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[Institutional research] This digital marketing giant has virtual digital image and derivative content service capabilities, and its shareholding company...

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Posted on 2022-01-14 10:06:36|Show all floors|Reading Mode This digital marketing giant has virtual digital image and derivative content service capabilities. Tiandi Online: This digital marketing giant has virtual digital image and derivative content service capabilities. Its joint-stock company owns the brand of "Old Rice Bone" and has launched a number of pre-made dishes;

②Tianrun Industry: This crankshaft company has reached a strategic cooperation with an international auto parts giant, and the company will enter the steering system industry, focusing on the layout of electronic steering systems;

③ Risk warning: The research content is only between institutions and listed companies Business exchanges do not constitute investment research opinions, and the information is subject to the announcements of listed companies and the public reports of analysts.

One company

Tiandi Online received a telephone survey from several institutions on January 13, and said that the company focuses on providing enterprise customers with integrated Internet marketing services and enterprise-level SaaS marketing Service, the cumulative number of service enterprise customers exceeds 100,000. The company has more than 20 branches and subsidiaries successively, forming a nationwide marketing service network serving enterprise-level customers.

Nebula Astar, the first commercial self-operated SaaS product independently developed by the company, can provide customers with a full range of marketing data support with the resources of hundreds of thousands of Internet celebrities and hundreds of MCN institutions , to help customers quickly reach the talents they want, and complete cooperation in various new media forms such as graphics, videos, and live broadcasts.

With the development of the industry, the application of virtual digital content has gradually diversified, and the commercial value has risen rapidly. Through the configuration of software and hardware equipment, content operation and the formation of product research and development professionals Enterprise customers provide capabilities including the establishment of virtual digital images and derivative digital content production and content operation services, and at the same time lay a good foundation for the company's business development layout in virtual digital content asset commercialization services.

It is worth noting that the company disclosed in the reception of the survey that the company invested in the "Old Rice Bone" brand company Xia Entropy in 2020, holding 9.892% of its equity. "Lao Fan Gu" is committed to bringing the master's feast to the ordinary family table, and has launched products such as fast food and pre-made dishes. At present, Lao Fan Gu has launched "little lion head, secret chicken, sauerkraut fish in chrysanthemum golden soup, fried pork with scallion oil" Sauce, Buddha Jumps over the Wall, etc.” multi-course pre-made dishes, etc. Recently, various pre-made dishes such as “Feast for Home Enjoy” and “Chengjing Yun 2.0” have been launched on the WeChat applet, Tmall, Douyin, and

In terms of business cooperation, the company, based on Douyin, Taobao, Tencent and other media platforms, helps "Old Fangu" in brand content IP creation, content e-commerce operation, IP commercialization value-added, new consumer brands Incubate and other multi-business sectors to innovate and break through, empower IP with high-quality digital services, realize the re-upgrade of the brand's commercial value in the Internet 3.0 era, promote the in-depth development of Laofangu in the field of pre-made dishes, and at the same time precipitate the company's globalization in the field of pre-made dishes. Link Marketing Solutions.

Among the A-share related listed companies, Tongqing Building is a time-honored brand in China. It has launched 4 standardized production lines and will be fully put into production in the first half of 2021. The main products are stinky mandarin fish (with seasoning packets), sausages, Sauce Pork, Frozen Xiao Long Bao, Frozen Big Meat Bun, Beef Sauce, Shrimp Sauce, and a variety of famous chef dishes. Haixin Foods is mainly engaged in the production and sales of quick-frozen fish and meat products, quick-frozen rice and flour products, and quick-frozen dish products, and sells quick-frozen dish products through outsourcing.

Company 2

Tianrun Industry received the investigation on January 12thShi said that the company recently signed a "Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement" with Mando China Holdings Co., Ltd., and the two parties intend to conduct in-depth discussions on potential business cooperation opportunities for automotive chassis system products.

The strategic cooperation framework agreement between Tianrun and Mando China mainly cooperates with electronic steering gear system, which is oriented to the Chinese commercial vehicle market. Mando China is a subsidiary of South Korea's Halla Group. It develops automotive-related businesses in the fields of electronic systems, steering systems, braking systems, and suspension systems in the automotive industry.

Tianrun's advantages include commercial vehicle customer resources and high-end manufacturing and processing capabilities. In the future, the two parties will jointly conduct an in-depth feasibility study on the Chinese commercial vehicle market. It is expected that a joint venture will be established after the investigation is completed, mainly for commercial use. The electronic steering system of the car. At present, the commercial vehicle steering system is mainly based on HPS and EHPS. The EPS penetration rate of passenger vehicles is about 80-90%. Fuel consumption regulations + electrification + intelligence will further promote the EPS penetration rate. The development of autonomous driving may land earlier, so the overall market space is huge, and it is the best time for Tianrun Industry to enter the steering system industry.

In addition, the air suspension laboratory has been fully launched, and fatigue tests of air suspension, rubber suspension and other assemblies have been carried out, and the suspension systems have been supplied in batches one after another. Commercial vehicles are expected to invest more than 100 million yuan in the first half of 2022 for the initial production line construction, which is currently in bidding (mainly including semi-trailer suspension and solenoid valve equipment lines for axles and CDC shock absorbers), and other integration work is also underway. advancing. Tiandi Online

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