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Qimen Dunjia Demystifies Stock Market Futures Forecast _ Qimen-Zheng Kejie _ Sina Blog

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 【The formation and development of the stock market】

In the long development and evolution of human beings, the invention, generation and creation of various resources have created various conditions for human beings to survive better in this world. From primitive society, slave society, feudal society to the modern society we live in, the continuous evolution and improvement is especially obvious in the capital development of the "market economy". Different from the so-called tangible and visible transactions of "barter" in ancient times, the modern trading market more reflects the "invisible" economy hidden in various industries, which is a kind of invisible resources. "Stock trading" is a typical example of this.

Beginning in 1602 when the Dutch traded the stocks of the Dutch East India Company on the Amstel River Bridge, the development and integration of the global economy and the flow of trade between countries, the stock market is no longer the only one. A "game" that can only be played by big financial groups, it tends to the people, and it also benefits from the people.

Of course, stock trading is a test of human wisdom. How to transform the invisible into the tangible requires a lot of knowledge, wisdom and decision-making ability. The strong eat the weak, the winner is king, the courage to take risks and the wisdom of thinking are indispensable. "Luck" alone will not last long in this "digital war". Therefore, various Western academic theories born for the stock market began to emerge slowly. Such as Dow Theory, Elliott Wave Theory, Gann Theory and so on.

The mainstream stock market operations are mainly company analysis, policy analysis, technical analysis, main force analysis, market supply and demand, etc. Among them, technical analysis is the main, and others are supplemented. The so-called technical analysis is to study the index reaction of the market at a certain time through the recording of data, so as to predict the changing trend of the specified data in the future. The main content of the technical indicators on which it is based is calculated from data such as stock price, trading volume or index. But can the agility of the market really be able to use a few curves and a few numbers to determine a specific unknown trend? I don't think any technical analysis guru can guarantee 100% accuracy. This requires the emergence of another new decision-making method.

The fundamental development of Western science lies in the development of digital logic. In the final analysis, it is a logical theoretical system. Things that can be obtained by calculating existing data are one-sidedly "rational" science. On the contrary, China's unique "perceptual" science can make up for this weakness.

 【Origin and Development of Zhouyi】

The four ancient civilizations recognized by the world today are ancient China, ancient China and ancient China. Ancient Greece and Egypt in India and the West. In the washing of the long river of history, the only civilization that has not been interrupted is the Chinese civilization, which is unique and rare. In the 5,000-year history of Chinese civilization, "Book of Changes" is like a bright pearl, illuminating the entire land of China, and the countless cultures nurtured by her have nourished our Chinese descendants for generations to come. It is the crystallization of the wisdom and culture of the Chinese people, and is known as "the head of the group and the source of the great road". In ancient times, it was the study of emperors, and it was a compulsory skill for politicians, military strategists and businessmen. It is the essence of Chinese civilization, which drives the development of unique Chinese culture and is the ancestor of Chinese culture. It has even spread and prevailed in neighboring countries and has been accepted by countries all over the world. It is an enduring ancient culture.

"Yixue" originated from the study of the Book of Changes. It was originally divination, but it was higher than divination. "easy. "Xi Ci Zhuan" says: "In ancient times, the Baoxi clan was king of the world. Those who looked up looked at images in the sky, and those who looked down looked at the law in the earth. They looked at the text of birds and beasts, and they were suitable for the earth. , so he began to make gossip, in order to communicate the virtues of gods and the emotions of all things." The ancient ancestors perceived the mysteries of all things in the world by the changes in the surrounding environment. Through the operation rules and interrelations of things, they reflected the original essence of things, which is often referred to as yin and yang and the five elements.

It is easy to have Taiji, which is to produce two yi, two yi to produce four images, and four images to produce gossip. Use images to create all things, and use five elements to connect all living beings. It is a kind of advanced academic that transforms "intangible" into "tangible". During the period of war and turmoil in ancient China, theThe Zhouyi of Duan Ce and everything is controlled by the lords and lords of various places. From civil economy to national defense construction, Zhouyi is inseparable from everywhere. It exists not only as a tool, but also as the spiritual thought of the entire nation.

