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Teacher youth is a speech for struggle

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Speech on the theme of youth and struggle

Life is struggle at the saddest moment, and we cannot forget our beliefs.

The happiest moment, can not forget the ups and downs of life.

Life is not a path full of roses, every day is a struggle.

Everyone's life process is a continuous struggle. The purpose of life is to strive for victory and glory.

People are in a state of struggle all the time.

Let's look at the biography of famous people. The success of their careers is not due to struggle, or the ordinary life is mediocre, and it is also due to struggle.

In my youth, in addition to being protected by my parents and guided by my teachers and friends, I have to struggle with cold and heat, and with diseases. If my family is poor, I have to struggle with life.

When you are young, you have to fight with yourself even more. This is the preparatory period for the great struggle in life.

All the strength of the prime of life to establish a career is learned and stored up during this period, which is a key to life.

It is to exercise a good body, cultivate a good character, and do a good job in academic research. At the same time, in order to strive for a happy marriage, it is necessary to fight a lot in the field of love.

The primeval period is the most intense and exciting period of life. Whether you can win people's applause and perform well depends on how hard you work.

When you first step into society, the appearance you see is magnificent and splendid, and you will feel full of temptation. On the contrary, there are traps, thorns and obstacles everywhere.

You want to be a decent person, or a celebrity, a celebrity, a great person.

You must show your full spirit, fight with the society, and fight for the cause.

Wait until you have a stronghold and your heels are firm, then use your position, power, economy, and all kinds of power.

Develop your ambitions, develop your talents, accumulate over time, from small to large, but must continue to keep improving, improve, enrich, and expand to achieve success.

So is there a period for the struggle in life? No.

We live a day, we have to fight for a day.

Life is one minute, one second, one has to struggle for one minute and one second, so life is struggle.

Writing a speech for college students on the topic of the most beautiful youth in struggle

Youth is a flower that blooms beautifully, beautiful and beautiful, the poet said; youth is a song of graceful people, music The family said: Youth is a piece of white paper, waiting for me to paint beautiful pictures, the painter said; and I said that youth is a coffee table full of large and small "cups".

I was a child who loved to commit "two" when I was a child. I learned to walk first, and then I learned to crawl with my butt. It's garlic; I'm still silly and happy to be scolded for being smarter than pigs...

At that time, I lived in Zhanjiang, and the best runmi was Chen Jiasi.

It was Sunday, the sun was warm and the days were quiet. I was playing chess with Duke Zhou in my dream.

Suddenly, my quilt was pulled violently, and then there was a roar of Hedong lion: "Lazy pig, hurry up and get up for me, the sun is drying your ass, you are still sleeping



In an instant, I just felt the dust from the ceiling "plop" down.

She sat up slowly, yawned, "Your roar has improved a lot..." Before I could finish, she threw a suit and a travel bag at me, "Quick. Pack up a little, let's go shopping at No. 1 Middle School together, if you dare to be slow, I'll break your bones and use them as a pendant.

" A string of classic Chen's threats.

No.1 Middle School, it is the best high school in Zhanjiang.

When I got on the bus, Chen Jiasi's eyes were like X-rays, looking for handsome guys everywhere, I made fun of "nympho", and finally, she beat her hard.

Two hours later, after wandering the streets, we found the legendary one.

No.1 Middle School really lives up to its reputation, it is very big and very stylish.

We were stunned by the playground alone. The two of us jumped up and down a middle school like grandma Liu entered the Grand View Garden. No. 1 middle school, it's enough", Chen Jiasi said, "Even if I can't hook up with the handsome guys in the first middle school in my life, but I have seen the handsome guys in the first middle school, it's enough."

This guy pulled me here just to see handsome guys

The sun was getting hotter and hotter, and we were a little out of breath when we walked. Suddenly, a dark path appeared in front of us, The big trees on both sides are like big green umbrellas, with mottled light and shadow scattered among the leaves, winding all the way.

The two of us dashed over like fish seeing the water, so we overlooked something….

We sat under a big tree and enjoyed the shade comfortably. A man came down from the building opposite. It was a boy. He looked at us like a Martian for a long time. We looked at each other with expressions on our faces. What?

At this moment, there was a loud shout, Chen Jiasi's lion's roar skill was inferior to that of Jane, "How could those two girls break into the boys' dormitory?".

