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[National Movement Weekly] June 13, 2021 Domestic animation news

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[National Movement Weekly]

Sunday, June 13, 2021

The fourth day of the fifth lunar month

"Black and White Warriors Season 3" finalized PV will return in my lifetime, see you on July 19

Liuyao Animation PV First Release

Liuyao Animation Official Weibo


#LiuzhiAnimation PV first release# Pengcheng Wanli Tiandiren Up and down search for the red dust Produced by @Mango TV, produced by @Luo Shuihuayuan, Wang [email protected] Xin BUSY DIRECTOR , adapted from the popular novel of the same name by Priest

@Lai Lai Den, the large-scale ancient-style immortal manga "Six Yao", the first release of the PV! Exclusive broadcast on the entire network → "Liu Yao" animation first version of the PV first release: Pengcheng thousands of miles of heaven and earth, search up and down to enter the world

Tomb robbery notes Qinling Sacred Tree animation finished

19 animated movies fight in the summer season, which one do you like? |Sanwen Entertainment

2021 Summer Animated Movie

Title Date Producer Theme

Hello World June 11th Toho Love, Fantasy, Animation

Peter Rabbit 2: The Escape Plan June 11th Columbia Pictures Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Submarine: Journey to the Center of the Earth June On the 12th, Global Digital, Baiming Film and Television Animation, Comedy, Adventure

Crazy Ugly Duckling 2 Reliable Heroes on June 12th Taishang Culture, Fengshang Ruizhi, Movie World Comedy, Animation, Adventure

Drink Superman June 12 Beijing Zhonghe Qiancheng, Horgos Zhonghe Qiancheng Animation

Three Little Pigs 3 Justice League Meng June 26 Mijia Culture, Orange Happy Pictures, Hengdian Pictures, Horgos Zhonghe Qiancheng Animation, Adventure, Fantasy

Wolf Walker July 3 Cartoon Salon (Wolf Walker), Luxembourg Merusi Animation, Fantasy, Adventure

The city of figurines on July 9th, Huaqiang Fangte, Maoyan, Fangte Pictures, Hengdian Pictures, Jinyi Jiayi, Happy Sunshine, Douyin Fantasy, Adventure, Animation

New Big Head Son and Little Head Dad 4 July 9 CCTV Children's Channel, CCTV Animation, Wanda Film, Maoyan, Chinese Online Animation, Adventure

Stupid Bird Adventure 7 On July 10, Xuancai Club, Horgos Zhonghe Qiancheng, and Jiaxing Culture Animation

Jigong's Conquering the Dragon and Coming to the World July 16th Ruichen Film and Television, Tiantai Hehe Film and Television Plot and animation , Adventure

Journey to the West: Fish Underwater Adventure July 17 Filmo Animation, Fantasy, Adventure Source Culture, Hengtong Media, Qifeixiang Comedy, Animation, Children

White Snake 2: Green Snake Robbery July 23 Chasing Light Films, Alibaba Pictures, Maoyan, Huali Huali Pictures Animation , Love, Fantasy

Beacon Bear 2: Gold Agent July 23 Aofei Pictures, Aofei Pictures Investment, Zhonghe Qiancheng Pictures, Mai Song Film and Television Animation, Comedy, Adventure


The Adventures of Qiaohu Magic Island July 24th Heyuan Culture Animation, Adventure

Save the Donut: Time and Space Rescue July 24th China Lions Festival, China Lion Entertainment, Huayi Tencent, Huayi Brothers Dotting Animation Films Comedy, Animation, Adventure

August 6 Wonderful Time for Lion Boys, Yidong Culture, Mokexing Film Animation, Comedy

Xiaohuaxianda Movie: Miracle Girl August 20 Taomi animation animation, children

Animated film "Jigong's Fall of the Dragon" World" is set for July 16! The top Guoman team is back for the summer!

Tencent Xinli Reading Conference

# Tencent Xinli Reading Conference # [Forum time] Talking about his thoughts on IP multi-field symbiosis, well-known animation director and founder of Huimeng Animation, Li [email protected] HaolingHaolin expressed his views. Animation is a wonderful intermediate link. The source of IP is connected to the product. He used two words "change" to outline the comparison between 2013 and the present. It has a broader outlook, the process of incubating IP is more pre-positioned, and the mentality of people in each link is also more stable. Long-term development of IP.

