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Zhitian Finance backdoor "Zhongxi International" listed? Today is not April Fool's Day!

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As in the long article written before "[Zhitian Bai Lies 17] Will Zhitian Finance be listed on Nasdaq on September 8? ” pointed out that even if the company’s top management did not lose contact, it would never be possible to go public.

On September 8, 2019, Zhitian Finance did not "list as promised", and the WeChat group was silent.

Suddenly, "super good news" came, and Zhitian Financial backdoor "Zhongxi International", which will be listed tomorrow (Monday, September 9, 2019)! It was also released by "Zhitian Official Information Platform"! Immediately it boiled!

In the WeChat group, there is also a voice interpretation of "Teacher Helpless" (Mao Quan, Teacher Mao), in which , claiming: Zhitian is buying the shell to go public, and it bought the shell of "Zhongxi International", and it will be listed at 9 o'clock tomorrow, September 9th!

In the previous voice, doesn't this "helpless" mean that it will be listed on September 8th, and no one can change it? How to change it?

Also, take a look at the WeChat screenshot below:

So, is this backdoor listing real?

[Truth: Copying Zhongxi International's April Fool's Day Story]

Actually, Below the information released by the "Zhitian Financial Official Information Platform", there is a line of small characters:

Finally, if such small characters, you should pay attention It's here, so I have to wish you a happy April Fool's Day. If you like it, please forward it! Because the delivery of happiness needs you.

It turns out that this is an April Fool's Day story!

And, this is a "plagiarized" April Fool's story!

Who copied it? It is Zhongxi International! This is the April Fool's Day story of "entertaining yourself" released by "Zhongxi International" on April 1, 2019! What day is tomorrow, April 1st? April 2. You go to Nasdaq to find out, is there "Zhongxi International"? of course not! Let's take a look at the original source (click to open the original text):

Beyond the nickname, it is finally going to be listed on Nasdaq

It's so cruel! Copy without fail! However, why did you even copy the last sentence? !

"Zhongxi International" said, I don't bear the blame!

By the way, what company is this DEW? Check out the Nasdaq website, this is WisdomTree Global! It has nothing to do with Zhongxi International, let alone Zhitian!

Such rude plagiarism and falsification, I am really convinced! However, this so-called "Zhitian Financial Official Information Platform" has always been like this.

This April Fool's Day news, there are still so many people who believe and cheer for it!

I have to sigh: There are too many fools, and there are really not enough liars!

Finally, borrow the title at the beginning of the article:

The listing of Zhitian is indeed a no-compromise farce!


Except the nickname, it is finally going to be in Nasda Gram is listed

Old text reference (WeChat public account "Lie Terminal"):

[Zhitian Bai Lies 33] Zhitian Finance applied for the "Zhitian Chinese Dream" trademark?

[Zhitian Bai Lies 34] Is Deng Zhitian the President of Central Asia Bank?

【Zhitian Bai Lies 31】Cheat in deception! Zhitian Financial's official information platform revealed!

[Zhitian Bai Lies 30] Cheat in deception! Zhitian Finance's WeChat public account has a big bottom!

[Zhitian Baili 17] Will Zhitian Finance be listed on NASDAQ on September 8?

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