"Boys' dormitory

" We both called out at the same time, and before I could regain my senses, she had already dragged me to flee.

Walking out of the gate of the boys' dormitory, we were almost paralyzed. When we looked up, the big characters "boys' dormitory" shone in the sunlight. I looked at her and burst out laughing. , Haha..., the terrifying laughter echoed in the campus of Yizhong.

Laughed, cried, grew up; foolish, troubled, life is beautiful because of youth.

If you don't work hard and don't struggle, what do you want to do when you are young?

Dear teachers and classmates: Hello everyone! The topic of my speech today is "To Realize Your Ideals".

Everyone has their own ideals, the difference is the size, distance and type of ideals. For example, some people want to be scientists, some people want to be writers and so on.

Have an ideal, how to realize it? In a word, it must be realized by struggle, by unremitting efforts and hard work.

In order to realize their ideals, how many people came forward and fought to defend the territorial sovereignty of the motherland when the strong enemy was pressing the border and the country and nation were at stake.

The national hero Yue Fei led the Yue family army to fight against Jin; the two generals Zhang and Yang disregarded personal safety and forced Jiang to fight against Japan.

The enemy was driven away, and the nation survived and developed.

When the rulers were incompetent and corrupt, and the people were unable to live on, there were a few people who rose up, resisted the power, and saved the people from the disaster.

The uprisings of Chen Sheng and Wu Guang were for the survival of the poor people; the uprisings of Li Zicheng and Huang Chao were for the overthrow of the corrupt regime, and they persuaded the progress and development of the society.

When people's labor intensity is too high, their lives are extremely poor, and labor productivity is very low, how many people research, invent and create to improve labor productivity and improve people's lives.

Li Bing's father and son built Dujiangyan, which will be used for future generations; Huang Daopo taught young weaving skills to the people in his hometown; even Lin Zexu, who was exiled from Yili, was there to repair water conservancy and plant grapes with the masses for the benefit of the people. Always be a hero in the hearts of the people! In order to realize the ideal, individuals must make sacrifices and even give their precious lives.

This is because ideals are not dreams, dreams, or fantasies.

Imagination is meaningless, a dream is just a beautiful mirage, fantasy is a product of whimsy, and an ideal is real, and it cannot be false or disguised, especially in order to realize it At the same time, it will pay an astonishing price, even life.

In order to realize the ideal of world harmony, Marx studied with great concentration, persisted in exile, made huge sacrifices, and finally established the great ideal of communism for mankind, giving us a lofty goal. .

Sun Yat-sen, the great forerunner of my country's democratic revolution, worked hard for 40 years in order to overthrow the Qing government and build a strong China, and he died before the age of 60.

Kong Yingsen, a model of cadres in the new era, for the life and peace of the people in Ali, he visited the poor and worked hard day and night, regarded many elderly people as parents, treated all children like children, unfortunately died in a car accident .

These people, in order to realize their ideals, put their personal interests behind and sacrificed their precious lives for them. The realization of their ideals is exchanged with their lives! Students, ideals are beautiful Yes, struggle is more important.

To achieve your ideals, you must work hard and make sacrifices.

In order to realize the ideal, let us work hardFight for it!

Write a speech titled "Don't study, don't endure hardship, what is your youth for?"

"Of course rebellious and crazy youth is fine, but a few Years of indulgence, in exchange, may be a lifetime of lowliness and the bottom.

" "Afraid of enduring hardship, suffering for a lifetime, not afraid of hardship, suffering for a while" Teachers and parents, do these words sound familiar to you? , This is the opening speech of Wang Guilan, the principal of Suizhou No. 2 Middle School in Hubei Province, "If you don't study, don't endure hardship, why do you want youth".

In the past few days, President Wang's speech has exploded in the circle of friends, and everyone is forwarding and discussing the topic of "enduring hardships". , likes, and even the CEOs of well-known companies said that they should be distributed to employees for learning; of course, some people expressed doubts.

Regarding "enduring hardships", Principal Wang said that at the beginning of the new semester, the principal of Hubei Suizhou No. 2 Middle School, Wang Guilan, with the theme of "If you don't study, don't endure hardship, why do you want to be young?" first speech.

