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Home Beauty Equipment Ranking Top 10 Medical Beauty Equipment Companies 2

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Posted on May 25, 2021 (Author: Nightclub Uniform)

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Introduction to Commonly Used Instruments in Beauty Salons

When solving many skin problems of customers, the power of instruments is usually used. There are various types of beauty salon instruments on the market. The following eight kinds of beauty salon instruments are used by Beauty Portal. The beauty and body therapists recommended by more than 000 well-known large beauty salons must master the common sense of equipment operation. Knowing these can help customers solve problems more quickly and effectively, and recommend customers to use suitable instruments to achieve the final
good results.

1. Ultrasonic import and export instrument:

Import, open the spacing of cells through ultrasonic waves, allow the essence to penetrate the skin, and speed up the absorption of nutrients by the skin. Introduce, open the inter-cell distance through ultrasonic
sound waves, so that the excess nutrients in the skin that cannot be absorbed and decomposed, such as oil particles and acne, are decomposed and exported.

2. Electrotherapy stick:

It has anti-inflammatory effect on acne allergy and inflammation. It is recommended not to acupuncture acne as much as possible. Instead, use anti-inflammatory sticks. If acupuncture is used, the tools must be strictly sterilized at high temperature for more than 20 minutes; Acupuncture is more painful for patients; acupuncture with deep acne can easily damage the dermis and leave acne marks and acne pits;
Therefore, it is not recommended to use acupuncture. Electrotherapy anti-inflammatory, the next day is very effective, but for large acne and deep acne, one anti-inflammatory can not be solved immediately, it takes about two or three times. The advantage is that there is no pain, no skin damage, no cross infection, and safety.

、Thermal sprayer:

During cleansing and cleansing, the pores are opened by steam, and the dirt is spilled from the pores, which can be used for deep cleaning. Enhance blood circulation.

4. Cold spray device

For allergic skin and dry skin in summer, it can reduce the temperature of skin surface and shrink pores.

5. Vacuum ion pump

For whiteheads, blackheads can be sucked out by a vacuum pump. And you can choose the head, vacuum machine suction pressure on the skin pores and wrinkles
to increase skin elasticity and promote collagen regeneration.

6. Face Grinder

There are five kinds of soft wool brushes, which can be selected according to different needs, which are more thoughtful and comfortable for facial cleansing.

7. Optical quantum speckle removal instrument


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It is a new generation instrument developed on the basis of photons, with high precision , No pain, high energy, excellent effect and safety features.

Function: spot removal, hair removal, acne removal, acne scar removal, skin rejuvenation, pore reduction, face-lift, eye bags removal, folliculitis, dark circles, redness, halo, redness, beauty, whitening, and fine lines removal. The effect can be seen on the spot, and there is no damage to the skin. Then you can wash your face and make up. If professional light
Quantum Cosmetics are used for basic skin care during the course of treatment, it will be beneficial to the repair of diseased skin tissue. The effect is better.

8. Atomization Scar Removal and Scar Removal Instrument

Professional scar removal, including convex and concave scars, scar beans, acne pits, stretch marks, blood red moles, black moles, sweat pipes Tumors of various types of warts.

The last thing that needs to be added is that all kinds of beauty equipment need rest and maintenance just like our human body. place for next use. Regularly check whether there is any problem, contact the manufacturer in time for repair. It will not delay the normal business of our beauty salon


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