:4647714173157432?from=old _ pc _ videoshow

# TencentXinlireading conference# [Forum time] Kuaikan comic founder and CEO @Biganne thinks that animation and comic adaptation play the first step of visualization in the process of web IP life continuation, both of which are part of the gradually enlarged web IP production chain, and can be further developed in the later stage Zoom in on the IP itself.

:4647734666526893?from=old _ pc _ videoshow

[Honor of Kings]- Sirius Squad UP Master: Beechi

"Qingming Dream" CG animation pilot trailer, a text adventure about dreams Follow Weibo @Muzilan Studio for more originals Animation dynamic This animation is produced by Muzilan Studio

"Qingming Dream" CG animation pilot trailer 2021

[Graduation Project] Independently produced the animated short "Dawn Imprint" UP host: Xin Shu XY< /h1>


Personal original animation short film - "Parkour" | Hand drawn | Student work | UP Main: Summer Eyes and Last Winter

Sci-fi film "Revival Reborn" Domestic Animation Short Film - Digital Media Art Graduation Project UP Master: DiszyLee Zhiyi

"Red Silk" animation short film-Guangmei 2021 animation major graduation project UP main: Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts animation major

Complete animation "Dream" UP main: Ling Chen's cat

[Animated Short Film] Starting UP Main: 505 Sea Urchin

Wait! ! ! "White Snake 2: The Rising of the Green Snake" is set for July 23! The creative team is hiring! ! !

The above is today's main news

The following is a summary of important news this week

On air

Episode 1: Are you ready? UMaster P: Learning Publishing House

God-level current affairs animation explodes Xiaopo Station, candidates regret not watching before the exam This animation

The burning goose is one mountain higher than the other. The Learning Publishing House, which is rooted in the fertile soil of the party, today released a big move that has been holding back for several months - the ship's new political animation "New Journey, Dance! 》Heavy release! ! ! Author: Daily life in girls' dormitory

#Galaxy Supreme# 4 episodes launched today, broadcast exclusively on Youku

@Youku Anime              

#Galaxy Supreme# launched 4 episodes today, broadcast exclusively on Youku Young Sect Master Chu Xinghe is a top-level star soul and was expelled. Go to the vast world to find your father and take back everything that belongs to the Star Sect! The road ahead is difficult, but fortunately, there are partners to help, come and join Chu Xinghe, fight the star soul, and enjoy the boundless Xinghai!

The second episode of "Bump World" is here!

2021 Extra Story 2 The King's Choice (Part 2)

@Bump World Official Weibo

The second episode of "Bump World" is here! Memories of a pirate game will never be repeated, because pirates destined to experience loneliness don't get a second chance to see the shield appear.

Faced with foreign aggression, what choices will Lei Wangxing make? What fate will Leiwang usher in? Fan drama link:


#I'mBig神# Perfect ending


#I'mBig神仙# The perfect ending today, the story of immortality is not finished, please stay tuned for the third season Looking forward, follow the official blog for more news!

On June 17th, the full set of animated Tencent videos will be free, remember to watch it!



"Original Cataclysm" scheduled to be broadcast exclusively on July 5

07 Started at 12:00 on March 05

Introduction: With the rapid development of science and technology, artificial intelligence has evolved its own consciousness and has become a "god"-like existence. The capitalists at the top of the pyramid were unwilling to submit to the control of "gods", experimented with humans, and implanted copies of "gods" in order to gain power equivalent to "gods". The hero "Feng Mo" is the only surviving experiment. The plot mainly tells the coexistence relationship between humans and artificial intelligence, and the story of how to change the fate in a desperate situation.

The first ancient terracotta warrior movie "City of Warriors" is coming! Scheduled for July 9th! UP main: Fantawild theme park

"Red Wilderness" finalized PV Red Mist World is open!

July 13

After reading it, lol! This may be the most hardcore online college entrance examination blessing this year, regret it if you miss it! On August 6th, let's go to this joyful midsummer trip with the lion boy. UP main: Movie Lion Boy

Thinking is hidden in the heart, the theme song of "Thinking" is officially launched

Singing: Liu Meilin Lyrics: Zhao Yuqing, Zou Lei Composer: White Bird Guitar Accompaniment: Li Yue Bass Playing: Yuan Ye

The Japanese version of the Japanese version of Tianguan's blessing animation PV2 is released! The new OP and ED are released UP main: Tianguan's blessing animation official

