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Myopia glasses price (is there any risk in myopia surgery)

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Published on July 2, 2021 (Author: Hometown Beauty)

Myopia Survey on the current situation of eye surgery Risk of Blindness

2009-08-2411:25:42 Source:(Guangzhou)

Although LASIK surgery can improve patients' eyesight in a short period of time, a reporter survey found that

for this surgery, experts There are still widespread controversies and doubts.

Myopia surgery (data map)

The 20-year-old Wang Ling now opens her eyes in the morning and can clearly see the park outside the window without wearing glasses The car's

license plate number. In order to be admitted to the art school she has longed for, she not long ago had LA

SIK surgery in a large eye hospital in Beijing.

One of the millions of Chinese people who have their glasses removed by molecular laser myopia surgery.

According to statistics, the incidence of myopia in China exceeds 0%, and among middle school students, the incidence of myopia is more than 0%. More than half, the incidence of

among college students is as high as 74%. In order to get rid of the inconvenience caused by myopia in life, many people have tried various methods

. Among them, one claims to be completely shortsighted and safe Very high excimer laser myopia surgery (

LASIK for short) has become the most popular method at present.

The reporter learned that China introduced LASIK technology from the United States in 199. LASIK is "Laser" Abbreviation for -Assisted

in SituKeratomileusis", which means that the cornea is reshaped

without damaging the connected cell layers. As the axial length of the eye lengthens due to myopia, the lens of the eye becomes convex and the power of the eye increases. , so the light entering the eye

can only focus in front of the retina, making people unable to see objects clearly. LASIK surgery uses lasers to correct the patient's corneal surface

, flatten the center of the cornea, and reduce the patient's eye Diopter. In this way, when light enters the eye, it can be focused on the retina

and imaged, and people can see objects clearly.

LASIK surgery that is not covered by the basic medical insurance for urban residents is

a large expense for ordinary consumers. Taking Beijing as an example, the average cost of the surgery is about 8,000 yuan.

At the door of the excimer operating room of the Refractive Center on the third floor of the East District of Beijing Tongren Hospital, the reporter met a patient who had just undergone myopia

surgery. time, spend more than 8000 yuan to do this The surgery

is not for anything else, but to feel bad for the child's eyes. Many of the child's classmates have performed this operation. Today, the hospital has performed five cases in one afternoon. "The patient's mother said.

The reporter learned that LASIK surgery is a small operation for large hospitals such as Tongren and Xiehe. Each

operation only takes ten minutes. Simple preparations are required before the operation, including physical examination, eye cleaning, and

local anesthesia with anesthesia. Perform

laser surgery. During the procedure, the doctor will precisely guide the laser beam through the microscope to operate, and the patient must cooperate according to the doctor's instructions, keep the head still and look at the red fixed inside the laser lens with eyes Light.

The boy who just had myopia surgery told reporters that he had no pain during and after the operation, but his eyes felt a little dry after

the operation.

The reporter came to the office of Zhai Changbin, deputy chief physician of the eye refraction group of Beijing Tongren Hospital.

Zhai Changbin, who had just completed myopia surgery, accepted an interview with the Beijing Science and Technology News. "Myopia correction methods are divided into two types: surgical and non-surgical. LASI

K technology uses excimer laser to perform surgical correction of myopia, which is currently recognized as the safest and most effective refractive correction

surgery in the world. Wearing spectacles is a non-surgical correction method, and it is also a very good correction method." Zhai Changbin said that LASIK technology is very mature in China, and as long as the surgical process is well controlled, there will be no problems.

"Excimer laser myopia surgery has been carried out in Tongren Hospital for 16 years, and it has solved practical problems for many patients

. Now students who do myopia surgery in winter and summer vacations are mainly students, and they usually go to work. Many people think that life is very convenient after taking off their glasses. For example, joining the army, taking art school examinations, etc.," said Zhai Changbin.

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