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Have you noticed: Guoxuan's supplying public has released the latest statement

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Have you noticed: Guoxuan's supply public has released the latest statement


Let's first look at a report that seems to be ignored by everyone, which clarifies the important information of Guoxuan's future supporting North and South Volkswagen and Audi.

Create a better future together

Guoxuan Hi-Tech debuts at ASEAN meeting


At this exhibition,

Guoxuan Hi-Tech exhibited a full range of batteries,


standard modules, passenger car battery systems Wait. Among them, the lithium iron phosphate battery on display has a single energy density of


, and its technology is at the international leading level. In addition, the energy density of the ternary soft-packed cell exceeds


, and the number of cycles exceeds


We have passed the mid-term inspection of the Ministry of Science and Technology in the past week. In the future, it may provide support for high-end new energy models such as Volkswagen and Audi.

The products on display this time fully demonstrate Guoxuan Hi-Tech's strong product strength and R&D capabilities in the field of power batteries. During the exhibition, the visiting merchants also showed strong interest in the products of Guoxuan Hi-Tech.


From the official website of Guoxuan

Note: In terms of form, this report was written by Guoxuan's internal staff, and Guoxuan's forwarding media reports will attach the original URL at the end of the article. Therefore, the authenticity and accuracy of this report cannot be questioned.

Comments: A battery pack with an energy density exceeding


, setting the highest level in the world at present, A few months ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced that it was installed on one model of BAIC and Changan, indicating that this battery pack product has been mass-produced. in Hefei Economic Development Zone.

A lot of important information can be read from this news: First, the battery pack product should be a major special development of power batteries of the Ministry of Science and Technology undertaken by Guoxuan


high density


mass-produced products based on battery cells, from the survey summary of previous securities companies It can be determined that it is


Second, the battery pack uses soft-packed cells, and Hefei Jingkai Phase I




The ternary cells are all square, and only Hefei Economic Development Phase II planned and tendered for construction

8GWh span>

High-nickel ternary soft-coated cells, so this


high-nickel ternary soft-coated cell production line can basically be determined to be in Hefei Economic Development Phase II and has been completed and put into production . It seems that, following Xu Xingwu's recent release of


that the second phase of Hefei Economic Development will be put into production at the end of the year, this news has once again stirred up Hefei Economic Development II Another corner of the veil of mystery.


Third, it is the first time that the company directly stated that this product will be used for high-end new energy vehicles such as Volkswagen and Audi in the future. This statement is very "naked" and there is no ambiguity. , as for that "or" word, it's just a "modesty" wording before the official package.

Those who have been following and researching Guoxuan all know that the current North and South Volkswagen


platform models are all used




Standard soft pack mods, either




or the upcoming


are all used together




standard soft pack mods, and Volkswagen on


battery day The standard cells and square-shell batteries released on 2023 have been confirmed to be used after


. Based on information from all parties, it is basically certain that the public square-shell batteries will be used first In Volkswagen Anhui


platform models, Volkswagen increased its equity stake in JAC Volkswagen to


% last year When changing its name to Volkswagen Anhui, it promised in the capital increase agreement to grant Volkswagen Anhui


platforms based on


The Volkswagen Group brand is likely to be dislocated with the development of North and South Volkswagen. Volkswagen Anhui will focus on mid-level and below volume-type economical electric vehicles, and North and South Volkswagen's existing products will not be introduced into Volkswagen Anhui.






Automotive Group



) span>

Announced the official start of construction of its battery system factory in Hefei, Anhui. It is understood that the plant is the first battery system plant wholly-owned by Volkswagen Group in China, with an initial annual production capacity of



~180,000 sets of high-voltage battery systems will be used for pure electric vehicles produced at the Volkswagen Anhui


plant. From the perspective of planned production capacity, the annual production capacity of this


factory built by Volkswagen is


Right and left, just in time with the Guoxuan Hefei new station area that started not long ago


Volkswagen Standard Battery Project Phase I


Completely matched, this is a square aluminum battery. Volkswagen


Factory, Guoxuan Hefei New Station Phase I


Standard cells,

Volkswagen Anhui


The factories are all at the same time


It is obvious that there is a closed loop between the three relationship, and Volkswagen's standard batteries are currently only authorized by Guoxuan for exclusive development, which means that Volkswagen Anhui


All products of Guoxuan Hefei New Station Project will be purchased when it is put into production annually, and its planned production capacity of


also covers Volkswagen's annual production and sales in Anhui


Battery demand for 10,000 economical electric vehicles. Thinking about the "three offerings" theory of a resignation sales not long ago, isn't it ridiculous?

While the current North and South Volkswagen




and the upcoming


will continue to use




standard soft pack module, and the company clearly stated that the soft pack battery pack with energy density exceeding


will be matched with Volkswagen and Audi in the future and other high-end electric vehicles, it has clearly pointed to the


platform models of North and South Volkswagen






, etc., as well as Volkswagen's shareholding


% The Audi electric vehicle


series of Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., only these models reach the high-end car level, and Volkswagen Anhui models should be mainly economical electric vehicles .

I still remember my post earlier this year "

When you were still working for


When I was disappointed, Guoxuan has set sail

”, analyzed the several levels of Guoxuan’s supply to the public in detail, and proposed for the first time that Guoxuan’s products to the public include: Raised investment projects and non-raised investment projects. Raised investment projects refer to the projects that Volkswagen will invest nearly


billions of investment into Zhu Guoxuan, which is equivalent to Volkswagen From the current point of view, the enveloped line project can basically be determined to be a Volkswagen standard battery project in the new station area of ​​Hefei


. The non-raised investment project is the battery production capacity invested by Guoxuan with self-raised funds. This time Guoxuan clearly intends to

provide supporting

more than for high-end new energy vehicles such as Volkswagen and Audi. span>


The soft pack battery with the system energy density is the production capacity built by Guoxuan with its own funds.

I have been analyzing before that Guoxuan does not need to wait until


to supply the public. The published report clearly confirms that my previous judgment is reliable. I think all of this is also waiting for the completion of Volkswagen's fixed increase and the full deployment of Volkswagen directors and management personnel. At that time, the issuance of the fixed-point letter will start, and Guoxuan will officially break the situation to supply the public after officially obtaining the Volkswagen's fixed-point letter.

As for the concern of some shareholders that Volkswagen does not have actual control over North and South Volkswagen, whether it will hinder the sales of Guoxuan Battery to North and South Volkswagen, I think it is unnecessary to worry. Remember the story of Audi and FAW? Once FAW Audi established a joint venture, but the control rights were held by FAW. Since the Audi brand, new models, and core technologies are all controlled by Audi, the Austrian side took a negative attitude towards the joint venture and restricted the introduction of models, which eventually forced FAW to make major concessions. The two sides newly established Audi FAW New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd., Audi and Volkswagen China Total shareholding


% absolute holding. Although Volkswagen currently only holds


% of FAW-Volkswagen and 50

% of SAIC Volkswagen, neither of which is a controlling shareholder.


The most core resources such as platform technology, electric vehicle resources and even motors are all in the hands of Volkswagen, and its influence on the North and South Volkswagen is not only judged by its shareholding, but now has Volkswagen Anhui, the status of the North and South Volkswagen will be more embarrassing and weakened. At that time, as long as Volkswagen spends a little bit of resourcesIt is not difficult for Volkswagen to install Guoxuan batteries on North and South Volkswagen and Audi cars. As long as Guoxuan's product indicators pass the test, it will be a matter of course for Volkswagen to supply the public. .

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