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iPhone 13 historical low price channel summary How to buy iPhone 13 cheap _ What is worth buying

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iPhone 13 historical low price channel summary! 88VIP large-value coupons can save up to 600 yuan in a single time

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Creation position statement: The information in this article is mainly from various channels to sort out the good price clues of iPhone13 256GB , summary.

First, write it at the top

I am very happy to receive the Tmall 88 VIP coupons in the early morning of the 26th, and I am very happy. Added a few more items from my wishlist to the cart for emergencies on the day the sale starts.

As mentioned above, there are two levels of 88VIP coupons this time, which are full 6800-600 and full 3800-300, roughly It's a ten percent discount.

General products are superimposed with 88VIP coupons and 15% off, basically guaranteed 15% off, but Tmall is so self-willed, how could it be possible to only give everyone a 15% discount.

In addition to 15% off, Tmall also has 200-30% off for every purchase, three stacks plus at least 22% off, I want to buy this discount first as a tribute.

For those who haven't had time to get the coupons, please hurry up and get the 88VIP large-value coupons~

* Coupon collection entrance:

Taobao app-Double 11 main venue/Taobao app-88VIP member page.

This time the amount of coupons is relatively large, and the threshold for use is also If it is higher, if you think it is more troublesome to collect the order, you can directly buy the big one you just need, such as the iPhone 13.

Mengjiang has studied the rules of 88VIP large-value consumption coupons and found that the purchase of all models of iPhone13 models during the Double 11 period can also use the consumption coupons, but the cumulative maximum limit is two Zhang, buying an iPhone 13 for personal use is definitely no problem.

Basically, the consumption coupons can be used at one time. Even if they cannot be used at one time, you can collect a little bit to reach the full reduction threshold of the consumption coupons.

Compared with the 12 series, the price of the entire iPhone 13 series has dropped, and the discounts are superimposed, which is really cost-effective.

Currently, the full range of iPhone 13 products are priced as follows⬇️

iPhone 13 mini (128G 5199 yuan, 256G 5999 yuan, 512G 7599 yuan)

iPhone 13 (128G 5999 yuan, 256G 6799 yuan, 512G 8399 yuan)

iPhone 13 Pro (128G 7999 yuan, 256G 8799 yuan, 512G 10399 yuan, 1TB 11999 yuan)

iPhone 13 Pro Max (128G 8999 yuan, 256G 9799 yuan, 512G 11399 yuan, 1TB 12999 yuan)

But only Cost-effectiveness and discounts, iPhone 13 256G, priced at 6799 yuan, superimposed 88VIP coupons of 6800-600 are the most cost-effective. (I personally suspect that this consumption coupon is the threshold set specifically for the iPhone 13 256G mobile phone.)

And for daily use, the 256G capacity is also sufficient.

So in this article, Mengjiang will mainly focus on the iPhone13 256G to talk about this Tmall Double 11, the good price information of the iPhone13 in various channels, because of the superposition of large consumer coupons, directly Dropping the price of the iPhone 13 to an all-time low is definitely the best time to buy.

It is not easy to summarize, welcome to bookmark, like, and comment with one click before buying, or transfer to friends who need it~

2. Which channel is worth buying for the Double 11 iPhone13 series

(1) Official flagship store of Apple Store

Apple iPhone13 256GB

After discount: 6199 yuan

Discount tips: collect 1 yuan and add 88VIP coupons over 6800-600, get 6199 Yuan.

This year's Tmall Double 11 is as powerful as 618, This made the official flagship store of the Apple Store, which has always been aloof, bowed its head to the big promotion and the coupons of 88VIP members.

Although in the current round of iPhone13 price war, Tmall The price of the official flagship store of the Apple Store is not the lowest, but it is not easy to be able to stack consumer coupons and support participation in 12 interest-free activities.

12 interest-free installments, monthly repayment, less stress, installments are also the most suitable for students and children who are new to the workplace and want to change to a new mobile phone s Choice.

About how to find a single item of 1 yuan, it is very simple!

According to Mengjiang's past experience, if onlyIf the difference is one yuan, you can directly search Tmall for a one-yuan collection item or e-book, etc. Some shopkeepers specially set up this one-yuan collection product.

You can save 600 yuan by spending 1 yuan, this transaction is worth it.

Apple/Apple iPhone13 6199 yuan Tmall Featured to buy

(2) Tmall International Official Direct Sales

1. Apple iPhone13(A2634) 256GB

After discount: 5935.05 yuan

Estimated stacking event: 120% off a single item + 88VIP 9.5% off +88VIP large-value coupons over 6800-600

Discount tips: collect 265 yuan and add 88VIP coupons over 6800-600, and get 5935.05 yuan.

Tmall International's official direct sales currently sells the iPhone 13 at 6,999 yuan, with an immediate discount of 120 yuan when placing an order. 88VIP can also add an exclusive 5% discount to 6,535.05 yuan.

Add another order of 265 yuan, and superimpose large-value coupons over 6800-600 , as long as 5935.05 yuan in hand.

This should be the best price for iPhone 13 in all channels at present.

[Direct stock] AppleiPhone13 (A2634) Apple mobile phone supports China Unicom Telecom 5G dual-card dual-standby mobile phone National Bank genuine national warranty 5935.05 yuan Tmall International official direct sale go to buy

except iPhone 13 price Not bad, the iPhone13 Pro superimposed 88VIP large-value coupons of 6800-600 can also achieve a very surprising price.

