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The original text and translation of the nuclear boat

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Posted on June 10, 2021 (Author: Reyes passed away in a car accident)

There is a quirky man called Wang Shuyuan, who can use wood with a diameter of inch to serve as palace, Utensils, figures, as well as birds and animals, wood and stone,
Special skills use one inch in diameter to describe the small size of round objects, refer to carving cups, plates, dishes and other living utensils and trees
There was a person with special skills in the Ming Dynasty named Wang Shuyuan, he was able to use wood with a diameter of one inch to carve palaces,
cups, plates, bowls, saucers and other daily utensils, people, and even birds and animals, trees and stones,
regardless of the situation and pictograms, each with its own modalities. Taste Yi Yu He Zhou Yi, cover Dasu Pan Chibi Cloud.
none, no basis imitate, imitate have once gave me it turned out to be floating on a boat Mood particle, meaningless
none imitate the shape of those things based on the original appearance of wood, each with its own look and gesture.
He once gave me a boat carved out of peach pits. The image was of Su Dongpo's boat trip to Chibi.
The length of the boat's head and tail is about eight minutes long, and the height can be as high as two millets. The open one is the cabin,
It is placed between the whole number and the zero number, the same as the "and" zero number, about about high opening is
The length of the boat from head to tail is about eight minutes long, and the height is about two points up and down. The raised and open part in the middle is the cabin, which is covered by a
canopy. There are small windows on the side, four on the left and right, eight in total. Open the window and watch, the carved railings look at each other.
A boat canopy made of bamboo leaves to cover it, which means the cabin is open, facing, opposite particle, not translated
It is covered with a boat canopy made of bamboo leaves. There are small windows next to it, four on the left and right, for a total of eight.
Open the window and look at the railings with carved patterns facing each other.
When it is closed, "..." is engraved on the right, and "the breeze is coming, but the water is not moving" on the left, and Shi Qing makes it.
The window slowly rises and falls, smears the handwriting, and the recess for the lettering
When you close the window, you can see the words "Mountains are high and the moon is small, the water will come out" on the right, and "The breeze is coming,
The water waves are unhappy", with azurite painted on the concave inscriptions.
There are three people sitting on the bow, the middle man with the crown and many beards is Dongpo, Foyin is on the right, and Lu Zhi is on the left.
Refers to the person wearing a tall hat and beard... is located at
There are three people sitting on the bow, the person wearing a tall hat and beard in the middle is Su Dongpo,
The Buddha Seal is on the right, Lu Zhi is on the left.
Su and Huang read a first-hand scroll. Dongpo holds the end of the scroll with his right hand, and strokes his back with his left. Lu Zhi holds the end of the scroll in his left hand and scrolls with his right hand,
Can only scroll the scroll that cannot be hung, hold the right end of the scroll and press lightly
Su Dongpo and Huang Luzhi looked at a scroll of painting and calligraphy together. Su Dongpo held the right end of the painting and calligraphy banner with his right hand, and
presses lightly on Lu Zhi's back with his left hand. Lu Zhi held the left end of the banner with his left hand and pointed at the banner with his right hand,
If he had something to say. Dongpo's right foot, Lu Zhi's left foot, each slightly sideways, and the two knees compared to each other, are hidden in the bottom folds.
As if to say something revealing, leaning slightly, their close to each other, obscured
As if saying something. Dongpo showed his right foot, Lu Zhi showed his left, and their bodies were slightly slanted.
Their knees, which were close to each other, were hidden in the folds of their clothes under the scroll.
The Buddha's seal is unique like Maitreya, bare-chested, with a high-pitched head and an expression different from those of Su and Huang. Lying on the right knee, supporting the boat with each right arm,
Very similar, similar to raising the head and similar to "bending", bending support
The Buddhist monk is very similar to the Buddhist Maitreya Bodhisattva, with his chest exposed, looking up, and his expression Not associated with Su,

