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Russia ushered in two good news: Turkey shelled NATO, Germany refused to provide weapons to Ukraine

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The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are in full swing, but the Olympics cannot completely eliminate all disputes in the world. Around the Ukraine crisis, European countries are still constantly fighting and competing.

On February 7, the Russian Satellite News Agency reported that the Secretary-General of the Turkish Patriotic Party Dogu Perincek said that the eastward expansion is actually a threat to NATO itself. Will lead to NATO "death".

Turkey is a member of NATO and claims to be the second military after the United States Powerful country; NATO has always wanted to bring Ukraine under its command to fight against Russia, but now Turkey is openly bombarding it against eastward expansion.

What's even more embarrassing is that just three days ago, on February 4, NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg proudly stated that NATO's eastward expansion was a "history of major achievements" , a move that helped to spread freedom and democracy in Europe.

As a result, after 3 days, the earthworker openly disagreed with the organization. At first glance, I don't understand its brain circuit, but it is actually a matter of interest.

Turkey accuses NATO of showing goodwill to Russia, because just a few days ago, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed his willingness to take on the responsibility of mediating between Russia and Ukraine.

Erdogan also satirized European and American countries inside and out, saying that the West has not taken any measures to solve the problem of Russia-Ukraine relations so far, so Turkey has stood up. For Russia, it is called: "Dear Mr. Putin".

Compare the two and stand tall. The president has set the tone, and the following people naturally understand it, so Pelinchek's bombardment of NATO's eastward expansion will lead to "death."

He also stated bluntly: NATO expansion poses a threat not only to Russia, but also to Turkey, Iran and China.

As soon as this statement came out, it meant that it was completely opposed to NATO and turned to Russia.

I can't blame Turkey either, because it's true that Western countries haven't solved the problem for months, or don't want to solve it at all.

It is reasonable to be criticized after letting others hold the handle, and it is also reasonable to encounter a country like Turkey that is good at vertical and horizontal.

Faced with a "traitor" like Erdogan, NATO must also pay attention to the quality of its member states in its future expansion, not just the quantity.

In addition to Turkey, there is another country that is openly and covertly opposed to NATO, and this is Germany.

On February 7, the Russian Satellite News Agency reported that German Chancellor Scholz was in In an interview with The Washington Post, in response to a question about the Nord Stream-2 natural gas pipeline, he said that if the situation in Ukraine escalates, Germany and allies will take "necessary measures" against Russia.

On the surface, Scholz is threatening Russia, but analyzing things cannot be limited to the surface.

The author believes that although Germany is also warning Russia, it is fundamentally different from the harsh words of NATO, the United States, the United Kingdom and others. The United States and Britain are provoking Putin and trying to provoke the situation, while Germany is suppressing the situation on the contrary.

First of all, the wording is much softer, and the use of the hands and the Russian North StreamThe purpose of economic and trade cooperation is to cool down the situation, which will help to avoid Russia's overheating and lead to bad consequences.

If it is too pale to analyze from words, then it can also be done from actual actions. See the German attitude.

Scholz also said on the same day that Berlin's arms supply policy to Ukraine remained unchanged, that is, it would not supply Ukraine with lethal weapons.

Ukraine has repeatedly asked Germany to provide it with weapons, and even the ambassador to Berlin, Melnik, said that the refusal to supply Ukraine with weapons may affect the relationship between the two countries.

But Germany is not the U.S. and the U.K., it sees through the major issues and rejects this approach to intensify the situation. The support for Ukraine from Germany, France, the EU, etc., is more in terms of economic loans than the provision of military personnel and weapons.

From this, it can be seen intuitively that the foreign policies of France and Germany are quite different from those of the United States and Britain.

On the whole, Russia ushered in two good news in one day. Although there is still time before the crisis is completely resolved, at least it has received international support and will not allow itself to be isolated.

And see how the situation develops.

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