On the evening of the 20th, a certain media official WeChat pushed her speech.

As of 10:00 on the 21st, this article has been read 240,000 times, and more than 1,200 netizens have liked it.

What did Principal Wang say in his speech?

●Different plans and different ways of spending the winter vacation mean different things to us.

Some students may find it difficult to understand, is it necessary to work so hard, so hard, so tired during the holidays?

My answer is that it is very necessary.

●When we are envious of other schools, we never thought about how hard their students work and how hard they work

●This is what I want to tell you today, I am afraid of enduring hardships , suffering for a lifetime, not afraid of suffering, suffering for a while.

●You can be rebellious and crazy, of course, but a few years of indulgence may bring you a lifetime of lowliness and low class

●Students, if you want to become a great person, you must Learning to eat very hard.

You must know that the best nutrition for youth is hard work

●Yes, if you are good, you will have a lot of choices, otherwise you will be forced to make a living.

●It's not that you can't go to school, or go to school less is useless.

Like a small tree of the year, it is useful, but not as useful as a big tree.

No or little reading is also useful, but the less contribution they make to society, the less money they make.

The more you study, the more money you spend and the more time you spend, but the more you contribute, the more money you earn, and the higher your status.

●Students, what is hardship

When you complain that you are already very hard, please look at those poor children in the west, they don't have enough food and clothes. Warm, frozen feet, and nibbling on wowotou; please think about our teachers who have been up early and late for decades; please compare those migrant workers who are overstretched but still hungry

Studying in a classroom with air conditioning and hot water can be considered hard work

Resting in a dormitory with air conditioning and hot water is considered hard work

Parents are the "Prince's Companion Reading", and you can count as hardship if you have a meal and open your mouth.

The famous writer Long Yingtai wrote in a letter to his son Andre: I ask You study hard, not because I want you to compare your achievements with others, but because I hope you will have more choices in the future, and choose meaningful and time-based work instead of being forced to make a living.

●Some students may ask, I'm working hard now, is it too late?

My answer is: "I said it's too late, so you won't learn it

"We should shift our focus from asking "it's too late" to studying hard.

Sometimes the more you think about it, the less you get done.

Aim for the goal, just calm down and do it, there will always be results.

●40-year-old Liu Chuanzhi did not ask if it was too late, and eventually he founded Lenovo Group; Yu Minhong, who failed the college entrance examination three times, did not ask if it was too late, and finally was admitted to Peking University and created an "educational aircraft carrier" - New Oriental ; Jack Ma, who had failed twice in his entrepreneurial ventures, did not ask too late, and finally he wrote an e-commerce legend and changed the world.

●Dear classmates, if God treats you kindly and gives you a superior life, please don't restrain your fighting spirit; confidence and courage to fight.

When you want to give up, you must think about those who sleep later than you, get up earlier than you, run harder than you, and have more talent than you. They are already in the morning light. run to that you can only everLooking into the distance.

So, please don't choose comfort when you can endure hardship the most, no one's youth is on the red carpet.

Since you dream of becoming the self that others cannot reach, you should choose a path of your own and make efforts that others cannot reach

Is this "suffering" really "eat" or not? "Eat"

Today's young people have eaten delicacies from mountains and seas, but they rarely eat "bitter". There have been media reports that unwillingness to endure hardship has become a label for contemporary young people.

Jack Ma said in his speech "Don't Endure Hardship, Why Do You Want Youth?" "When you don't go for a scholarship, don't live a life you haven't tried, and hang on QQ all day long. , swiping Weibo, browsing Taobao, playing online games, doing what I can do at the age of 80, why do you want to be young

"But, shouldn't youth be hard work?


The older generation endured hardships and grew up, do today’s young people still need to go through the past?

Zheng Fang: Of course we must endure hardships, and "endurance" is the best nourishment for youth @zyl laughs off: Well, it's deafening, inspiring, and drinking.

Children need to make up their minds and act quickly.

Adults need to seriously think about whether they are wasting their lives

@Mr _ Gzf: The best nutrition for youth is hard work


@wgz funny ratio: I am a student of No. 2 Middle School. When Principal Wang spoke, all the teachers and students of the school were there, and there was no one who did not admire.

@fangcao32789354: As a Parents feel the same way, like a

@love love: Children today are very realistic. In fact, they understand many things and know what to do, but they just don't have the perseverance and patience.