Recently, the Chinese official government has also carried out countless promotion work on the Chinese Zhouyi culture and vigorously promoted the inheritance of the traditional Chinese culture. The eradication of the "fake Yi superstition" among the people will restore the original face of Zhou Yi and its due reputation. Let Zhouyi progress with the times, make it more modern, and truly make the past serve the present.

[Qimen's operational research ability and wave theory]

Yixue has also developed numerous academic factions in the process of development. Among them, the "three styles" are the most dazzling. The so-called "three styles" refer to the three secret treasures of Qimen, Liuren and Taiyi. The most widely circulated and most reasonable method is the "Qimen Dunjia".

"Qimen Dunjia" is known as the study of emperors, and its essence is an advanced astrophysics. Based on the Book of Changes and Eight Diagrams, combined with the astrological calendar, astronomy and geography, eight doors and nine stars, yin and yang, five elements, and three odds and six instruments, everything is determined. According to legend, during the Yellow Emperor's time, the legendary door Dunjia built by the Yellow Emperor after receiving the wind was able to defeat Chiyou. During the Yin and Shang Dynasties, Jiang Ziya used "Qi Men" to help King Wu of Zhou destroy the Yin Shang Cheng Da Zhou. During the Three Kingdoms war, Zhuge Liang used the "Qimen" to help Liu Bei stand in the third-third of the world. As a result, "Qimen Dunjia" is also recognized as the soul of the art of war, which is not comparable to ordinary arithmetic. It uses mathematics as a model and operates in a multi-dimensional way of time and space. It combines the astronomical calendar and the yin and yang five elements to infer the development of things, so as to achieve the innate potential. Since Qimen Dunjia can devise strategies in the ever-changing military, what if it is used in commercial operations? As the saying goes, shopping malls are like battlefields. Isn't the unknownness of business operations the same as the unpredictability of military operations!

The meaning of "Qimen Dunjia" is composed of three concepts: "qi", "door" and "dunjia". "Qi" means the three oddities of B (sun), C (month), and D (star); "door" refers to the eight doors of break, life, injury, du, scene, shock, death, and opening; "escape" means to hide, " "Jia" refers to the six armors, namely Jiazi, Jiaxu, Jiashen, Jiawu, Jiachen, and Jiayin. "Jia" is the most honorable among the Ten Gans. The "six instruments" are Wu, Ji, Geng, Xin, Ren, and Gui. The principle of seclusion is that Jiazi is the same as Liuwu, Jiaxu is the same as Liuji, Jiashen is the same as Liugeng, Jiawu is the same as Liuxin, Jiachen is the same as Liuren, and Jiayin is the same as Liugui. In addition, it also cooperates with Peng, Ren, Chong, Fu, Ying, Rui, Zhu, Xin, and Qin Jiuxing. The occupancy of Qimen Dunjia is mainly divided into three plates: heaven, door, and earth, symbolizing the three talents (Three Seconds and Four Palaces Traveling Method). There are nine stars in the nine palaces of the sky, and eight gates in the eight palaces in the middle (the second palace in the middle palace); the eight palaces in the earth represent eight directions, which are still; (B, C, D) Instrument (E, Ji, Geng, Xin, Ren, Gui Liu Yi). As such, according to the specific time, the arrangement of the six ceremonies, the three odds, the eight doors, the nine stars, and the special pattern of the yin and yang and nine palaces of the Qimen Dunjia constitute a unique category in the Chinese Yixue culture—the Qimen Dunjia.

Stock trading originated in Western countries, and Western countries have their corresponding stock market academics as early as hundreds of years ago. As latecomers, we should first understand their pioneering theories, and then use our academic Make up to solve the puzzle.

Knowing oneself and knowing the other can lead to victory in every battle. Through understanding, the well-known western stock market forecasting theory is surprisingly similar to our Yixue forecasting theory. Regarding this point, countless masters of Yi Xue in our country have already proved and reported that they are amazed at the infinite wisdom of our ancestors when they lament that the talents in our country have come out in large numbers!

