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Scholarship Application (Scholarship Application Form 400 words) 1

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Posted on May 11, 2021 (Author: Shi Heng)

How to write a college scholarship application letter
How to write a 1000-word college scholarship application letter

University Scholarship Application Letter 1000 Words Sample Essay (1)
Dear Leader:
Hello! I am a student of **Department**Level**Professional*Class. Spring and autumn come, and a year
passed before I knew it. During this year, I always maintained a positive attitude. As a student, I worked hard to learn scientific knowledge and make up for myself. Insufficient, always set high standards for yourself, at the same time properly handle the relationship between study and work, exercise self
ability in all aspects. Actively participate in various activities of the school. Strive to achieve comprehensive development.
I believe that I meet the selection criteria for outstanding students in all aspects, so I submit this application.
Now I will introduce the basic personal information as follows, please refer to the leaders:
I. Ideological situation
I love the socialist motherland, support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, be honest and trustworthy, and abide by the
College Students Code and school rules and regulations , actively respond to the call of the Chinese Communist youth, and actively move closer to the party organization. Always keep advancing with the times, earnestly study the party's work line, correctly
implement the party's principles and policies, and always pay attention to the development situation of the party and the country, as well as the changes of the
situation at home and abroad. I actively demanded progress in thought, and established a good outlook on life and morality;
While demanding myself strictly, I was also constantly encouraging and helping students around me who wanted to apply for membership in the Party.
Actively organize and participate in relevant activities, with a positive attitude, it has become the gathering point of the spiritual strength of the branch and the class
, which has played a huge role.
1 1

When I was a freshman, I took the initiative to submit an application to join the party. I was selected as a party activist in the 20XX-20XX
school year. Since I participated in the study of joining the party at school, I have deeply realized the heavy responsibility that
party members shoulder. It is time to stand up and dare to criticize and correct bad behaviors in the society. Encourage everyone with your own actions and drive
everyone. Build a glorious image of party members. Play the vanguard and exemplary role of party members. Make yourself not only
actively join the party in thought. I also deeply know that the important thing is not the form, but the actual action of oneself, and move closer to the party organization in action. In practice, I That's why
I demanded of myself, and strictly demanded myself with the standards of a party member, and because of this, I
used my actions to practice my solemn oath under the party banner!
2. Work Situation
During my tenure as a student assistant of XX grade, I have always been in line with the purpose of exercising myself and serving everyone
. As a student leader, I have been strict with myself, and boldly
innovated in my work. , forge ahead, learn from others with humility, criticize and self-criticize, and correct if you make mistakes. Really serve your classmates, so that freshmen will not have so many strangers when they arrive at the school
, I have successfully completed the various tasks assigned by the counselor, and at the same time, my own ability has also been improved accordingly.
As the study committee member of our second class, I always insist on setting an example and never relax
br> For the study of professional courses, at the same time, we also encourage everyone to study scientific and cultural knowledge seriously, and in the future, we will be able to repay our parents and society with excellent results. I will try my best to organize the study of the whole class and focus on
various subjects. The representative's work, supervise and check the sending and receiving of homework, understand the completion of homework,
try to solve the students' difficulties in learning, and report to the teacher in time. p>

to the question as a part of the class committee, Actively assist the monitor and group secretary, cooperate with the counselor
to arrange and complete the work assigned by the school and solve some things in the class. And timely communicate some matters about the major issued by the counselor and
school. The work is hard, but it is even more joyful to get the support and recognition from most of the classmates.
As a member of the class, I actively participated in the organization of some activities in this class, and I also deeply understood
The warmth brought by the class collective, I usually actively participate in the activities of the class, and truly integrate
> Join the big group of the class. I actively participated in the "24 Simplified Tai Chi 24 Forms" prepared for the opening ceremony of the movement. I have always supported any activity organized by the hospital, participated in the "Career Design Competition" organized by the Youth League
Committee, and won the Excellence Award. I have made
great progress during the university. Behind the grades and honors, is the good conditions created by the development of the school.
It is the careful guidance of the teachers and the silent support of my classmates, as well as my down-to-earth efforts. And the perseverance that never
give up.
I not only actively demand progress in my thinking, study and work, but also pay more attention to
training myself in practice and serving the society. Because I know that to be an excellent college student who meets the needs of society
, one must not only have certain scientific and cultural skills, but more importantly, have the spirit of contributing to the society
and know how to apply what one has learned. apply to social life. During the school
period, I took advantage of the holidays to go to the urban area to do white elephant instant noodle promotions. During the winter and summer vacations, I went to work outside
to lighten the financial burden of my family. At the same time, I applied the knowledge I learned into practice, and
learned a lot of knowledge that I did not learn in books. With the growth of age and the maturity of thinking,
Under the strict school spirit, I pay more attention to how I can contribute my
to the people around me and the society. In various social donation activities, I Enthusiasm also responds and participates actively. Society
is the big classroom for learning and education, in that vast world, our life value

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