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words about autumn beautiful words to describe autumn

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Posted on June 10, 2021 (Author: How to treat uneven skin)

What else is there about the words that describe autumn

One , words to describe autumn:
Autumn is high and airy, the sky is high and the clouds are clear, the autumn wind is cool, and the autumn chrysanthemum is in full bloom;
The autumn chrysanthemum is proud, the autumn is charming, the autumn is pleasant, and the fruits are full; Red leaves, abundant grains, fluttering reeds;
Fragrance of golden osmanthus, Fragrance of osmanthus, Fragrance of rice, Fragrance of autumn horses; , Chilling cicadas, phoenix tree leaves falling, golden autumn season;
Wild geese flying south, fruitful, refreshing autumn, abundant grains;
Fragrant melons and fruits, spring flowers and autumn fruits, autumn harvest and winter storage, spring flowers and autumn moon;
Spring flowers and autumn fruits, osmanthus floating Fragrant, fragrant rice, autumn leaves;
2. Sentences describing autumn:
2. Autumn rain hit them in the face. Pile of dark gray clouds, low on the ground.
It is already late autumn, and the endless trees in the forest are bare, and the old tree
stands gloomily, letting the brown moss cover its wrinkles. The relentless autumn stripped them of their beautiful clothes, and they had to stand there bare.
2. Where the autumn wind passes, the five grains are fragrant. The fields of crops, from a distance, seem to be rolling thousands of layers of waves; from a closer look, the rice
smiled and bowed, the sorghum blushed, and the corn was happy.
、The full moon will gradually rise to the sky. A transparent gray cloud, lightly obscuring the moonlight, above the field,
as if a cloud of light smoke was enveloped, and the strands were detached, as if falling into a dream. After the evening clouds drifted by, the smoke and fog dissipated on the fields, and the water-like light
washed the soft autumn night.
4. When the autumn wind blows, the leaves on the tree slowly and slowly land on the ground like butterflies, laying a
layer of gold carpet on the ground.
5. The trees in the woods are real! There are yellow leaves, red leaves, and green leaves. The trees are flying around in the air like
butterflies are flying in the air.
6. When Miss Qiu came to the park, she woke up the sweet-scented osmanthus and the chrysanthemum. The fragrance of the sweet-scented sweet-scented osmanthus stopped the passers-by from going back and forth.
The beauty of the chrysanthemum made everyone intoxicated.

7. Those grasses on the playground are no longer as green as in spring, but are all yellow, deaf pulling their heads, and looking from a distance
there is a kind of beauty.
8. Dusk in late autumn always comes quickly, before the water vapor evaporated by sunlight on the mountains and fields dissipates. The sun sets
on the west mountain. So
so, the wind in the valley carries a strong coolness, driving the white mist, swaying down the mountain and the shadow of the peak,
overwhelms the village faster and the shadow is getting more and more Thick, gradually mixed with the night, but soon, it was turned into silver gray by the moon. 、
Autumn is a sad
season. When the autumn wind blows, and the trees on both sides of the Liuhu Lake gradually turn yellow leaves, people can't help but give birth to a few strands of sadness. At this moment,
seems to be falling with the falling leaves. The helplessness of life, the ups and downs, came to my mind at this moment, especially
like my melancholy
state of mind. Spring flowers and autumn fruits, summer rain and winter snow, the sky is known to the situation, and the shortness of life is entirely due to the reincarnation of the changing seasons. In this
season, all the
calm or impulse, sadness or joy, intertwined, whatever your mood, this season will have a
dialogue with you. Always with you, as if a confidant friend of yours, quietly listening to you and talking to you in a whisper.
9. Where the autumn wind passes, the five grains are fragrant. That piece of crops, from a distance, seems to be rolling with thousands of layers of waves, close up, the rice is bent with a smile, and the beam is blushing, and the corn is happy.
10. The cool wind is silently blocked from the door, unable to enter the inner world, only because of the door]Outside belongs to nature,
inside the door belongs to
life. It wasn't until the person inside the door saw the golden yellow of the fallen leaves outside the door through the window that they realized something. Autumn, the original
is really golden
, not inferior to the emerald green of spring. However, it was a veil-like dream that floated over and was replaced by white
9. Autumn is very different, with yellow maple leaves and red peppers. The blue sky, the sky is high and the clouds are light, the autumn lake water,
water is clear and
thorough, the autumn insects are chirping, and the autumn cicadas are chirping. The bridge is flowing, and the sunset is red. On this autumn afternoon, let my thoughts drift away,
write down the autumn

Autumn is high, fresh and fruitful, one day, three autumns, thousands of autumns, leaves fall, one leaf knows autumn, and one leaf knows autumn is old-fashioned. , Spring
Planting Autumn Harvest, Spring Orchid and Autumn Chrysanthemum, Spring Flowers and Autumn Moon, Autumn Pleasant, Autumn Breeze, Autumn Breeze, Autumn Rain, a clump of golden yellow,
A clump of fiery red, Autumn Orchid Fragrant Autumn Breeze, Danfeng welcomes Autumn , The maple forest is like fire, the autumn wind is full of autumn water, and the autumn water is full of autumn water. One leaf knows the autumn one.
The three autumn leaves fall to know the autumn. Innocent Autumn High Qi Ding Shan Chi rushes Fei Fei Chong Shi Twitch Will cool the autumn wind and leaves the autumn wind passes the ear and the autumn wind
All generations equally divide the autumn skin, the spring and autumn are clear, the autumn leaves are approaching the autumn polity, the old-fashioned autumn is the autumn, the jade, the frost, the Huaxing, the autumn and the moon
Each has its own merits and an eventful autumn cluster Orchid wants to show, the autumn wind is defeated, the spring and autumn are at their peak, the spring and autumn brushwork, the spring orchid, the chrysanthemum, the spring flowers, the autumn moon, and the spring flowers. If it is not enough, please speak.
Autumn is high and crisp
[ qiū gāo qì shuǎng ]
Describes the clear skies and refreshing weather in autumn.
Qian 89
One Leaf Knows Autumn
[ yī yè zhī qiū ]
From the falling of a leaf, we know the arrival of autumn. The metaphor can see the development trend and result of the whole situation through individual subtle signs.
2000 96
Jinfeng send cool
[ jīn fēng sòng shuǎng ]
Jinfeng: refers to the autumn wind. In ancient times, yin and yang and five elements were used to explain the seasons, and autumn was gold. The autumn wind brings coolness.
2000 748
The autumn wind leaves the leaves
[ qiū fēng luò yè ]
The autumn wind swept away the leaves. The metaphor is swept away and no longer exists.
1,000 60
Spring Flowers and Autumn Fruits

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