Take the famous Elliott Wave Theory as an example: Elliott Theory says, "Whether it's a bull market or a bear market, there are several waves in each full cycle. Five bands are bullish, and the last three are bearish; among the first five bands, the first, third, and fifth, or odd-numbered, are rising, and the second, fourth, and sixth bands are even-numbered. The six even-numbered bands are clearly bearish; the seventh, odd-numbered, is a rebound. Therefore, the odd-numbered bands are basically bullish or rebounding to varying degrees, while the even-numbered bands are bearish or fall. The whole cycle presents a The general law of one up and one down. From a longer time point of view, the first five bands of a cycle constitute the first band of a large cycle, and the last three bands constitute the second band of a large cycle. The entire grand cycle is also composed of eight bands. The first five bands are bearish, and the last three are bullish. Among the first five bands, the first, third, and fifth odd-numbered bands are bearish; The four even-numbered bands rebounded and sorted out. Among the three periods of bullish market, the sixth and eighth periods were bullish, and the seventh fell back and sorted out. The whole cycleThere are still eight bands up and down. In a bear market, a cycle also constitutes the first and second bands of a large cycle, which also consists of eight bands. ”

Elliott’s “every complete cycle” is the same as the infinite yin-yang cycle in China’s “Yixue”. The rising wave and the falling wave are like the curve cycle of Yin and Yang, and the Qimen Dunjia. The transformation of Yin and Yang is the same. The inflection points of the eight bands are also the same as the number of Gan, Kun, Zhen, Xun, Kan, Li, Gen and Dui in Bagua. Furthermore, Eliot believes that the rise of odd-numbered bands and the decline of even-numbered bands are the same as those of Zhouyi Bagua. The encounter of two different hexagrams will inevitably generate new hexagrams, and Qimen Dunjia is a data model with more precise calculation based on Zhouyi Bagua. Especially looking at the curve movement of the eight wave points and Qimen The yin and yang of Dunjia coincide in the order of operation, as shown in the following figure:



            Elliott Wave Theory Picture

       Qimen Yangdun But even so, Elliott's wave theory still has its flaws in practice. The eight bands described in it constitute a complete cycle, but the variable patterns of the bands are easy to produce multi-level patterns with large waves containing small waves and waves within waves. This makes it difficult for calculators to determine the specific corner point, because different people are objective because of Factors will also produce different calculation results, so the loss or loss is immeasurable. Moreover, the wave theory is too "formula", and the calculated data are too "precise", for example, the death of a certain species in the world It must be reborn at a certain period of time, this kind of law has violated the natural law.

But Qimen Dunjia is different. The calendar that Qimen Dunjia follows is summed up by the ancients by observing the laws of celestial bodies. The periodic rhythm of the five elements, the transformation of the yin and yang into the mathematical model of time and space, is also the ultimate change in the generation of new things, which is a regular cycle with signs of life rather than the repetition of dead things. , the law of motion, the law of mutual inclusion of yin and yang, the law of quantitative change to qualitative change, the law that the extremes of things must be reversed, the law of wave-like progress, the law of periodicity.

    [Qimen Dunjia's representative of taking the gods ]

Annual representative: higher-level securities department.

Monthly representative: peers of listed companies.

Daily representative: shareholders.


The time stem represents: stock futures.

The value symbol represents: the banker.

The opening represents: the listed company.

The representative of Liuhe: a securities company.

Nine days on behalf of: foreign countries.

Representatives of snake and basalt: false and inferior information.

Representative of Jingmen: market conditions.

E represents: funds.

C on behalf of: spy (own).

Geng represents: resistance, enemy.

Xinjin represents: gold, non-ferrous metals.

Nine stars and eight gates represent: each section.

One of the [Example Application of Qimen Dunjia]

