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Tesla's market value exceeds 3 Toyota, and its stock price may triple in the next 3 years

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Tesla's share price continued to hit a new record high on Monday, with its total market value exceeding the $600 billion mark. As of the close, Tesla’s stock price was reported at $641.76, an increase of 7.13%. According to reports, the global electric vehicle sales statistics for October show that the Tesla Model 3 was the hottest electric vehicle in October. The stock price may triple in the next 3 years. According to reports, Loup Ventures co-founder and well-known investor Gene Munster said in an interview with CNBC that in the next 3 During the year, Tesla's stock price will rise 300% to $2,500 per share. Tesla's current market value is about $567 billion, and if you do that, the market value will increase to $2 trillion. Munster analyzed that Tesla will continue to evolve in the next three years and will no longer be just a car company. Munster believes that Tesla will apply the technology to new markets. He said: “Musk once talked about saying that about 30-40% of the value of the car is due to insurance. What Musk means is that Tesla can provide insurance services itself, which improves profit margins. This revenue margin is very high. High. In addition, Tesla still has a lot of things to do, such as enabling the car to drive autonomously through remote upgrades, and HAVC technology also has room for expansion.” In Munster’s view, Tesla may be able to break into the flying taxi market Raise the stock price. Traditional automakers have begun to stand up to compete with Tesla. Munster believes that Volkswagen and General Motors are in the best position, but this competition is not substantial competition. In the long run, they will advance beyond the car. Munster also said that Apple would be Tesla's biggest competitor if the time frame was extended. Munster said: "Apple is very quiet in the automotive space right now, and I don't see anything coming out anytime soon. No matter what ambitions Apple has for cars, as a Tesla investor, if one day Apple has Whatever is announced, I will step back and reconsider.” It is worth noting that Tesla’s stock price has risen by as much as 667% year-to-date. The $600 billion market cap is equivalent to 3 Toyotas, 9 General Motors, 11 Hondas, and 16 Fords. Although Tesla's stock price has continued to hit new highs, Gene Munster, co-founder of venture capital firm Loup Ventures, said in an interview with US media CNBC that Tesla The stock price may rise by more than 300% in the next three years, reaching $2,500 per share, and its market value will increase to over $2 trillion by then. At present, among the companies listed in the United States, only Apple has a market value of more than $2 trillion. Gene Munster said that Tesla will be more than just a car company in the course of the next few years, "They will really take their own defined technology, pioneering in the automotive field and applying it to new markets." Gene Munster discussed recent comments made by Tesla CEO Elon Musk that the company could enter the insurance business or HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). "Musk recently said that 30 to 40 percent of each car's value could be insured. That means they can start providing their own insurance and increase profits. It's a high-margin revenue. Not to mention Tesla also Updating everything that autonomous driving does around remote updates, and maybe even doing something in terms of HVAC.” Gene Munster also noted that the development of flying taxis will expand another frontier for Tesla, boosting its dollar Shares rose. "I wouldn't invest in Tesla on this basis, but I do agree with the notion that it will continue to grow and become a technology leader over the next decade." Gene Munster added that it is too late for traditional car companies to compete with Tesla, and that Volkswagen and General Motors are far behind Tesla. He also said that in fact there is no substantial competition between Tesla and traditional car companies, and Tesla will be in the long-termDevelopments outside the automotive sector. Not only Gene Munster believes that Tesla's market value will exceed 2 trillion US dollars, but in October this year, legendary American investor Ron Baron said that in the next few years, Tesla's car sales will increase by 50% per year. % growth, and he also predicts that Tesla will reach a market value of $2 trillion.

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