2. Apple iPhone13 Pro 5G 256GB

after discount : 8893 yuan

Estimated superimposed event: 88VIP 5% off + 88VIP large-value coupons over 6800-600

Tmall International Imported Supermarket is really amazing this time. Not only does it support the full discount of 88VIP 9.5% off, but it can reach 9493 yuan.

Add 88 VIP large-value coupons, and directly reduce the violent reduction of 600 yuan, 8 mistakes and 8 mistakes.

[New products in direct supermarkets] Apple/Apple iPhone13Pro5G mobile phone mobile telecom Unicom full Netcom genuine national bank Apple 13Pro 8893 yuan Tmall International Official Direct Sales to buy

(3) China Unicom official flagship Shop

Apple iPhone13(A2634) 256GB

Order 101 yuan, after discount: up to 6099 yuan

Estimated stacking activities: 88VIP large-value coupons over 6800-600, Unicom stores over 5000-100 yuan coupons +Original fast charge, broken screen insurance, silicone protective case, King card free package in March

What makes China Unicom's official flagship store more powerful than China Mobile is that there is also a store's exclusive coupon of 5,000-100 yuan, which is available for iPhone 13.

256GB is priced at 6699 yuan after discount, making up a single order of 101 yuan , 6099 yuan after superimposing consumer coupons.

Free Apple's original 20W Type-C charger (limited to the top 100 iPhone13 series new products in the whole store, if more than 100, it will be changed to a free 20WPD fast charge) and 90 Tiansha screen saver, silicone protective case!

The specific gift content is shown in the figure below:

[88 consumer coupons available for the last model] Apple Apple iPhone13 full Netcom 5G mobile phone Apple official website iphone13 official flagship 6099 yuan Tmall Featured go buy

(4) China Mobile Official Flagship Store

Apple iPhone13(A2634) 256GB

< p itemprop="description"> After discount: up to 6199 yuan

Estimated stacking activities: 88VIP large-value coupons over 6800 -600+5 gifts

China Mobile's official flagship store has a very good discount on the sale of iPhone 12 at 618 this year, so it is recommended that everyone pay attention to the mobile official flagship store this year. I always feel that there are big moves to be released in the future.

At present, a deposit of 100 yuan is required to purchase the iPhone 13 in the official flagship store of China Mobile, and the balance is paid at 0:30 on the 1st. The price of 256GB is 6799 yuan, and 600 yuan will be deducted after superimposing the consumer coupons, and the maximum amount is 5199 yuan.

At the same time, there are 5 gifts for orders placed in China Mobile's flagship store. The specific gifts are: wireless charging, fast charger, fast charging data cable, silicone protective cover, and tempered film. This set will cost about 200 if you don’t talk about it. It’s not a loss to start with.

[The last payment supports 88 Consumption coupons + send 5 gifts] Apple 13 Apple mobile phone official flagship store Apple 5G new mobile phone Apple 13 ProMax National Bank genuine 6199 yuan Featured on Tmall to buy

(5) E-Telecom Flagship Store

Apple iPhone13(A2634) 256GB

Order 1 Yuan, 6199 Yuan after discount

Estimated superimposed activities: 88VIP large-value coupons over 6800-600+ shell film set, broken screen insurance

Compared to the official flagship stores of China Unicom and China Mobile, although the flagship store of Tianyi Telecom The discount is the same as the above two, but the gifts are obviously a bit of a search.

I don't know if the flagship store of Tianyi Telecom will make a big move to increase the discount.

[Double 11 pre-sale end This model supports 88VIP large-value coupons] Apple/Apple iPhone13 full Netcom 5G mobile phone original National Bank Apple 13 mobile phone official flagship store authentic 6199 yuan Tmall selection to buy

Third, write it at the end < /h2>

According to the experience of 618 and other previous big promotions, both Tmall supermarket and Tmall official flagship store of apple store can superimpose large-value coupons, and there will be different levels in big promotions. good price release.

Especially Tmall Supermarket, not only supports the deduction of large-value consumption coupons, but also has a 5% discount on 88VIP, and there are often even the rhetorical operation of purchasing rebate cards.

The most wonderful thing is that, before purchasing in Tmall supermarket, you can currently purchase Tmall supermarket card and use the supermarket card to pay for the order.

When buying a supermarket card, there will be a certain amount of rebate, so the doll-like operation is converted into a proper historically low price.

At present, only the iPhone 12 series products are on sale in Tmall supermarket, because this article mainly recommends the iPhone 13 series products, so the price of 12, I'll ignore it for the time being, if you have friends who want to buy 12 series, you can go to place an order according to the operation method of Mengjiang above.

Follow-up, I look forward to Tmall supermarket to launch the iPhone 13 series products to benefit the public. Mengjiang will continue to pay attention and break the news as soon as possible.

The above is the whole content of this article. For the most complete rights of 88VIP and the Raiders to improve naughty value, see here⬇️

88VIP member's most complete rights guide and essential strategies to increase naughty value (1 yuan sprint 200 naughty value continues) Creation position statement: This article comes from Tmall 88VIP official information is summarized and organized, aiming to share the most complete 88VIP card opening and saving strategies. 1. I wrote the 88VIP sprint article inadvertently before the first, but I didn’t expect it to become a hot article of Mengjiang’s recent explosion. I was moved Big face cute sauce | Likes 72 Comments 134 Favorites 843 View Details

You are also welcome to pay attention to Mengjiang to get more information on Double 11 promotions.

It's not easy to summarize, you are welcome to bookmark, like, and comment before buying, or pass this article to friends who need to buy iPhone13~

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