Time: 9:00 on September 11, 2013

Gui Si Xin You Geng Chen Xin Si

Yin Jiu Bureau Jia Xu has ten days

Value sign: Tian Ren Value Envoy: Shengmen

Time and Space: Shen You Sun Sky: Shen You

Ma Xing Zai Hai

Items to be measured: Shanghai Gold Measure 1312Futures AM9am to11Daily Trend

       【Flying Palace Demolishing and Repairing Bureau】


Xin│Xuanwu Tianrui Bing│Baihu Tianfugui│

  │   Dead Gate │ Shocked Door │ Jing Men │

│ Bai Hu Xun Gui │ Jiutian Li Wu │ Xuan Wu Kun C │


│Liuhe Tianqinren│Snake Tianzhugeng│Jiutianying E│

│ │   Xiumen │   Shangmen │   Zhongmen │

  │ Tai Changquan Ding │ Liuhe Zhong Ren │ Snake                 │

├─ ─────┼──────┼──────┤

  │Jiudi Canopy B│Tai Chang Tian Chong Ding │ Value Fu Tian Responsibility │

│ │ Open the door │   Sheng Men │   Du Men │

  │ Value Fu Gen                                                ────┴──────┘ 



1. The current dry (Xin, for Shanghai Gold 1312 futures) fell four Palace, it is not auspicious to enter the tomb. Xinjiagui, the Lord strayed into Skynet. When Xinjia died, the main thing was not going well, and he died and entered the tomb, which was unlucky, and was rushed by the six palaces of Ma Xing, and the main was scattered.

2. Rigan (Geng, for investors and speculators) fell into the middle palace, Geng Jiaren, the main walking lost. Gengjiaxin is not good fortune, and it is beaten by Shigan Si Gong, which is a murderer.

3. Jingmen is the market situation, and it is now in the second palace, dying in the air, and there is no market for the empty owner.

4. At the beginning of this case, the value of Fu Lin Ma Xing rushes against the fourth palace, which is the murderer. In the middle-end situation, although the first house was born to help the fourth house, it was helpless to be beaten by Ma Xing, who was a murderer. In the terminal, Jingmen falls into the eighth palace for the market situation, which is in conflict with the four palaces of Shigan.

Broken: In summary, Broken opened lower in early trading, and then moved lower, with a change of around 3.2.

Actual opening confirmation:

Yesterday's closing: 275.05

Today's opening: -272.25


9:00 minutes -272.25

9:40 minutes -271.57

10:14 minutes -272.10

11:00 minutes -272.90

[Example Application of Qimen Dunjia] Part 2

Time: November 3, 2013 11:38

Guisi Renxu Guiyou Wuwu

Yin Qi Bureau Jia Yin Guixun

Value Sign: Tian Rui Value Envoy: Dead Gate

Moon Sky: Zi Chou

Ma Xing Zaiyin

Items to be tested: Yiyou for testing ( 600118 ) What is the monthly trend of Chinese satellite stocks (price 15.00 yuan)?

      【Yuejia Demolition and Repair Turntable】


│ Jiutian │ │ Jiu Di   │ Xuanwu   │

  │ Tian Zhu wu │ Tian Xin │ Ji │ Tian Peng   Ding │        /p>


│value symbol │ │symbol: Tianrui-3│white tiger │

│Tian Rui Qin Gui Geng│Emissary: ​​Dead Gate-3│Tian Ren B│

   │Dead Gate Ren│Yue Yin 7 Geng│Life Gate E│

├─ ────┼──────┼──────┤

  │ gluttonous snake     │ Taiyin   │ Liuhe     │

  │ Tianying   Bing │ Tian Fu   Xin │Tian Chong Ren│



1. Shi Qianwu is a matter of inquiry, and it is also an individual stock. unfavorable. Shangcheng nine days, there is a rising sign.

2. Rigangui is an investor and speculator, and now he is in the third palace, Guijiaren, and the Lord will see the snake again. Guijia death, bad luck. Shang Cheng value talisman, the symbol of good luck, the main event turns bad luck into good luck. It is also comparable to the four palaces.

3. The value symbol is also the bookmaker, which means that the bookmaker is optimistic about the stock, which means injecting funds, and it also indicates that there is an upward trend in the early stage.

4. Shishi is the gate of death, which is the passage of things. Now it is in the third house, which is in the same house as Shifu, and it is also born with the fourth house.

Break: In the middle of this month, the stock has an upward trend, the increase range is about 1.6 yuan to 2.6 yuan, and there is a monthly operation value.

Actual opening confirmation:

On November 15, the opening price was 17.00, the highest was 17.99, the lowest was 16.82, and the close was 17.66. +8.01%.

[Example Application of Qimen Dunjia] Part 3

Time: 9:30 on November 25, 2013

Guisi Guihai Yiwei Xinsi

Yin Wuju Jiaxu has been ten days

Value sign: Tianfu Value envoy: Dumen

Time and Space: Shen You Sun Sky: Chen Si

Ma Xing Zai Hai

Things to measure: measure the trend of the Shanghai stock market today.