Tianguan's blessing animation Japanese version new PV released! For the first time, the new OP "Ciyu" sung by SID Band and Amamiya Tian was released.のくちづけ" and ED "フリイジア" CAST Xie Lian: Kamiya Hiroshi Saburo: Fukuyama Jun Lingwen: Hikasa Yoko South Wind: Furukawa Shinbuya: Kobayashi Chiaki Japanese Version Production: Sony Music Solutions, Aniplex

#Blessings of Heavenly Officials# The main visual poster of the Japanese version of the animation has been released! #Blessings of Heavenly Officialsanimation Japanese version# will be broadcast on TOKYO MX / ABEMA at 21:30 every Sunday from July 4th, broadcast on BS11 at 22:30, and will be broadcast on Amazon every Sunday at 22:30 Prime Video goes live. Interested friends are welcome to watch. #Blessings of Heavenly OfficialsAnimation# Japanese version production: Sony Music Solutions, Aniplex

#Aisi# The plot is coming to the trailer! From June 14th, Tencent Video will be broadcast exclusively on the whole network at ten o'clock in the morning every Monday!

@see Si Si Si

Forwarding lottery

#Sisi Sisi# The plot is coming to the trailer! The mysterious young man appeared in the library, thinking about the dangers on the island, and the veil is about to be lifted. Follow # mind# Retweet Weibo and @ a friend, ten Quantum will be drawn on July 7th, and each will be presented with a [2021 Desk Calendar]. In addition, three Quantums will be drawn, and each will be presented with a [Tencent Video Member Monthly Card]! Screenwriter·Director: @Amy Zhao Yuqing, Producer: @[email protected] From June 14th, every Monday morning at 10:00, Tencent Video will be broadcast exclusively on the whole network!

:4645397155741750?from=old _ pc _ videoshow

《Fantasy Mountain and Sea Ballad》 Xuanji Guqin Preview

Fantasy Mountain and Sea Ballad

# Fantasy Mountain Sea Ballad# #summerAnimation Festival# " Fantasy Mountain Sea Ballad " Xuanji Guqin teaser

" Fantasy Dream Ballad, Mountain and Sea Shadow, Seven Laws "Magic Naguqin"

Emperor Dongxi turned the world's seven emotions into seven rhymes, and the Nantianzhu phoenix tree root was used as the qin sheath, so he obtained this artifact, named Xuanjiqin Produced by: @ Penguin [email protected] TuAnimation Broadcasting platform: @ Tencent Video

"Ranger War Chronicles" is currently available Public scene PV2

@ranger war record AC official micro              

: If you are away from the West, where can you stand!

: Don't wait for this western sky! #Poetry# Portal→L "Ranger Chronicle" can currently open the scene PV2

[The next era of decisive battle] The "fire fighting pioneer" of the year has grown up! Destroy, sin fire! UP master: Big Big Wolf Office

Animated movie "New Big Head Son and Little Head Dad 4: Perfect Dad" "Three lives are fortunate to accompany You grew up" special tearjerker strikes!

1905 official blog            

The animated film "New Big Head Son and Small Head Dad 4: Perfect Dad" "Three Lives is fortunate to grow up with you" is a tear-jerking special ! Uncle Dong Hao and sister Ju Ping, as the voice actors of "Little Head Dad" and "Apron Mom", have spent 26 years witnessing their company, conveying joy with their voices, and growing up with everyone. I am fortunate to meet and live up to the future. See you in theaters on July 9! #新Big头子和小头哥4# #Sansheng is fortunate to grow up with you#

:4647211980750863?from=old _ pc _ videoshow

The MV of "This Boy" is officially launched today

The city of figurines


#film city of figurines# Everyone's youth is My own, only I can define who I am. The MV of "The Boys Here" is officially launched today. This is a story specially prepared for every "juvenile" and "every boy". We are honored to invite the new generation of real peopleLi sings @Huang Xiaoyun to interpret the growth story of a hot-blooded teenager. More exciting, please look forward to July 9

:4646602623877203?from=old _ pc _ videoshow


Flying! Air combat! shooting! Domestic animation flight scene inventory! UP main: Purple Silver Wind

Quadratic animation

#four Power Animation# Works (2015-2021) Unconsciously, it is the sixth year of animation, thank you for your continuous attention, support and encouragement!

In half a month, the fourth power animation will be seven years old. Let's see what we have done in the past six years

:4646492850552899?from=old _ pc _ videoshow


Tencent Video will continue to participate in a series of high-quality works such as the animated films "Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker: Moon Red 2", "Xi Xing Ji: Shadow Magic City", "Xi Xing Ji: Qiong Qi Di Cave" and other series of high-quality works!