This teacher speaks so well that not only encourages the students but also us adults.

@Clivia: In fact, children can understand the truth, but some can't control themselves.

Let's work hard, classmates

@a gust of wind: youth is irreversible with the passage of time, please cherish it

Sometimes it may not be useful to read more, But when you don't read and want to use it, you will be worried.

Opportunities are for those who are prepared.

He Dao: This speech, originally on the theme that students should "endure hardships", has touched the "pain" of more people, making people feel empowered, that is, no matter what age, "enduring hardships" "The word has always been of irreplaceable significance.

The negative side: the utilitarian "bitterness", or the good professor of Central China Normal University Tan Banghe: The president's bloody speech seems to be caring about the students' life, but in fact he only cares about Students in high school for a while, the pursuit of the principal's own success.

It is not the principal's consideration that the students will take the road in the future after they are admitted to the university.

@fengxing: Children who grow up in this kind of chicken-blood stimulation, with the concept of enduring hardship for a while and enjoying a lifetime of happiness, will hardly become a pillar of society in the future.

@Fireworks Yi Leng: If you endure hardship now to stand out in the future, to make a lot of money, to be famous and profitable in the future, how meaningful is this kind of hardship?

It should be A virtue is a fine tradition of our Chinese nation. If it has too many utilitarian colors, it is better not to eat it.

The speeches that are popular in the circle of friends, what did they say

If you don’t study, don’t endure hardship, why do you want to be young? Teachers and classmates: Happy New Year, everyone

According to the usual practice, I will tell you something in the first lecture of the new semester, such as "What is the walnut in your life?" I don't know if you still have any impressions, and if it has some inspiration and influence on you.

The theme I want to tell you today is "If you don't study, don't endure hardship, why do you want youth".

The short winter vacation is over and a new semester has begun.

Recalling the ten-day vacation, do you have any memorable events and experiences?

I think, different people must have different harvests and feelings, and some students "reap" The Hu Shihaishui, who is a family of "hunting down dramas", and the rhythm of life is all disrupted - not sleeping when you should sleep, not sleeping when you should wake up, and not eating when you should eat; The students chose to relax properly after completing the winter vacation homework seriously; some students chose to put down their burdens, relax their minds and body during the journey, and increase their knowledge; some students put aside the hustle and bustle, chose a good book, and had a dialogue with the great mind. own spiritual travel; some students will use the richSome students will have a heart-to-heart talk with their good teachers and friends to gain the motivation to move forward and realize the true meaning of life

Different plans and different ways of living, Winter vacation means something different to us.

Some students may find it difficult to understand, is it necessary to work so hard, so hard, so tired during the holidays?

My answer is that it is very necessary.

Do students know?

In a county and city in Suizhou, the third-year make-up classes in the first middle school have been made up until the 28th day of the twelfth lunar month; Twelfth lunar month twenty-ninth.

When we envy other schools for their excellence, we never thought about how hard their students work and how hard they work

This is what I want to tell you today, I am afraid of enduring hardships and hardships. For a lifetime, don't be afraid of suffering, suffer for a while.

In 2015, a TV series called "The Legend of Miyue" was broadcast. Miyue suffered a lot as a woman, and how much she paid to get to the top of power and establish the unification of Qin. Liuhe's foundation

And as the starring Sun Li became the "screen overlord", why not?

When interviewed by the media, Sun Li said: "Besides "Jade Goddess of Mercy", after three breaks In the past ten years, I have hardly had a day off, which is much more tiring than practicing dancing when I was a child, and more tiring than working in the army to farm fields, chase pigs, and dig the gutter.”

Who gave me a few speeches about youth or struggle or dreams

Let youth fly?? Sartre said: "Youth is a wonderful thing, it radiates from the outside. It glows red, but you can't feel anything inside.

"???? In a blink of an eye, someone calls you "Miss, Mister" instead of "Little Girl, Little Devil" .

Parents begin to communicate with you in a consultative look, and some people even like to use words like "youth" to describe you.

???? What a wonderful feeling.

I hope to grow up quickly, put on my mother's high heels, and steal my father's liquor.

But I am afraid of growing up, afraid of facing the complexity and haze of the adult world, afraid of the loneliness of no one on the way to grow up, and even more afraid of facing a strange environment alone with a dazed face.

