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Published on June 7, 2021 (Author: Car Model Beast Beast)

Yancheng Junior High School Year 1 Final Exam
Primary 1 Chinese Test Questions
(Exam time: 100 minutes total score: 100 points)
1. accumulation and use. (25 points)
1. Please copy the following content in regular script accurately, standardized and beautifully below. (2 points)

2. Silent writing of famous poems. (10 points)
(1) , Jiang Chun entered the old year. ("Cibeigu Mountain" Wangwan)
(2) The sun sets in the west, . ("Tianjingsha Autumn Thought" by Ma Zhiyuan)
(), but it's a rainy night in Bashan. ("Night Rain to the North" by Li Shangyin)
(4) , the iron horse Glacier came to a dream. ("November 4th Wind and Rain" Lu You)
(5) A crane platoons clouds in the clear sky, . ("Autumn Ci" by Liu Yuxi)
(6) ? The water in front of the door can still be west, and Xio will sing the yellow chicken with white hair. ("Huanxisha" Su Shi)
(7), reluctant to give up day and night. ("The Analects" Chapter 12)
(8) Luohua people are independent, . ("Linjiang Immortal" Yan Jidao)
(9) Indifference is a state, a mind, and a belief. As Zhuge Liang's "Book of Commandments" said:
. Which of the following pairs of words in the sentence is not correctly analyzed is (2 points) ( )
A. If you are impatient, you cannot be motivated. (Slow and governance are a pair of antonyms)
. . . .
B. Our travel agency has a service desk in the lobby, and visitors are welcome to come and inquire. (The underlined word is a respectful speech)
. .
C. "I really want to know how their clothes are woven." The emperor thought. (The underlined words are all pronouns)
. . .
D. The birds placed their nests among the flowers and young leaves, and became happy, showing off their crisp throats and singing melodious tunes,
. .
Reconciling with the light breeze and flowing water. (The underlined words are derogatory words and praises)
4. One of the following sentences that does not use rhetorical devices is (2 points) ( )

A. Flowers bloom, leaves drum Juicy, countless weeds scramble to grow, absorbed by a green sea in summer.
B. Rain is the most common, and it is three or two days at a time. But don't worry. Look, like cow hair, like flower needles, like filaments, densely twilled.
C. Closing his eyes, the tree seems to be full of peaches, apricots and pears.
D. In the early morning, the rain poured quietly, gently covering the ground with a layer of transparent tulle.
5. The class is preparing to carry out a series of activities with the theme of "literary tribe". Please complete the following tasks as required. (4 points)
(1) [Proposed journal title] The class should form the editorial department of the class journal, and you will be the editor-in-chief. Please give the class journal a catchy
name, and the title of the journal should be elegant. Full of literary temperament, and to write the reason for the proposed name. (2 points)
Name of the class magazine:
Reason for the proposed name:
(2) [Reading and sharing] In CCTV's Reader column, Mobike founder Hu Weiwei read Su Tong's "Bicycle" aloud
Song, dedicated to the beautiful years of youth on the bicycle, director Xu Jinglei read Shi Tiesheng's "Grandma's Star", dedicated to himself
loving and warm grandma. (2 points)
I read (author)'s " ", dedicated to
6. Classical reading. (5 points)
【A】Moss is piled on the head, and radish grows in the ears. There is less hair on the temples and more grass, and there is no need for green sandals under the chin. Soil between the eyebrows, concave mud on the nose, ten
embarrassed, thick fingers, thick palms, and a lot of dirt. Also happy eyes rolling, mouthpiece and sound. (Selected from the fourteenth chapter)
【B】green or blue, black or black, unlucky face; long or short, barefoot muscle body. Eyes twinkling, like two lamps at the bottom of the stove;
spat The fork is like a Tu family fire bowl. The fangs support the blade of the sword, and the red hair is messy and fluffy. shout likeLei Roar, his feet rushing like a rolling wind.
(Selected from Chapter 8)
(1) [A] [B] The appearance descriptions of the two paragraphs are all selected from the famous novel "Journey to the West", which is the most accomplished
in the history of Chinese literature. The one-step novel, the appearance descriptions in the two segments are written in and .
(2) Although Sun Wukong was not welcomed by the heavenly court, he was recruited by the heavenly emperor twice. Please briefly describe the reasons and results of Sun Wukong's second recruiting. (2 points)

II. reading comprehension. (5 points)
(1) Poetry appreciation (5 points)

Xie Ting farewell
Xu Hun
Lao Ge interprets the boat, the red leaves and green mountains and rivers flow rapidly.
It's far away from sobering up at sunset, and the west building is full of wind and rain.
【Notes】: Lao Song: The name of the farewell song.
7. The second sentence of this poem "Red leaves and green mountains and rivers flow rapidly." is similar to "Little Bridges and Flowing Water People" in "Tianjingshaqiu Si"
The work is wonderful, please make it from the aspect of expression. Briefly analyze. (2 points)

8. What characteristics of the scene does the fourth sentence of the poem describe and what kind of emotion does the poet express? (points)

(2) Classical Chinese reading (15 points)
The people in a city are very poor, and they are desperate. Occasionally I found a chicken egg a day, and I was delighted and told his wife, "I have a family!" The wife asked, "Where are you?" Holding the egg, she said, "This is, but it will take ten years, and the family will be yours. That's it." Yin and his wife said, "I will hold this egg and borrow it from my neighbor's chickens. When the chicks are mature, I will take one of the females. If they return to lay eggs, they will have fifteen chickens in a month. Within two years, the chicken will give birth to chicken again, and you can get chicken
300, which is worth ten gold. With ten gold, you can change five scorpions, and the scorpion will be reborn, and you can get twenty-five cattle in three years, which is worth 300 gold. .I hold this gold
to take responsibility, and I can get half a thousand gold within three years. I will buy a farm house in the second city of the third city, and buy a small wife with a child servant in the third city. I travel with Eryou
to For the rest of the year, it's not too fast!"
When the wife heard that she wanted to buy a small wife, she was furious and broke the eggs with her hands, saying, "No seeds of trouble will be left."
Said: "Whoever defeats my family is this wicked woman. Please execute her."
The lawsuit said: "If everyone is so good, it will be punished by a punch from a wicked woman." So he ordered him to cook. The wife said: "What my husband said is nothing, how can I see cooking?" The lawsuit said: "Your husband said that buying a concubine has never happened, so why do you see jealousy?" !"
The official laughed and released it. Hee, the city's delusional intentions have long been planned, and those who wish to be delusional are the only ones who count eggs?
【Notes】(1) Fu chicken: chickens that are hatching eggs. (2): Incubation. () Kan: Can. (4) Tu: zì cow.
(5) Responsibility: money lending. Responsibility, through "debt" (6) brother: just.
9. Explain the highlighted words. (4 points)
(1) Take the three-two city farmhouse (2) then ordered to cook it
. .
() Because of the plan with his wife (4) laughed and released it
. .
10. Use "" to divide the rhythm of the following sentences (one place). (2 points)

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