Tencent video

# 2021 Tencent video film year release # wow, can't wait to announce, the goose will continue to participate in the animation film

A series of high-quality works such as "Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker: Moon Red 2", "Journey to the West: Shadow Magic City", "Journey to the West: Qiong Qi Di Cave", remember to pay attention~

The movie#Jigong: The Dragon Falls to the World is set to release the finalized poster. See you on the big screen on July 16!

The movie Jigong's Subjugation of the Dragon


All future generations are formidable, and heroes are born young! The movie#Jigong's Descending the Dragon is set to release the finalized poster. See you on the big screen on July 16!

What you want, what you do will make it happen! #shangxinbao# Movie# Jigong's Subduing the Dragon Comes to the World Finalized# The finalized trailer was officially released. This time, Li Xiuyuan is his own hero, all future generations are fearsome, and the hero is a boy! The film is produced by @Kim Dong as the director, watching the return of the boy on July 16!

:4646262071558209?from=old _ pc _ videoshow

About "Tianbao Fu Yaolu Second "Ji" Suspension Statement


In order to better polish the details of the work, it was originally scheduled to be rebroadcast at 11:00 this Sunday The second season of "Tianbao Fu Yaolu" will be postponed, and the specific broadcast time is subject to the official announcement. thanks for your support.

Tianbao Fu Yaolu Animation Official

June 11, 2021

#Mo Dao Patriarch Animation# Ended Character poster, Bright Moon Breeze Xiao Xingchen

Aha Entertainment

#Animation Wu Liuqi# The series has surpassed 10 million! Thank you to everyone who likes Wu Liuqi

Congratulations to everyone

Yingsha's debut list Song ace

yingsha teresa            

#Yingluo debut single ace# Hello everyone, the MV of my official debut song "ACE" can finally be released you see it! We spent a lot of time shooting before. It has added a lot of Chinese elements and cyberpunk styles that I like. It is also an attempt to cross the border. Do you like it? I wish i could see you, and I hope you can see more of my possibilities. In the future, I will use music to meet you.

:4646134241755177?from=old _ pc _ videoshow

Happy Birthday Luo Tianyi 0712

Vsinger _ Luo Tianyi


 Luo Tianyi Super talk 🦋 #Luo Tianyi0712Happy birthday# The long dormancy is for the moment when the chrysalis emerges—— Before you know it, this is the ninth year that Tianyi came to this world, you guys The touching, laughter, encouragement, and support of my heart have given me the strength to break through the cocoon... Bloom for you before the midsummer. At 19:12 on July 12th, Tianyi will be running in Shanghai Mercedes... , thanks to @-TID- for designing a small dress for me, which is gorgeous and ethereal, like a midsummer night of butterflies Dream. This year, I have prepared nine surprises for you, the first one is about to kick off~ Please look forward to the ninth anniversary! *The specific information of the birthday party will be released one after another from next week, follow Tianyi and forward this Weibo, I will send 5 copies of the birthday party in 2021

[#Bump World 5th Anniversary# Music Album Project] starts today!

:4646126943666197?from=old _ pc _ videoshow

Bump World Official Micro      

[#Bump World 5th Anniversary# Music Album Project] in Open today! Bravely break through the predicament, give us courage, and face a new journey! From today onwards, Aguan will announce a character impression song for everyone every day~ So today we bring a golden character song——

[Bump World 5th Anniversary Golden Character Song "Eternal Shine" Album] Pre-orders are now open! Vocals: Zhou [email protected] [email protected] diskless Lyrics: Wang [email protected] Composer: @Yang Pingyin Music Production: @bingyinchuangsheng In the dust of the back light, who is listening The faint stars that have been silent for a long time have not stopped running for a moment The burden is already doomed, and there is no fear Even if the truth is only a name, it has not been for a moment Give up If there is no hope, let me be hope! Follow @bumpworld official Weibo and @qichuangshop + forward this Weibo post, and draw five lucky friends to send [Gold "Eternal Shine" Qichuangshe Official Character Impression Music Gift Box (Pure Edition)] One serving! #network convex world# #sevenCreation Club#

2021 "Xinguang Award" China Xi'an 9th International Original Animation Competition Glory Set sail

The 27th Magnolia Best Animation: "Mother's Melancholy Like Downpour" (France ) Best Animated Screenplay: "The King's Diary" (China)

