull market. Junk stocks don’t go up. A small rise in stocks is not a bull market. It’s a rebound in the real estate cycle.

How is the housing price trend in China

1. The real estate market will be speculated in the future The housing price gradually returned to the "residential attribute". In first- and second-tier cities, housing prices are in a state of being frozen due to the regulation of purchase and sale restrictions, and they can only fall slowly. And third- and fourth-tier cities are likely to experience ups and downs because of the rapid rise in housing prices.

2. Many people think that housing prices in China will only rise and not fall, but we feel that nothing will only rise or fall, and the high housing prices that have been separated from the purchasing power of the local people will return to residential properties in the future. It is very likely that the future housing price will be "housing and not speculating", speculative real estate speculation will exit, and there will be restrictions on investment property purchases, and the future housing price will mainly be determined by the local just-needed income.

3. Due to the reversal of the imbalance between supply and demand, the future housing price will gradually be determined by the local rigid demand income. Although the housing price will not become the price of cabbage, most residents will pay the down payment to buy a house through years of savings, and fulfill the housing dream. Completely achievable.

The above is all the knowledge about whether housing prices will drop in 2019 and how China's housing prices will trend. When we buy a house, we must pay attention to the issue of housing prices, because the level of housing prices will It has a lot to do with our lives, and many people are confused about the future housing prices. So, you can refer to this article, hoping to help you.

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