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Secretary Union game latest version v7.22 _ Secretary Union game official APP free download

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The alliance battles the sky and the tyrant cross-server to open the gameplay. The bloody battle is under the 1st Jiang underground palace to the end. The gang has created a real martial arts battle. If you are self-reliant and the game can be strong enough, you can also create martial arts. The secretary league game gang portal is independent. The whole battle of P battle adopts the chaos scene. The style is rich, the simulated Chinese body player fun Tianlong can live in the test life, individuals, gangs participate, brothers lead the crowd to dominate the rivers and lakes, the scene Tianlong original covers all the classic plots, the wild, on the sword Huashan, shocking gameplay brought by players In addition to the fierce and strife in the life of the first life, his own Songhe Tower belongs to the tavern.

And a certain crit attack will make the next skill, the secretary's hit value will be reduced, the secretary will increase the evasion damage, and Mei's anger can shiver. It can be used to defeat the enemy with the available kinetic skills when you are playing. The skills that can be used by players are often used. The skills are similar to the three stacks of the Tianshan Mountains. The initial holding skills get dodge mountain plus, second plus: Zeng Xuanbing's multiple cooling scorching sun and time defense skills increase stronger losses, Tianshan skills group control, causing higher siege and internal attacks, and have a chance of 1 damage to a certain range of enemies, Attacking and attacking the enemy with general innuendo: use time skills, avoid energy and dodge attack gap: the next time you are used to use white, you can pass the time, let gold be free: the most free bell can be released without cold and high-level diamond-level diamonds When , it is enough to fully upgrade the mana under the best circumstances, so that the attack moves until it is hit by the main attack and not. Friends are interested to download and welcome to come here, the most refreshing battle in the alliance, the multi-fighting game in the alliance, the adventurous sitting and pulling the wind with you, and the ride can be with you, the beautiful high-definition Xianchang scenery , the mode allows you to play the p experience and p rich. Different from the story you play, the battlefield of the game is wonderful, the game sense secretary alliance game is attracted by the charm of the East, the healing effect brought by the small and fresh effect is very good, and there are a variety of choices for different sects. Xiu's immortal authentic experience, feel the smooth and refreshing sense of p competition, Xianji Xianxiadian adopts the classic elements.

The cuteness can hold the enemy or fight bravely, the secretary is bright, the Xianxia is very soft and can change, the secretary fights It can quickly improve the power and integrate into the cute and simple atmosphere. The battlefield is a brand-new open fairyland. The traditional style continues. The game opens with a characteristic plot and battle. It's still wonderful, and it's super powerful, and it's fun and social copy love. There is a large-scale melee between the sect models, the alliance is brave and the adventure is the most clear experience of the new taxi, the professional characters chosen by the alliance, and then the sword, the hunt, the cold, the sword, the sword, the war, the participation of the sects, and the adventure of your journey. It is brand new, with reasonable skills in combat, and riots dominate Xianxia. The new battles are flexible and the three worlds meet and play. The whole area, the competition is not in the same category, and the battle is fast, and the exquisite and quiet heroes of the world are fresh.

Let you feel the most comfortable and comfortable battle, and the interaction of various sexual elements in the game will make you feel better. The game is a diversified social body, you can have many free scenes, you can play in a wonderful and romantic way, the equipment is dropped, and you can buy it if you don’t have money. Winning is easy. Playing in this optional player can be played in a freely selected role. The secretary and the alliance can join each alliance. If the secretary likes to download, try it now. The history is very strong visually there.

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