#The 27th Magnolia Award List# Tonight, the 27th Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Awards Ceremony will be held, The full list of awards has been announced, as follows: Best Chinese TV Drama: "Shan Hai Qing" Best Director: Zhang Yongxin "Awakening Age" Best Screenplay (original): Long Pingping "Awakening Age" Best Screenplay (Adaptation): Ma Xiaoyong "Taiwan" Best Actor: Yu Hewei "Awakening Age" Best Actress: Tong Yao "Thirty Only" Best Supporting Actor: You Yong Zhi "Mountains and Seas" Best Supporting Actress: Huang Yao "Mountains and Seas" Best Cinematography: Yang Zhenyu "Mountains and Seas" Best Art: Di Kun "Golden Years" Best Overseas Drama (Short): "Investigation" (Denmark) Best Overseas Drama (Long): "This Is Us" Season 5 (US) Best TV Variety Show: "China in Classics" Best Documentary Series: "Little Boys" (China) Best Documentary: "I Was There" (Israel) Best Animation: "Mother's Melancholy Like Downpour" (France) Best Animation Screenplay: "The King's Diary" (China) Magnolia Awards Jury Prize: "Together", "Crossover" Yalu River" Special Award of Shanghai TV Festival Organizing Committee "Get Out of Poverty" Shanghai TV Festival International Communication Award: "Together", "Thirty Only" Overseas Promotion Ambassadors of Chinese TV Dramas: Huang Xuan, Qiao Xin

2021 Tencent Online Video Golden Goose Honor/Animation Forum winners announced!

@ Tencent Video Animation

#China Youth Animation Director Support Program# 2021 Tencent Online Video Golden Goose Honor/Animation Forum winners announced! Thank you for your efforts for Guoman and for the audience. We believe that Guoman will go further and further in the future! Let us pick up the light together and chase the light together!

The most popular animations "Douluo Continent", "Wu Geng Ji", "Eternal Thought", "Guide to Self-Saving Through Books", "Magic Dao Master Q"

Members' favorite animations "Douluo Continent", "Wu Geng Ji", "Star Change" Season 2 Under One Person, Season 3, "Versatile Mage" Season 4

The most popular animation "Fox Fairy Little" Matchmaker, Wuliuqi: The Strongest Hairstylist, Douluo Continent

The most commercially valuable animations, Douluo Continent, Demon Master Q, Devouring Starry Sky

The annual innovative animation "Halloween Street", "Magic Master Q", "The Knight of Stars"

The best director of the year Shen Leping ["Douluo Continent", "Devouring the Starry Sky"] Shi Juansheng ["Full Time Master"] "Season 2] Tang Hongning ["Douluo Continent"] Wang Chenggong ["The Stars Change" Season 2/"Perfect World"] Wang Xin ["Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker"] Wei Tianxing ["Under One Person" No. 3 Season / "Goblin Planting Manual"] Xiong Ke ["Magic Dao Master Q" / "Public Polling Bureau Discord"] Yao Qing ["Wu Geng Ji"]

Annual Emerging Director Guan Zhenyu [" Full-time Mage Season 4] Ouyang Chao ["The Heavenly Dao of Lieyang"] Qin Heyang ["Guide to Self-Rescue Through Books"] Rarecho ["Take My Brother Away" Season 4] Su Xiaoguang ["One Thought Eternal"] Wang Jian [" Star Corpse Knight"] Xu Lei ["I am a great fairy"] Zhong Ming ["Inhuman"]

@wuhu Animation Human Space

#I'manimation# 2021 Tencent Online Video Golden Goose Honor/Animation Forum, endorsed by public media platform word-of-mouth #China Young Animation Director Support Program# Set sail, under the collision of wisdom of animation industry celebrities Frequent golden sentences! Help Chinese animation, cheer for young directors, and fuel the innovation and upgrading of Guoman!

[Graduation Project] "The Border of the Sea" Guangmei Animation 2021 Grade Completion Trailer PV UP Main: Mist Spinach HQ

A mysterious alien attack? ! 2021 Guangzhou University Department of Animation's completed work "Fever Action 2045"

I see who dares to stop me! After graduation, I will draw my favorite Wu Liuqi: Anhui University "Hundred Ghost Bamboo Forest" UP master: Animation Academic Party

2021 Jiangnan University completed animation "One Day" UP master: Did you stay up all night today?

2021 Graduation Season | Taiyuan Teachers College Fine Arts Department Animation Major Graduation Works Exhibition is here! !

Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, School of New Media Art, School of Animation, Graduation Works Exhibition is here! !

