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Use Zhouyi Gossip to speculate on stocks

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Apply Zhouyi Gossip to speculate on stocks and earn money

Use Zhouyi to make a lot of money and promote Zhouyi's capital

——Teacher Wang Liangcai on August 9, 2007 at the 10th World Book of Changes Conference in Harbin. A world-renowned expert in easy learning)

After thousands of years of repeated practice, our ancestors applied Zhouyi's profound and mysterious predictions to all walks of life, leaving valuable wealth for future generations.

Today I am entrusted by the organizing committee of the conference to arrange to use this platform to communicate with you on the topic of "Zhouyi and the actual combat of the stock market" that I have researched and applied for many years.

Zhou Yi prediction is inseparable from the hexagrams, everything must be said with hexagrams, and the stock market is no exception. Starting a hexagram, pretending to be a hexagram, and deciphering a hexagram are the most basic procedures. And there are many ways to make hexagrams, such as time hexagrams, shaking hexagrams, orientation hexagrams, numbers hexagrams, sound hexagrams, color hexagrams, and so on. What I am good at is the time hexagram in the Plum Blossom Yishu. After years of research and practice, I deeply feel that Plum Blossom Easy Number seems to be very common, but in fact it is full of mysteries. If it is applied well, the benefits it will bring to you are immeasurable! For example, in the application of the stock market, I have used the time divination method, which has benefited a lot. The details are as follows:

1. The method of starting the hexagrams:

Year: The earth branch (such as the Dinghai year, with Hai-12) is used, and the year remains unchanged. (Fortune-telling and hexagrams of eight characters use the heavenly stems to measure people)

Month: Use the number of lunar months (including leap months), and January remains unchanged.

Day: Number of days in the lunar calendar.

When: the terrestrial branch ordinal number. (The stock market opens at 9:30, and it is 6 when it is now), and the considerable time remains unchanged.

2. Market opening gossip:

\ \ \\ \\ \ \ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\

1\ 2 \ 3\\ 4\\ 5\ 6 8\

\\ \\ \\ \\ 1 \\ 3 \\ 7 \\ 8 \\ 1 \\ 2 5\  6\

  \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \ \ \ \ \\ \\ \\

1. Time hexagram method, in each hour, there are only eight shares; Regular changes;

3. The dynamic lines change sequentially from bottom to top.

(1) 8 opening hexagrams

​​(2) mutual hexagram 8-1=7

(3) change hexagram 24-9=15

(4) Dynamic change hexagram 24-16=8

(5) Eight pure hexagrams. 46 in total.

3. Pretending to be a hexagram

1. Prescribing Earthly Branches

2. Pretending to be six relatives

3. An Liushen

4. Pretending to be good or bad. endless. Ordinary people don't know this reasoning, and the gods and evils will have good and bad luck in the future.

(1) Empty death: The stock market is a battlefield for long and short sides to fight, and empty death is a sign of the empty side.

(2) Ma Xing: There is a duality of space and time.

(3) Big Kill

(4) Robbery

(5) Lu

(6) Sheep Blade

(7) Ten Evils Defeated: Jiachen Yisi Bing Shen Ding Hai Wu Xu The tenth day of Ji Chou Geng Chen Xin Si Ren Shen Gui Hai is the day of great defeat.

(8) Happy God

Fourth, break the hexagram Eight sentences in the stock market actual combat:

1. The body is used to overcome the bullishness (1) the mutual generation (2) the specific analysis of the mutual restraint of the body and the use of the body (3) Bihe

2. The moving and changing hexagrams refer to the direction (1) the geographical orientation (2) the five elements attributes

3. The six relatives are moving and changing, such as: a move of the hexagram, "parents change wealth and official position"

4. The sun, the moon, and the moon are looking at the prosperous phase.

5. The good and the bad are abnormal.

6. The Taiji sequence is on the mind (patent omitted)

7. The hexagrams and lines are used as arguments

8. Homeopathy Operation against the potential

5, stock gossip information

Book water water Tuen Yao Yao Change Gua wind beneficial


X Water ------ → Wind \ Well

\ \

\\ \\

\\ \\

\ \ \\

\ \

1, Wangfujing Water Well Square Hangzhou Jindai Shanxi Liberation

2, body The hexagram (the next hexagram) shakes as thunder, shakes as a city, shakes as a busy city, such as Beijing, Hangzhou, and Xi'an.

3. The original hexagram is Shuileitun, the Kan Gong hexagram, and the Kan is water. Water is the circulation area of ​​nature.

4. Wangfujing, Jiebai, Jiefang - commercial stocks. Commerce is the field of social and economic circulation.

This is the internal connection between the above stocks and the gossips.

The traditional prediction method, shaking the hexagrams - using the gods, looking at the parental lines? Looking at the wife's wealth?

Zhouyi gossip uses hexagrams to speak, and uses gossip to speculate on stocks, which is to connect stocks and gossip. I am easy to learn and easy to learn. Under the inspiration of Wangfujing’s gossip information, I can draw inferences from one case, one hundred, and one thousand. Since then, I have uncovered the password of the internal connection between Zhouyi’s gossip and stocks. the way.

Special emphasis: The gossip information of the stock is the soul of the stock. If you master the gossip information of the stock, you will be much freer in stock trading.

The gossip information about stocks is my unique discovery, and many colleagues consider it my great contribution, and it is also the bright feature of the book "Zhouyi and the Stock Market Actual Combat" series.