And upright his left knee, his left arm hangs a rosary and leans on it, the beads can be counted all the time. The tail of the boat is lying down.
Conjunction, Biaoshun connected his left knee upright and counted out the oars clearly
Upright his left knee, with a string of rosary on his left arm leaning on his left knee— The rosary beads can be counted down to one
. An oar lay across the stern.
There is one boat on the left and one on the left. The person on the right has the vertebrae bun on his back, his left hand is leaning on a balance wood, and his right hand is on his right toe, as if whistling.
The punter wears a bun in a bun, leaning on the same "horizontal" and "pulling" as if it were a loud call. It looks like
There is a punter on the left and right sides of the oars. The man on the right has his hair in a conical bun, his face raised,
leaning on a crossbar with his left hand and his right toes with his right hand, as if shouting loudly.
The person on the left holds a palm-flower fan in his right hand, and touches the stove with his left hand.
That means eyes, the eyes are calm and peaceful...
A punting on the left is lost, holding a palm-flower fan in the right hand, and stroking the stove with the left hand, there is a kettle on the stove, The man's eyes were looking directly at the tea stove, his mind was calm, as if he was listening to the sound of tea.
The back of the boat is slightly barbaric, and the inscription is on it, the text says: "Apocalypse Renxu Autumn Day, Yushan Wang Yishu Yuanfu Carved",
The bottom of the boat is written flat, here it means "carved" The nuclear boat is , is a good name for ancient men, mostly attached to the words on the table
The bottom of the boat is slightly flat, and the name is engraved on it. ",
As thin as a mosquito's foot, the hook is drawn, its ink. In addition, there is an inscription in the seal seal that says "People from Chuping Mountain", which is a dan.
Clear and clear tilde engraved vermilion
(handwriting) Small like mosquito feet, the strokes are clear, and the face is black. It is also engraved with a seal character seal,
The text is: "Chuping Shanren", its face is red.
One boat, five people; eight windows; one canopy, one stove, one pot, one hand scroll, one rosary; Five figures were engraved; eight windows were engraved; boat awning, oars, stove, kettle,
hand scrolls, rosary beads were engraved; However, considering its length, it was not enough to cover an inch, and the simple peach core was narrowed.
It is a turning point, but it is still full. The original selection is long and narrow.
The seal characters for couplets, inscriptions and seals, with a total of 34 characters engraved. But it is less than an inch in length.
It is carved from long and narrow peach pits.
Hehe, the skill is also amazing.
It is also equivalent to "Ah", expressing a tone of wonder
Hee, this skill is really dexterous and wonderful!
Tongji characters
Yushan Wang Yishu Yuanfu engraved, Tong "father", in ancient times is the honorific title for men.
The length of the head and tail of the boat is about eight centimeters odd, with "you" used to connect integers and zeros.
There are 30 characters in total and four (same as above) the boat with the right arm, which is bent through "bending".
The left hand leans on a balance wood, which passes through "horizontal" and is horizontal. Climb the right finger with the right hand, pass the "pull", and pull.
Gai Jian and those who narrow the peach pit do it, through "picking" and picking.

Odd: There is a quirky man called Wang Shuyuan (singular, rare,) (skills) wonderful and peculiar.
The length of the boat's head and tail is about eight cents and there are odds (zeros, remainders)
Yes: there is a strange man named Wang Shuyuan (a verb indicating existence, as opposed to "nothing")
The head and tail of the boat are about eight cents long. Odd (through "you", plus, used between integers and zeros)
is: for palaces, utensils, figures (carving) for Dongpo (yes)
Zhongxuan is the cabin ( Yes) Weiren Wu (engraved)
Can: Gao Ke Er Shu Xu (approximately) Zhu Ke Li Li Shu Ye (Yes)
Duan: Dongpo's right hand holds the scroll end (noun, one end of the scroll) as a human being Duanrongji (adjective, upright)
Wood: can use the diameter of wood (log) as well as birds and beasts, wood and stone (trees)
who: the open space is the cabin (... Part) The person on the right has a vertebral bun and upside down (the person who is...)
Said: Ming there is a clever man called Wang Shuyuan (called) Wen said: Tianqi Renxu Qiu Ri (yes)
Fan: left and right Four each, eight fans in total
Kai: Open the window and watch, the carved railings look at each other (open) Tianqi Renxu autumn day (Ming Xizong Zhu Youxiao's year name)
And: Zhong'e crown and many beards are Dongpo (conjunction, And) open the window and look at it (conjunction, then)
and erect its left knee (conjunction, table juxtaposition) and count its length (conjunction, table turning)
To: use a diameter of wood to reach birds and beasts, Wood and stone even
Language: If you have something to say (speak), the people say it (tell)
Cover: Gai Dasu Fan Chibi cloud (probably) Gai Jian Taohe narrows it (it turns out to be)
Cloud: Dasu Pan Chibi Cloud (modal particle, no actual meaning) in which people speak cloud (speak)
Ruo: as fine as mosquito feet (like) Ruozhiyin 32 copies (if)
Ancient and Modern Different meanings
1. Lying on the right knee: ancient meaning: the use of verbs to make... flat. Jinyi: lying down, lying down
2. Compared with its two knees: Guyi: close. Imayoshi: Comparing two things.
、Gao Ke Er Shu Xu: Ancient: About. Today: Yes.
4. Gai Jian and peach pits are narrow: ancient: pass "choose", pick and choose. Today: Simple, easy.
5. Characters: ancient meaning: people and things today meaning: people who have been described or who have made outstanding contributions
6. Counting their lengths and Zeng Bu Ying inch: ancient: unexpectedly. Today: Once
7. Gao Ke Er Shu Xu: Ancient meaning: left and right, indicating an approximate number. This meaning: promise or express guess
8. About eight points are odd: ancient meaning: zero number. Today's meaning: unpaired (opposite to "even")
Parts of speech inflected
(1) Zhongxuan is the cabin, and the canopy covers it (trustawn: noun is used as an adverbial, and the boat canopy is made of bamboo leaves. )
(2) Azurite (Azurite: Noun is used as an adverbial, with Azurite. Azurite: Noun is used as a verb, painted)
() The person with the crown and many beards in () is Dongpo (E Crown: noun is used as a verb, wearing a high hat)
(4) The person on the right has a vertebral bun on his back (vertebral bun: noun is used as a verb, wearing a vertebral bun)

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