So you are such a Weaver Girl! ! ! China Academy of Art "Needle Second Clothes Cutting Record" UP host: wuhu Animator Space

2021 Jiangnan University graduation animation "One"sky》 UP Master: Did you stay up all night today?

【Complete animation】Apes in the Finery undergraduate graduation Let the October pregnancy contain Easter eggs! ! UP main: Fidel Dada

"The Legend of Shijingshan" 2021 Graduation Project UP Master: Send Words to My Temple

[Graduation Project] [Features] (Mandarin Dubbed version) "Appearance" Can you do it? Hubei Academy of Fine Arts 2021 Graduation Design Short Story UP Main: knightlxm

"The Edge of Chaos"|Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts

@Reraner _          

"The Edge of Chaos"|Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts

My work "The Edge of Chaos" The Edge of Chaos is an experimental 3D motion graphic that combines motion capture technology and the Mandelbrot set algorithm to make dancers dance with chaotic fractal graphics and walk on the edge of runaway.

The film is divided into three segments, corresponding to the three characteristics of The Mandelbrot Collection: Red & Flow, Blue & Balance, and White & Mystery.

Originally, the three clips should be played separately, but the Weibo is still combined into one. Welcome to forward and leave a message.

:4645893635506292?from=old _ pc _ videoshow

Aofei invested 45 million yuan in Kaitian Studio, accounting for 9.7% of the shares

[Graduation Project] Animation "Luna and the Traveler" UP master: Hihkot

The game "Tooth Erosion"-Guangmei 2021 animation major graduation project UP main: Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts animation major

I Created a Line with Emotion "Rapunzel"

@Animation Academic Party

[#AniOne# I prayed to the goddess for money, but the goddess gave me long hair? : Jilin Art Institute "The Prince with Long Hair"] The little boy wanted to buy a golden wig, but he didn't have enough money, so he made a wish to the wishing pool, but he didn't get the money, but got long hair. In the end, the little boy got his favorite wig and sent him his own precious gift. Author: Wu Meiying School: Animation College, Jilin University of the Arts

:4645782020882514?from=old _ pc _ videoshow

Graduate Diploma in Animation, Communication University of China The show is here!|AniOne Exhibition News

【blender animation】Guangzhou University 2021 animation department graduation project "Chasing Sword" UP main: Qiumu crab boss

[Communication University of China animation major graduation exhibition is here! ]

Communication University of China

  coming! ] A large collection of fairy works, the light of the future of animators - the graduation exhibition of the animation major of Communication University of China is coming! ! ! Time: 1:30pm on June 13, 2021 Venue: Lecture Hall of 1,500 people in the National University of China, Communication University of China

If you are unable to attend the offline exhibition, on the afternoon of June 13 1:30, lock @Communication University of China live room to watch the screening online

Let’s follow Chuan Chuan to see the newly released mixed-cut trailer~ This screening is not only for the senior year In addition to the graduation works of the graduates, there are also some joint creations of juniors and masters' works will be exhibited! Stay tuned

:4647369028075654?from=old _ pc _ videoshow

2021 Graduation Season | Communication University of China Master of Fine Arts Picture Book Group The exhibition is coming! !

2021 Graduation Season | Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts School of New Media Art Animation Specialty Graduation Exhibition (1)

2021 Graduation Season | The Graduate Works Exhibition of the Game Design Art Department of the School of Film, Film and Animation Art, China Academy of Art is here! !

An important survey on the music, animation, and film and television of "Shattering the Sky" Chen Dong

Tencent Video, which started the children's reality drama track, how to lead children's content?

Animators are waiting for you to fight! wuhu x Tencent Video helps young animators pursue their dreams bravely!

“Da Yuewen” and its animation industrialization

["Kuikan Comics" received 100 billion won in financing, the capital is South Korea's SK Telecom, LG and other consortiums]

The largest comics platform in China "Kaikan Manga" will receive 100 billion won from One Store, a company funded by several major Korean consortia including SK Telecom, Naver, and LG. Previously, "Kaikan Comics" had received a total of 2.5 billion yuan in financing from investment companies such as Tencent and Sequoia. Just look at the last round of financing at a valuation of over $1 billion. (36krypton)

#BW2021# [Meet Anime] Information disclosure!

There are also @baiyaopu animation official second season, @yuanlong animation official second season, @ defective product animation official, "Cat's Tea" animation landing in the screening hall, to bring you dry goods Full of creators meeting! [Detail stamp 👉🏻P9]

There is also a big member of @bilibili @bingili comic @9981_project @sky文嘉川_Official @qilingshi @fengrong And many other brand manufacturers bring many genuine peripherals/books/figures for the first time!