???? But young children are always cheerful, they have colorful dreams, and they carefully treasure their joys and sorrows.

Who said that being young and frivolous is not a kind of happiness

Who said that being high-spirited is not a responsibility

Who said that those shy dreams of youth are not a deep one The memories of

???? People always say "youth like a dream", youth is a short-lived dream, when you wake up again, it has long disappeared without a trace.

But those sweats, pure friendships, and fiery dreams are preserved.

The flying youth has flying dreams. Our dreams may be naive or ordinary, but they are unadorned and untouched by the dust, the most true and most beautiful.

Youth is a spring-like era, an era full of vigor and enthusiasm, an era of "uniquely blessed" belonging to young people, an era of having dreams and working hard for them.

???? Maybe many people think: a dream is just a dream, think about it, why take it seriously and try to realize it.

Thinking like this is one-sided .

No one can feel that youth is fading, but anyone can feel that youth has disappeared.

Those beautiful dreams can't just be your imaginary castle, they have to be built brick by brick.

Dream really needs to dream and think, but don’t forget, we are young people, passionate and ambitious young people, we have strong energy and smart minds, since dreams are What is possible, are you willing to just dream and think?

Do you want others to be the watchers of happiness, but do nothing for yourself?

Do you hope that the hard work of others will be golden Mai Lang, he stretched out his hand, but shattered a mirror, is the mirror his ethereal youthful dream

???? There is an English proverb: If you can dream it, you can do it.

"As long as you dare to dream, you can achieve it.

Young people, please remember: there is no great or ordinary dream, as long as it is a dream, it can fly high

???? In everyone's heart, there lives such a self who laughs in the bright sun, a youthful self.

When we are young, we always dream that there will be some more in front of us.What

???? Youth is the time to make great aspirations, and the road is long and long. Let us pack our bags, bring full confidence and hope, and go.

???? Let the dream set sail, let the youth fly

Unity and mutual aid to create brilliance, only by drawing on the essence of tradition can we have a solid foundation; reflecting the spirit of the times, can lead the fashion of the times.

The socialist concept of honor and disgrace, "being proud of solidarity and mutual assistance, and being ashamed of harming others and benefiting oneself" not only further expounds the traditional virtues of our Chinese nation, but also highly summarizes the basic principles of interpersonal relationships in socialist society in the new era. Features and Requirements.

As the saying goes: "A fence has three stakes, and a hero has three gangs." Solidarity and mutual assistance is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. The thinkers and politicians of all dynasties in our country all respected the concept of solidarity and mutual assistance.

Historical experience has repeatedly proved that whether there is a moral habit of solidarity and mutual assistance is one of the important symbols to judge whether a group is healthy and whether a society is harmonious.

We also often say: "Unity is strength".

Unity creates cohesion, combat effectiveness and creativity.

A brick can only be built together to make a towering building, a drop of water can only last forever when it flows into the sea

A person needs unity to achieve a career; a collective needs to be Winning in competition also requires unity; a country needs unity to be prosperous and strong

A country and a nation can only prosper if they are united; a family can only prosper if they are united and harmonious; a campus, Only when the flowers of solidarity and mutual help bloom everywhere can this school become a home for teachers to teach and educate people and a paradise for children to grow up healthily.

Zhoucun Experimental School is a collective of solidarity and mutual assistance.

From school leaders, to ordinary teachers, to every student, everyone deeply recognizes and truly feels the warmth of this big family.

Mr. Zhao Guohong is a conscientious, diligent and motivated backbone teacher and a member of the Communist Party of our school.

He is only in his thirties, and he is in full bloom. It is a good time to work hard for the party's education cause.

But unfortunately, he was seriously ill and his life was in danger.

After hearing the news, the school leaders were very concerned and immediately decided that the whole school staff would extend their hands of solidarity and friendship to donate money to Mr. Zhao.

School leaders took the lead, teachers responded positively, and soon donated nearly 10,000 yuan to Mr. Zhao.

For the expensive medical expenses, these money is only a drop in the bucket, but it represents the solidarity and mutual help of the whole school faculty and staff, and sends all the faculty and staff their deep blessings to Mr. Zhao.