6. Examples of gossip information about stocks

1. Tianshan Escape: Tianshan Co., Ltd. Tianshan Cement Tianshan Textile

2. Zedi Cui: Jinniu Co., Ltd. Dalian Jinniu Vitality 28

3. Huotian Dayou: Big Xian Shares Daqing Huake

4. Lei Zeguimei: GuomaiCommunication

5. Fenghuo Family: Hejia Co., Ltd. Macro

6. Shuilei Tun: Xinjiang Tunhe

7. Mountain Wind Gu: Road and Bridge Construction Chongqing Road and Bridge Sichuan Road and Bridge Tunnel Shares

8. Geologist: Gezhouba Mass Transportation

9. Landmine Recovery: Fudan Fuhua

10. Heaven and Earth: Shentiandi Xintian International Dalian International

11. Zetiankuo: Shaanxi Jinye Zhongwei National Vessel

12. Tian Zelu: Oriental Tantalum Industry (Lei Diyu)

7. From the name of the stock to see the gossip information Take Foshan Lighting as an example, the original name: Guangdong Lighting

(1) \ wind \ Buddha wind

fire \\ \\ mountain

home \ \ gradually

people \ \ Light Mountain \\

0 \\

(2) \ \

wind 0 Buddha - - → Mountain \\ Mountain

Fire \\ \\ Fire

Home \ Light \ - shell, Decoration

People \\ \\

\ \

1993-2005, 12 years The return to shareholders is 12 times, which is unique in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets.

(1) Special attention should be paid to Buddhist and Taoist culture.

(2) Have a good name.

Eight, time hexagram to see the general trend

Example 1, 2005.9.22. Lunar August 19th, Biyin Biyue Yue Yizhen City:

\ \

wind \ wind \

fire \ Mountain \\

home \ (Volt Ghost ) Gradually \

\\ \\

0 \\

(1) Fragrance, autumn wood.

(2) The body of this hexagram is used for raw use, and wood is used to make fire, and it needs to be drained. Change the hexagram to overcome the soil, but also to drain.

(3) You year, month and day, the three officials are integrated into one, the officials and ghosts in the hexagram, the three gold restrain the body, and there is no way to survive. The stock market was mainly down that day. If you knew that it was going to fall, you would exit early to avoid losses.

Example 2, 2006.10.24. The third day of the ninth month of the lunar calendar is the Bingxu day of the Wuxu month in the Bingxu year.

           \ \

    Wife, \\\

wind \ is \

\ \

\\ wind \\

This day is the day of the month, the three officials, the financial, financial Wealth is prosperous, and capital drives the rise.

Example 3, 2007.5.30. The year of the year is the Jiazi day of the month.

Brother Water X Xuan - Syndrotent - → Children's Wood \

\ \

\\ \\

\\ \\

\\ \\

\ \

(1) When Hai and Si collided, the year of Hai was broken, and the month of Hai was broken.

(2) In the middle of Jiazi ten days, Xu Hai is empty, and Tai Sui Hai is empty.

(3) Six Yao Xuanwu is activated, when it encounters the water day, it enters the water Yao, it is a thief, and Zi Shui is Tai Sui's brother.

Nine, time hexagrams to select stocks

Several principles for stock selection:

1. Gossip information

2. Low price

3. Uptrend

4. Japanese standard

For example, on August 7th, Guiyou Day, there is a big change in the fire sky and the fire wind tripod. Qinghai Huading performed well.

(1) See Nikken for short-term operations (friends with books can refer to "Book of Changes and the Stock Market Actual Combat" Part 1, page 151).

(2) See Yuejian for midline operation (for those who have books, please refer to "Book of Changes and the Stock Market Actual Combat", Part 1, page 151).

(3) Long-term operation to watch Tai Sui (friends with books can refer to "Book of Changes and the Stock Market Actual Combat" Part 1, page 151).

2007, the year of Ding Hai, the sky is dry and the fire is small, the earth's branches are water, the water overcomes the fire, the earth bullies the sky, and disasters are repeated. Heat to death - rain to flood.

(1) Only the Tai Sui horse leads the way, and the Hai year waters. Zhuhai Zhongfu

(2) Caring for descendants - Crown Prince Aquatic Wood.

(3) Filial piety to parents - Taishang Huang Jin Shengshui.

The stock market rose sharply in the spring of Taisui aquatic trees.

In summer, the Taisui water overcomes fire, and the stock market adjusts deeply.

In autumn, when Jin Sheng Tai Sui Hai water, the stock market will be good.

The winter water is the same as the Tai Sui Hai water, and there are more opportunities.

In 2008, the year of Wuzi, the sky will deceive the earth, be angry, and have more disasters. There are more opportunities in the stock market, and the risks will be greater.

10. Gossip to watch the world Gossip to watch the ball game

(omitted) friends who have a predestined relationship can find the corresponding articles on this site.

In a word, through the above analysis, it can be seen that the Zhouyi gossip has far-reaching prediction and guiding significance in all walks of life.

Now is an economic society and an information society. I advocate modern ease, application ease, and scientific ease. The series of books "Zhouyi and the Stock Market Actual Combat" have opened up a new way of making money for fellow traders and shareholders. I hope everyone can make a fortune by investing in stocks and make due contributions to the promotion of Zhouyi.

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