On July 9th, "Cat's Tiao" Introduction A girl Jasmine accidentally crossed to the overhead Ming tribe one day, and the people here are all orcs. Then he met the husky orc boy Longjing, the arrogant red fox girl Qi Hong and other companions. Unexpectedly, he became the only magician in the legend, and started an adventure story of cat flying and dog jumping. Activity time: More than animation screening hall 11:40-12:20

Monkey Chunliang: The contracted author of Sugar Family, the current director of the comics department and animation director. Representative works: "Cat's Tea", "Handsome and Cute", "Monster List", "The East of Food", "Magic Pen Ma Shang".

Fish text: Tangren's CEO, is a designer and a cartoonist. Representative images: Liu Kanshan, Little Bear Ivan, Wanda Astronaut, etc.

"Yuanlong" Season 2 Introduction After crossing the thousand Jedi, the king of soldiers, Wang Sheng, came to the worry-free city with the iron rule of "no action in the inner city, no murder in the outer city". By developing the braised meat business, it has successfully embarked on a counterattack. The good times did not last long, and he remained anonymous, and finally revealed his identity. And the secret of his "promotion of soul" is coveted by the five masters. A game between Wang Sheng and the five masters using Wuyou City as a chessboard will start here. The event time is not only in the animation screening hall 13:20-14:20

Zhu Beining: An animation supervisor at Station B, with 11 years of experience in the animation industry. Representative works of director/producer: "Qin Shi Mingyue", "Nine Songs in the Sky", "Wu Geng Ji", "The Daily Life of the Immortal King", "Yuan Long", "Blessing of Heavenly Officials", "Hundred Demons", "Mortal Cultivation of Immortals", " "Tianbao Fu Yaolu", "Long Sword Wind and Cloud", "The King Is Not Happy", "Wan Guo Zhi"

Xu Lei: "Yuanlong" animation director director / main creative representative works: "Yuanlong" "I am a great fairy" ""Youth Song Xing"

July 10

The second season of "Bai Wu Pu" is about Taoyao, a spiritual doctor, good and evil are like a mystery. Wherever the golden bell passes, the armor is not left behind. She is the savior of all monsters and the nightmare of all monsters. She traveled around with the little monk molaring her teeth, and treated all kinds of monsters along the way. The foxes who grind their teeth, and their old neighbor, the snake demon, Mr. Liu, also joined the company one after another. They showed their magical powers in this world where monsters are rampant, thrilling, but nostalgic, and healed all kinds of monsters around them. Incurable diseases also solve problems for the humans around these monsters. The event time is more than animation screening hall 11:40-12:20

Zhao Shuang: The representative works of the new generation of voice actors: the animation "Hundred Demons" Taotian animation "Hundred Ghost Kindergarten" Yujinjin / Yaohu animation "Hello! Seeing the Ears" Young Dongdong Animation "Under One Person 3" Jin Yuanyuan Animation "Little Monster Growth Diary" Dada Animation "Detective Conan" Li Shanlu

Dong Yi: Director of Dream Animation Representative works: "Hundred Demons", "Monster List", "Ideal Forbidden Zone", "My God-defying Artifact", "God of Liars", "Human Museum" : In the new ephemeris era, the Star Alliance established the "Eden" system. Since then, human beings have been able to stay away from all pain and troubles since birth. Unfortunately, 1% of the population of the eight major galaxies still cannot access the "Garden of Eden", and they were exiled to the eighth galaxy, becoming the "defective products" in people's mouths. At that time, the alliance general Lin Jingheng was framed and fled to the eighth galaxy, where he met Lu Bixing, a young man full of educational ideals. However, life seems peaceful, but undercurrents are turbulent. The alliance is overturned and pirates are rampant. The two have to lead the "defective products" on an interstellar adventure and uncover layers of mysteries. The event time is not limited to the animation screening hall 13:20-14:20

Fu Haiqing's "Defective Product. Exile from the Stars" animation chief screenwriter & production supervisor. Partner / Chief Director / Chief Screenwriter of Lingxi Culture, senior director, screenwriter and planner of Chinese original animation IP. The director's representative work: "The Defective Product. Exile in the Starry Sky", "Records of All Nations", "Feng Shen in Spring and Autumn"