Although the disease eventually took away Mr. Zhao's life, the seeds of solidarity and mutual help were deeply rooted in the hearts of every experimenter.

In October 2005, the "Love Student Aid Foundation", which was called by the school party committee, was officially established. As of this year, it has received nearly 10,000 donations from teachers to help ten students who are excellent in both character and study but have family difficulties. Several people.

The teachers' helping poor female students organized by the school's trade union really solved the urgent needs of the female students who were living in difficulties.

The parents of Ma Hui, who is in the second and second classes of the junior high school, have both been laid off. In addition, the three sisters in the family are all in school. The pressure of life is huge, and they are faced with the predicament of dropping out of school.

The school leaders took the initiative to reduce or exempt her tuition fees after learning about the situation. The school union organized several teachers to help her, paid her textbook fees and bought school supplies, which enabled her to continue her dream of studying.

Looking at the development of the experimental school, there are so many medals at all levels that several walls can be hung;

However, these achievements are the result of the united struggle of many experimental people.

"Dare to fight hard and win the team championship" is a fine tradition that our experimental school has been pursuing for many years.

While studying for the senior high school entrance examination in which year, not all teachers go into battle together: collectively preparing lessons, collecting materials, invigilating examination papers, summarizing and analyzing... unity and mutual assistance, and collective efforts, can finally achieve such impressive results.

Director Li Qingsheng and Mr. Yang Xinsheng, as the old teachers who sent to the graduating class last year, took over the teaching of mathematics and Chinese in the first-level department this year, and served as the head teacher, but they asked the fourth-level teachers for advice, Asking for help is always going all out: analyzing the key points and difficulties of a certain class of teaching; collecting and sorting out review materials; quizzing and testing papers, grading papers... Sometimes busy until late at night without a single complaint.

In the monthly exams and mock exams of the fourth grade, from proctoring to marking the papers, teachers from the first-level department, the second-level and the third-level department are all on hand to ensure the smooth progress of the exam and the availability of the test papers.

review in a timely manner,Perform performance analysis.

To this day, the experimental school is still a collective that strives in unity, strives hard, and dares to be the first.

The ancients said: When people are united, Mount Tai moves.

Solidarity and mutual assistance are the good qualities that contemporary teachers should have, and the source of strength for the sustainable development of school education.

In the new era, teachers should work hard to cultivate their own team spirit and mutual aid concept, establish the idea of ​​"one thriving alone is not spring, and a hundred flowers bloom in spring", unite and help each other for the school, and seek development with one heart and one mind.

Efforts to achieve: unity among teachers and students to create an excellent class collective; unity among leading cadres to better coordinate work; unity among all members of the school to jointly create a school's development. Brilliant Tomorrow

Everyone has a dream, it is what everyone yearns for.

The life of a person without a dream will be empty. A life without a dream is like a plane without a beacon, a ship without a lighthouse, and will eventually be eliminated by society.

But dreams always change as the mind moves forward.

Mediocre is what a mediocre person does, and hard work is the act of a wise man.

As a child, I had a dream that I wished I had money.

The adults asked: "Young man, what are you going to do with the money

" "I'm going to buy bubble gum" "What if you have a lot of money

""I'll go buy a lot of bubble gum" "If you have enough money

" "I'll buy the factory that makes bubble gum.

" It's true that we were young , innocent and innocent, with a kind and childlike innocence, happiness and joy are a constant movement.

The more you step into elementary school, middle school...the more you will feel the pressure.

Now I have a dream.

I hope I don't have a lot of homework to do every day.

Playtime is deprived little by little, while 40% of our day is confined to the classroom, a lot of time studying.

But in the face of learning, it is still a vague understanding.

As the saying goes, "It's hard to get confused", and the understanding of things has also developed from feudalism to capitalism.

When I was in junior high school, I had a dream, I hoped that I could become a top student; I could be praised by my family when I got home; I could be affirmed by my teachers at school; Stand out from the crowd.

However, gradually, I realized that achieving this dream does not depend on being childish.

After that, I learned to struggle.

After a busy day and a self-study at night, I was really sleepy and tired, and I had no taste for supper.

These days are very monotonous. Maybe sometimes I miss many elementary school classmates, and sometimes I still have a pair of sleepy eyes in the rush to class.

