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Great news for football reform! The National Development and Reform Commission revealed that more than 13,000 social football fields have been built

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On November 29, Beijing time, the General Administration of Sports, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Education and other state-level departments held a joint video and telephone conference to discuss the construction of China's football infrastructure. The meeting finally reached a consensus: the construction of football infrastructure is feasible and necessary. Under the guidance of government investment, social investment should be promoted, and existing resources should be fully tapped to jointly contribute to the construction of football infrastructure. It has to be said that the recent Chinese football has ushered in an all-round and multi-angle reform since the reform of the Football Association’s salary limit order. We have enough reasons to believe that Chinese football is gradually improving and rising.

As early as July 30 this year, the National Development and Reform Commission released the "National Social Football Field Facilities Construction Special Action Implementation Plan (Trial)", clearly In 2019-2020, the government will subsidize 2 million yuan for each new 11-a-side standard football field in the form of fixed subsidies. Lian Weiliang, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, revealed at the meeting: Up to now, 65% of the task of building 20,000 football pitches across the country has been completed, that is, more than 13,000 professional football pitches have been built. At the beginning of next year, the National Development and Reform Commission will continue to organize the supervision of this work, so that all localities will pay attention to it and complete the task of football stadium construction as soon as possible. The social football field is well built, and the progress of the community football field is not slow! Su Yunshan, director of the Building Energy Conservation and Technology Department of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, said: The pilot work on the construction of urban community football field facilities across the country started in April this year is progressing very smoothly. At present, a total of 444 community football fields have been constructed in each pilot city!

The reason why football is called the world's largest sport is not only because of its huge influence, but also because it is a public participation, from the people. sports. The examples of football powers such as Europe and South America have proved to us that if we want to do well in football, we must respect the objective laws of football development, do a good job in integrating with the grassroots people, and fully explore the power of football among the people. Take Brazil, the kingdom of samba, as an example. When reporters interviewed the Brazilian people about what is the biggest sport in Brazil, they answered volleyball. When the reporter was wondering, the Brazilian people added: Here, football has become our belief. It is precisely because of the participation of the whole people and the love of the whole people that football can become Brazil's signature, and Brazil's streets can come out of Zico, Pele, Ronaldinho, Ronaldinho, Neymar and other superstars one after another. Although we dare not dream of becoming a football powerhouse like Brazil, learning their development model will definitely bring us considerable progress.

Once the football infrastructure is built, the public will have more opportunities to participate in and develop the sport. Over time, perhaps in China, there are football teenagers everywhere and football games are played everywhere.

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