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Is it bad or good for Ningde?

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Tesla again Raise the price butcher knife to the new energy vehicle market.

On July 8, Tesla China's official website officially launched the Model Y standard battery life version, and the price of the longer battery life version dropped by 70,000 yuan to 276,000 yuan. Yi Ran, a partner of Jielan Road Consulting, who has been concerned about the new energy vehicle market for a long time, believes that considering Tesla's price strategy, it is expected that the domestic Model 3 will be further reduced in the future.

On January 1 this year, Tesla's domestically produced Model Y was officially launched. At that time, two versions of the dual-motor all-wheel drive version and the Performance version were launched, and the prices were 347,900 yuan and 347,900 yuan respectively. 377,900 yuan. The standard endurance version launched this time has a cruising range of 525 kilometers under comprehensive conditions. Although the cruising range of the longer endurance version has been reduced by 70 km, the price of the 276,000 yuan longer endurance version has dropped by 70,000 yuan, and the higher performance version has dropped by 70,000 yuan. 100,000 yuan. As an SUV model with more space, the starting price of the Model Y is only 25,100 yuan higher than that of the Model 3, and the battery life is 57 kilometers longer than that of the Model 3 standard battery life upgrade. In addition, the Model Y Standard Range also comes standard with a premium interior package.

According to Li Yanwei, an analyst in the automobile circulation industry, the launch of the Model Y standard battery life version will first further steal the Model 3 user base. From the data in the first five months of this year, Tesla Model 3 in the first four months The sales of the Model Y are far more than the Model Y, but the Model Y has significantly surpassed the Model 3 in sales in May. He believes that sales of the Model 3 will be more challenging by August if there is no follow-up price adjustment for the Model 3. Because tram users are not as stratified as traditional fuel vehicle users, they are basically a wave of user groups in central cities with better economic conditions and relatively loose budgets. They can buy Model 3 and Model Y. This time, the launch of Model Y bears the brunt It should be the Model 3 affected. At the same time, in his view, the starting price of less than 300,000 yuan will also have a certain impact on the new energy models of Xpeng, Jihu, Celis, BYD, Volkswagen ID and other brands at the same price.

According to data from the National Passenger Transport Association, in the first five months of this year, Tesla delivered nearly 140,000 vehicles in the Chinese market, accounting for 950,000 domestic new energy passenger vehicle deliveries. close to 15%. As of now, Tesla has not announced June deliveries in China, which GLJ Research analyst Gordon Johnson had expected to reach 30,000. According to industry forecasts, with the delivery of the Model Y standard battery life, Tesla's deliveries in China are expected to rise further.

With the implementation of domestic production, the price of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y in China has been continuously lowered. The primary logic behind the price reduction is the decline in the cost of parts and components brought about by scale and localization. For example, the standard battery life version Model Y launched today is equipped with a Ningde era lithium iron phosphate battery. Compared with the ternary lithium battery, the comprehensive cost of the lithium iron phosphate battery is about 20% cheaper. Before that, the domestic Tesla Model 3 It has also changed from ternary lithium batteries to lithium iron phosphate batteries: the price of the domestic Model 3 standard battery life upgrade and long battery life rear-wheel drive version has dropped by about 40,000 to 50,000 yuan after battery replacement.

Some observers in the new energy industry believe that Tesla may continue to cut prices in the next step. Tesla and Apple are essentially software companies, and hardware (cars) are only related to consumers. a communication levelFor Taiwan, the price will definitely get cheaper and cheaper. What is needed is the scale effect, and update and value-added services are the profit points of fission. Second, he believes that the current decision-making points of customers for new energy vehicles are also changing. From 2015 to 2020, the appearance and battery life are at the top of the list. In 2021, high-end new energy consumers will no longer buy a car. The focus falls on issues such as battery life, charging time, convenience, and safety. Consumers will pay more and more attention to the "brand" itself, intelligence, human-computer interaction, and "life scenarios". Changes in consumer demand will The competitive landscape driving the entire new energy vehicle market has further changed.

It is worth noting that after the Tesla Model Y standard battery life version was launched, the stock price of its battery supplier CATL (300750) rose 3.95% in early trading to close at 563.91 yuan, a new high.

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