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English speaking test self-introduction (English speaking class self-introduction)

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Posted on June 28, 2021 (Author: Private Screen Fund)

Interview English oral self-introduction (with translation)

English Self-Introduction Example 1

i'm very glad to join in the ,let me introduce
myself to name is lin ya qian,i'm 20 years old,i come from
zhe jiang,and i'm an outgoing girl,i like philosophy and
yes,i hope that i can do something for the beijing you
give me the great chance,i won't let you ,that's all.i
hope that you are satisfied with me, thank you!

Translation: I am very happy to participate in this interview, first let me introduce myself, my name is Lin Yaqian,
I am 21 years old, From Zhejiang, I have worked as a network administrator and learned a lot. I'm a
a very lively and cheerful boy who likes philosophy and sports. This time Beijing hosts the Olympic Games, I hope
can do something, if your company gives me this opportunity, I don't think I will let you down. Brief introduction
This is the introduction, I hope my performance today can satisfy you, thank you!

English self-introduction example 2

how are you, i call year is 22 years te from
xxxx profession is a calculator multimedia.i am one is
bright, optimism, there is the person of respibility.a fondness
for plays basketball, computer, listen to music, etc..thankful your
company gives me this the opportunity of the personal interview!

Translation: Hello, my name is xx. 22 years old this year. Graduated from xxxx college. Specialization is Computer Multimedia
. I am a cheerful, optimistic and responsible person. Hobby playing basketball, computer, listening to music
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and so on. Thank you for giving me this interview opportunity!

Example 3 of English self-introduction

i think that since the admission, the school has to comply with
the rules and regulati , has a good ideological and moral ,
outstanding performance. have a strong collective sense of honor
and sense of respibility, adhere to the principle of practical
work for things.

i thought the correct chikunailao can have lofty ideals and great
goals, the importance of personal moral cultivation, the adoption
of a healthy life style, helpful, concerned about national affairs.

in school , i have been studying hard and assiduously, through
systematic study and master a solid foundation of knowledge. as a
good learning style and a clear learning targets, had received

teachers and students of the affirmative, the study set a good

after school hours, i actively participate in physical training,
enhance physical fitness, loves labor and actively participate in
the school's cultural and sports activities, to participate in
social practice, inherit and carry forward the spirit of arduous
struggle, also participated in the school's literature and
calligraphy association , enriching the after-school life, in all
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its aspects have been improved accordingly.

cold,i firmly believe that through continuous learning and efforts
to become a ideals, morality, culture, and discipline of students,
with outstanding achievements meet the challenge, for the community
i am a lifetime contribution to the ctuction of the power.

I believe that I have always abide by the school's rules and regulations, have good ideological and moral
quality, and perform well in all aspects. Have a strong sense of collective honor and work responsibility, and adhere to the principle of seeking things from facts.

I have a right mind, can bear hardships and stand hard work, have lofty ideals and great goals, pay attention to personal moral cultivation, develop a good life style, be willing to help others, and care about national affairs.

2017-04-24 During school, I have been studying diligently, studying hard, and mastering relatively solid basic knowledge through systematic study
. Due to his good learning style and clear learning goals, he has
won the honors of outstanding team member, three good students, etc., and has been affirmed by teachers and classmates, and has set
a good learning example.

In my spare time, I actively participate inAdd physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, also love labor, actively
participated in various cultural and sports activities carried out by the school, participated in social practice, inherited and carried forward the spirit of hard struggle, and also participated in the school literature club and calligraphy The association has enriched the extracurricular life and improved itself in all aspects

Bao Jianfeng has been sharpened, and the fragrance of plum blossoms has come from bitter cold. I firmly believe that through continuous study and hard work,
I will make myself a student with ideals, morality, culture and discipline, and Excellent grades
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