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How to say a phone call in English 1

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Posted on June 1, 2021 (Author: Ancient Poems of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter)

. .

I am Dennis ?Smith. This is Dennis Smith.
*This is... is often used instead of My name is... when typing.
This is Dennis Smith speaking.
Hello, is that John? Hello, John?
*Often used between acquaintances.
Hello, is this Mr. Dennis Smith?
Is this Mr. Dennis Smith? Is this the finance department?
Is this the finance department?
Is this Dr. Jim Baker's office? ? Is this Dr. Jim
Baker's office?
Can I borrow yours? Do you mind if I use your phone?
*This sentence literally translates to "If I use yours, you do you mind?". If you agree
, the answer is o (don't mind).
Do you mind if I use your phone? (Can I borrow your phone?)
o, please go ahead. (Yes, please use it.)
I think Mr. Sato. May I speak to Mr. Sato? May
I speak with Mr. Sato? I'd like to speak to Mr. Sato,
please. Is Mr. Sato there, please? Mr. Sato,
please. *This is the simplest way to say it. It's not rude, it can be used both at work and in everyday life
. Let me talk to Mr. Sato, please. *

. .
This is a bit too straight-forward and generally not used except for acquaintances.
Is Mark there? Is Mark there?
I'm so sorry to call you back so late.
I'm sorry for calling you this late. *If it is in the morning, replace
late with early.
I hope I didn't bother you. I hope I'm not disturbing you.
*disturb "disturbing (rest and work)." I hope I'm not
keeping you. I hope I didn't wake you up. I hope I didn't
wake you up. I hope I didn't wake you up. (I hope
didn't wake you up.) o, you didn't. .)
I have something urgent for Mr. Barr. It is urgent I talk to Mr.
Barr now. I need to get in contact with Mr. Barr
right away. *get in contact with..."get in touch with...".
I need to talk to Mr. Barr immediately. I need to talk to you about the meeting tomorrow
beat. I'm calling about tomorrow's
meeting. I'll get back to you. I'm returning your call.
I'm calling you back. ● Pick up Hello! Hello. *
The person who picks up in English says "Hello" first. Hello. (Hello!) Oh,
hello. Is Mark there? (Hello, is Mark there?) Yes, I am.
Speaking. *The other person wants just himself, so answer with this "I am"
. This is he. *Women use "This is she". This

. .
is Mr. Sato speaking. it's me. It's me. *Commonly used
in situations where the relationship between husband and wife is very intimate. ABC School of Business. What are you
what? ABC Business College, may I help you? Just say
"Hello" when picking up a personal home. Thank you for calling ABC Business
College. Can I help you? Who are you? Who's
calling, please? Who's speaking, please? Who
is this, please? May I ask who's calling? Who
should I say is calling? Who do you want to answer? Who in
particular would you like to talk to? *in particular
"special", "especially". He has been waiting for you. He's been
expecting your call. * He's is the abbreviated form of He has. Expect
"wait with hope". Which Suzuki do you want? Which
Suzuki do you want to talk to? Here are three with the last name Suzuki
. There are three Suzukis here. Could you
call back later? Would you mind calling back later?
Could you call back later? Please turn 10. Extension
10, please. *extension "extension", here means "extension".
May I have extension 10? Could I have extension
number 10? Please connect me with extension 10.
Would you transfer this call to extension 10? Me

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