Li Jinbin's "Defective Product. The director of animation "Exile from the Stars". The director of Lingxing Culture, has been engaged in animation production management and director for more than ten years, and is good at portraying characters and expressing delicate emotions. The director's representative work: "The Defective Product. Exile in the Starry Sky", "Wan Guozhi", "Spring and Autumn Gods"

Shen Lei is a well-known domestic voice actor. Dubbing representative works: TV series "The Legend of Sword and Fairy", Li Xiaoyao's TV series "Flower Thousand Bone", Bai Zihua's TV series "Amazing Heart" Yinzhen TV series "The Legend of Sword and Fairy III" Xu Changqing

The "Half-Hour Comics" series sold 11.75 million copies, and Reader Culture was approved to be listed on the Growth Enterprise Market

10 Golden Goose Awards, revealing the "mystery" of creative talent training

New Go Junior Dubbing Work Summary

Who said that sci-fi national comics have no commercial value? ——From the Golden Goose Award to see the future market vane of Guoman Lei Bao

Dialogue with Wang Youxiang, Operations Director of Tencent Animation: With diversified operations, Consolidate the "growth base" for the creator

She who drew the healing ending for "Wu Liu Qi" was actually A treasured girl who "doesn't have much dreams"

Tencent Online Video: Open up the long, medium and short tracks, Serving creators on all platforms

Aofei invested 45 million yuan in Kaitian Studio, accounting for 9.7% of the shares

“Da Yuewen” builds an IP ecological chain, and animation becomes a “source of living water” | Lei Bao

Mengqi's remodeling and online birth record! Interview with the behind-the-scenes CG animation team of the Mengqi family—INFINI Yingfan Creative

wuhu animator space


#I'manimator# #wuhu interview# The mascot of "Honor of Kings": Meng Qi! Finally ushered in the remodeling launch on May 11! Meng Qi's return can be described as the sound of gongs and drums and firecrackers, and even brought the Meng Qi family to fight! And the five Meng Qi are in this comeback to promote the CG animation short film "Meng Qi Family Gather! "In the show, while showing super strength, he also has the best housekeeping skills.

So how was such a short film made, and how were the five returning Mengqi set and born? Welcome to the exclusive interview guest of this issue of WUHU who gave Meng Qi a new life, the production team of this CG animation short film - INFINI Yingfen Creative @InfiniStudio. with themLet’s talk about the behind-the-scenes creation story:


Recent things that you are more concerned about Unified reply: 1. The possibility of everyone expecting to send the blade is not high, because Chen Lingji will be scheduled to be broadcast in the near future, and you must pay attention to the official Weibo and the official account to inform you of the specific schedule. Leaked

2. Many daoists of ether have been paying attention to and supporting the development of Taiyi. As the original author of Taiyi, I am very grateful for everyone's love for Taiyi (manually folded palms)~ Regarding the concerns raised by many daoists Some of the focus, I have explained in the reply of a Taoist friend, we have indeed communicated with the company, but in the end it depends on the consensus. As an author, I definitely hope to achieve something, but this is not a unilateral will, and we need to work together. Our efforts, we will continue to work hard, and hope that fellow Taoists will understand more~ Thanks~

Since the publication of the work, I have asked myself for my knowledge and knowledge, but I have always been able to receive the love and support of my fellow Taoists. , It is hard to express my gratitude, but I only have to keep writing and endeavouring to endorse my works to reward you for your kindness~ Hangu Shengji pays his respects

【# Tencent Rectification Rice Circle Chaos#]

Tencent announced today that in order to implement the 2021 "Qinglang" series of special action requirements, Tencent will launch the "Rice Circle Chaos" from now on. Special rectification actions, clean up harmful information, resist the bad atmosphere in the fan circle, rectify the behavior of "inducing minors to chase stars without bottom line", and purify the network environment. During the special rectification period, Tencent will severely crack down on illegal behaviors such as navigating the list, falsifying data, and inducing minors to support the list, and will thoroughly clean up the fan circle of abuse, antagonism, and harmful information, and deal with professional black fans. , malicious marketing group accounts, vigorously rectify and instigate excessive consumption, online violence, human flesh search and other irrational response behaviors.

@Aolaxing official Weibo

"Aolaxing x Wushan Five Elements" official official link Xuan! The heart is benevolent, and there is no need to fear the devil. "Aura Star x Wushan Five Elements" officially opened on July 2!

Retweet and like this Weibo, the editor will draw 15 little Auras on June 25th through the @microblogging lottery platform, and each will send a limited edition of "Aura Star" mobile game [No Cool No Huan] One Qiankun bag! !

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