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Aquarium Net (Ornamental Fish Fish Fried Net)

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The Prevention and Treatment of Ornamental Fish Diseases

The prevention and treatment of ornamental fish should adhere to the "prevention and treatment of diseases" Based on the principle of "primary, secondary, prevention is more important than cure"
, in the prevention and treatment of family ornamental fish, the preferred drug is salt, which is convenient and economical. Take a look at the prevention and treatment of common diseases of ornamental fish!
Ornamental fish fungal diseases
1. Skin mold (saprolegnia)
[Etiology] Very common ornamental fish diseases, the fish is injured or parasitized during fishing and transportation
Insects cause fish The injured skin is infected by mold spores.
【Pathogen】Aquatic molds such as Saprolegnia and Spermella.
【Symptoms】White hairs grow on the body of the fish. In severe cases, white hair can surround the fish. The body of the fish
is thin and the ability to swim is reduced. The disease occurs throughout the year.
【Prevention】As long as you are careful not to injure the fish during fishing and transportation, a small amount of salt can be placed in the aquarium for stocking new fish
to prevent the occurrence of water mold, and attention should be paid to cleaning and disinfection when placing live bait.
> Keeping the water clean to prevent the growth of water mold can generally prevent the occurrence of this disease. Once
occurs, the following methods can be used.
【】①2%-% saline immersion, once a day, 5-10 minutes each time. ②Special effects
One to two parts per million (1-2ppm) malachite green solution is soaked for 20-0 minutes every day.
③ Mix two parts per million (2ppm) potassium permanganate with 1% brine and soak the sick fish for 20-0 minutes. ④ Increase the water temperature to inhibit the growth of water mold. And a 15-watt
UV lamp can be irradiated for several hours a day to effectively inhibit and eliminate water mold.


2. Gill mold
[Pathogen] A fungus of the genus Gill.
【Symptoms】When the spores of the fungus are scattered in the water, when they touch the gills of the fish, they attach to it and invade the tissues to grow. When the fish is found to have difficulty breathing, open the gills and find the hyphae.
【Prevention】It is still prevention to keep the water clean. This disease can be avoided by inhibiting the growth of bacteria
【】You can refer to the method of saprolegnia.
Viral Diseases of Ornamental Fish
Viral diseases are extremely dangerous diseases among ornamental fish diseases, and they are troublesome.
They spread rapidly and have high mortality.
1. Black Death
【Etiology】Antibacterial infection by Gram-positive bacteria complicated by hexaflagellate intestinal parasitism.
【Pathogen】hexaflagellate and enteritis-resistant bacteria.
[Symptoms] The fins are superimposed, the body is shaking, the body is afraid of people, the body turns black, the appetite is slightly reduced, and the
hides in the corner of the tank, gradually loses appetite, the fins are damaged and festered, and the body surface appears cloudy erosion , covered with
many white protrusions, retracted tail and fins, lost balance, and eventually died.
【】①Improve the water quality, such as changing the water or adjusting the pH value. ② special drug black Namin. ③
Black Namin and Heli Shamin are used alternately.
2. Hemorrhagic fever
[Pathogen] Herpes virus.
[Symptoms] The body surface of the diseased fish is black and dull, and the mouth, fin rays, and muscles are congested. Sometimes the gill cover, head,
abdominal wall is congested, the gill thread is bright red dots or lumps of congestion, severe gills will lose blood and become pale

are white gills, The eyeball will have protruding symptoms (this kind of protruding symptoms is different from the proptosis of the dragon fish
), the season of onset is mostly between June and September, and the water temperature is 26-0 degrees Celsius.
【】①Full exposure to sunlight, and try to reduce the water temperature to below 25 degrees Celsius. ②Use the water bath of the extract of
Chinese medicine rhubarb. ③Use 0.25-0.5g of rhubarb and sweetgum leaves to form a powder
After boiling, mix the beef heart burger and feed it, and put 0.6ppm
(0.6ppm) of enemy bacteria in the aquarium for two consecutive days Spirit solution. ④AntibioticsElements (such as penicillin, erythromycin, etc.) soak

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