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A Brief History of Chinese Philosophy A Brief History of Chinese Philosophy

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Published on June 2, 2021 (author: how to log in)

Seven articles after reading "A Brief History of Chinese Philosophy"

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Philosophy Begins with Thought
In the past, I always thought that philosophy was very profound and far away, and I even thought that I would never come into contact with
philosophy. However, after reading "A Brief History of Chinese Philosophy", I had to marvel that Mr. Feng Youlan
is really a great philosopher. Although it was a bit of a struggle for me to read this book, Mr. Feng You
Lan did not use daunting technical terms, but used a lot of simple and profound
language to discuss, which is still profound. deeply attracted me. After reading this book, I changed my thinking
Philosophy is not far from me, philosophy begins with thought.

In the book, Mr. Feng Youlan once said: "In order to think, we must first
figure out what people can think. That is to say, before thinking about life, we must Think about
thoughts." This sentence I think is the foundation of philosophy. People must be able to recognize themselves, recognize
what they can think about, what is their own ideological category, and constantly think within their own ideological category
, deep thinking can also become reflection ;Think for yourself, reflect on yourself
This may be the essence of philosophy. The famous philosopher Socrates said "know
yourself" is similar to what Mr. Feng Youlan said, all philosophy is based on "know

yourself". Up. Only by fully understanding ourselves, can philosophy enable us to elevate the state of mind
, transcend the real world, and experience values ​​higher than morality.

Philosophy is the study of wisdom. Human wisdom comes from human thinking. No matter how great
scholars and philosophers, the source of their wisdom comes from their thinking brains, and the truth is obtained from
thinking. The birth of truth is the emergence of philosophy. For them, philosophy ,

"As far as I'm concerned, philosophy is a reflection on the system of life. As long as a person is not dead, he
is still in life, but not all people reflect on life, As for systematic reflection
there are even fewer people." This passage is still from "A Brief History of Chinese Philosophy", which is enough to verify
that "philosophy begins with thinking". "Reflection" is nothing more than the thought of thought, that is, deep
thinking, and "systematic reflection" is a combination of reflection and summarization, just like excellent scholars and
philosophers, they are not only good at thinking, but also good at thinking. Be good at summarizing, the product of summarizing is "truth",
Just like the "birth of truth" I mentioned above, it is a summary about thinking.

So be a person who can "systematic reflection", and philosophy will be very close to you. Philosophy starts
with questions.

(2) "A Brief History of Chinese Philosophy", a book that needs to be challenged to read
When I got this book, I didn't like this book, and the teacher also It is said that this book
is meant to be "gnawed" to read, but such a book is totally not to my taste. The change started with some excerpts from the same

, maybe only interested in some of them, and didn't want to
study every word of the book , but I still have some few thoughts.

OK, then let's talk.

First of all, some of the things I saw in Confucianism: active accession to the WTO. "Actively joining the WTO" advocates
"the rich and the noble cannot be subdued, the power cannot be subdued, and the poor and the lowly cannot be moved", and put forward
the highest moral standard of life of "sacrificing one's life for righteousness", thus creating a strong spirit of the entire nation
The pillars and the national character full of arrogance and integrity have completely constructed theThe moral system of the whole nation, plus the Confucian political culture of "governing by virtue and loving the people", the ethical culture of "filial piety and filial piety and kinship", the culture of etiquette and music of "literacy
binbin", and the culture of "far away gods and near people" Humanistic orientation, which still permeates all aspects of Chinese social culture
, has always been a precious spiritual wealth of the Chinese nation in terms of humanistic ideals.

Then there is the "birth" of Taoism. I don't know much about the birth of Taoism, mainly
what it advocates for "wuwei". At first, I thought that "wuwei" means doing nothing, but after reading the relevant
parts of the book, I roughly understood that wuwei means that after deliberate thinking, using the
judgment of the current situation and trend to make a homeopathic behavior, to In my understanding, simply speaking, it is enough to do things that belong to one's own
duty, and it can be regarded as a simple realization of the meaning of "inaction".

What I admire most is: "Being with the attitude of being born and doing things with the attitude of joining the WTO". ("Born
Becoming a Man and Joining the World and Doing Things")

I would also like to talk about a more legendary figure - Wang Shouren. This person is obviously proficient in philosophy
, and may be a big man in the philosophical world. He is proficient in Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, and at the same time
is a master of xinxue. The concept of "Xinxue" was put forward by him.

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