          【Flying Palace Demolition and Repair Bureau】


│ Jiu Di Tian Xin Yi │ Taiyin Tian Ruixin │ Value Fu Tian Fu Ji │

  │   Dead Gate │   Jing Men │

  │ │ Xun Xun │ White Tiger Li Gui│Taiyin Kun Xin│


Tianzhu Bing│Baihu Tianyinggui│

   │  Xiumen │  Scared Doors │ Middle Doors │

│ │ Snake Zhen Geng│Nine Heavens Middle E│Xuanwu Dui C│


│Liuhe Tian Peng Ren│ Snake Tian Chong Geng│ Tai Chang Tian Ren Ding | ──┴──────┴──────┘ 


1. Shi Ganxin is asking for things and also for The Shanghai stock market is now in the nine palaces, Xinjiagui, the main sky canopy, bad luck. Shang Cheng Tianrui, Tianrui is the sick star, the main problem.

2. Rigan is an investor and speculator. B plus oneself, the Lord's day is strange and foggy, unlucky. B plus death, bad luck. The gate of death falls into the four palaces, which is bad luck for entering the tomb.

3. Jingmen is the market price, now it is in the second palace, and it has been added to Xin. Jingmen died in the air, bad luck.

4. Ma Xing is in the sixth house, facing the fourth house, which is scattered and fierce.

Break: In summary, break the market from 9:30 to 11:30 in the morning, opened low in early trading, and then rebounded higher. From 13:00 to 15:00 in the afternoon market, it opened higher, then slid and closed lower.

Actual opening confirmation:

Yesterday's close: 2196.38 Today's opening: Down: 2183.18 -13.20 points 0.60%

9:30 points

9:40 points down: 2191.70 -4.67 points -0.21%

10:20 points down: 2189.95 -6.42 points -0.29%

11:00 liters: 2204.31 +7.93 points +0.36%

11:30 liters: 2203.47 +7.09 points +0.32%

13:00 points liters: 2202.49 +6.11 Points +0.28%

13:40 points Up: 2198.89 +3.69 points +0.17%

14:20 points Down: 2193.87 -2.51 points -0.11%

15:00 Down: 2183.61 -10.26 points -0.47%

[Example of Qimen Dunjia] Part 4

Time: November 2013

Guisi Year Guiji Month

Yin Si Bureau Jiayin Guixun

Value Sign: Tian Ren Value Envoy: Sheng Door

Moon Sky: Zi Chou Year Sky: Wu Wei

Ma Xing Zai Ji

Things to measure: On the afternoon of year11month1year, 2013, a group of people asked about the next month (hai How is the Aerospace sector going (now closing 1000.914 points)?

     【Yuejia Fei Palace Demolition and Repair Bureau】


│ Baihu │ │ Jiutian   │ Xuanwu   │

  │ Tian Fu   Wu │ Tian Ying   Ren │ Tian Rui   Geng │

  │ │ Du Men     Wu │ Jing Men   Ugly │ Dead Gate   Geng │


│ too often   │ Liuhe   │ Teng Snake   │

  │ days Chong already│Tianqin B│Tianzhu Ding│


│ │ Value Symbol       │ Jiu Di   │ Tai Yin   │

  │ Tian Ren   Gui │ Canopy   Xin │ Tian Xin   C │

  │ Sheng Door Gui│Xiu Door Xin│Open Door C│



1. Nine days represent the aerospace sector, which is now in the nine palaces.

2. The moon is a matter of inquiry, now it is in the eighth house, and it is in the same house as the value sign, and it is in the air. The ninth palace and the eighth palace are born together, which is auspicious. Taisui and Yuegan are also in the same palace, Linshengmen, Ji.

Interruption: In summary, it is judged that the market will rise in the middle of this month.

Actual opening confirmation:

Closing at 13:00 on November 20, 2013

Opening: +1146.528

High: +1220.042

Low: +1133.664

Wide: +7.36%

Close: 1214.246 +213.332 points

The above results prove that the application of Qimen Dunjia in the stock futures market has reached an unprecedented level of accuracy. After long-term follow-up, the author confirmed that if the stock market index,The disk data of futures is transformed into a magical game through high-end in-depth calculation, and its accurate probability is even more jaw-dropping and extremely magical.

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