I hate rigid school uniforms and never wear them around.

The time on Saturday and Sunday is really short, and the child is really tempted to get angry. I gradually understand the hard work and dreams of being a human being. Fortunately, I will work hard and see that everyone is struggling for life.

Get up early and catch up late, and grasp yourself no longer loose.

Today, I have a dream, I hope that I can be admitted to a favorite high school.

For my dream, `I search hard every day to enrich my tutorial books and practice papers, and work hard for a bright future.

A dream is like a seed, planted in the soil of the "heart". Although it is small, it can take root and blossom. If there is no dream, it is like living in the desolate Gobi, deserted and without vitality.

Just ask, who of our hot-blooded young people here would like to live that kind of walking dead life?

I believe I won't, and none of you will.

If you have a dream, you will have a pursuit, and if you have a goal, you will have a motivation.

A dream is a noble bridge, no matter whether it can reach the other side in the end, having a dream and pursuing it is already a kind of success and a kind of glory.

In the process of pursuing our dreams, we are growing.

It will urge people to move forward. Maybe in the road to realize their dreams, they will encounter countless setbacks and difficulties, but it doesn't matter, if they fall down, get up and move forward for their dreams. After all, the future is not only dependent on Luck is also created by oneself

I urgently ask for a speech titled "My Youth My Struggle"

The yellow leaves are flying butterflies, drifting across the eyes The moment, took away the nostalgia and hesitation.

I once walked through the forest yin road full of sunsets, chasing that faint smile, green, fat and redThe thin room is full of splendid youth, dancing in the reincarnation of the seasons.

——Inscription In high school, I study for the college entrance examination. I am still busy outside of being busy, and I am still nervous after being nervous.

I was looking forward to the liberation after university.

In the evening, take off the tiredness of the day, lie on the bed, look at the ceiling in the light, and reminisce about the dream of college in your heart.

Life always has to be experienced before it can be rewarded. The college entrance examination has indeed brought me a lot.

Because of the college entrance examination, I came to Nanjing, an ancient city of history and culture; because of the college entrance examination, I entered the key university of Southeast University; because of the college entrance examination, I was able to weave one beautiful dream after another in the beautiful campus .

Students say college life is boring and college is boring.

It is true that college life lacks the passion in fantasy and is far less exciting than imagined.

But we should seize the opportunity, because the opportunity is only for the prepared, and the opportunity also loves those who are looking for him.

How many years can we spend in our life?

Treasure time and cherish what we have.

It's a sad thing to spend time on things that don't make sense to me

I don't like the required classes at school, but I never skip class.

I like to look for a youthful figure in the sunset. No matter what the teacher says on the stage, I will listen to it with a smile, because I like to sit quietly in the corner by the window. , Weaving the most beautiful dream with the sunset and a slim figure, this dream has all the colors of youth, I like to decorate the colorful dreams with the colors of youth.

However, on the campus of this university, what made me the most delighted was not the colorful dreams, but the fact that while weaving these dreams, I could also cope with my homework well.

So, I, who is often lazy in thinking, is still a good student in this world that I have not yet understood.

The library is my favorite place to go. In the past six months, I went to the library much more than the classroom.

There, I read a lot of literary masterpieces; there, for the first time, I felt that the original text was so wonderful; it was also there that I encountered one after another admirable celebrity... If If the university campus is a fairy tale world, then the library is undoubtedly the palace of this fairy tale world.

There are piles of books that exude the fragrance of ink, and the prince and princess live a happy life and are carefree.

Day after day, year after year, the story there has only a beginning, not an end

The days like water pass through the rows of willows on the university campus, through the The fragrant garden flies from my fingers.

Those rather unfamiliar faces at school can now call out his name with just a glance at the back.

In the brewing time, our friendship has become more and more honest, but in my limited memory, I can't find that kind of childhood-like, simple friendship, just like the world. No two leaves are the same.

In my memory, childhood friends wore gorgeous clothes, not as particular as children from wealthy families.

All of this doesn't affect our childhood friendships, but instead makes us more down-to-earth.

In the spring season, we wear simple clothes, climb the tall locust tree, and use a dead branch that has been drained of nutrients in winter to make a bird's nest that is quite strong. The son poked and saw that no snake came out, so he put his hand in and took out the egg.

Then, in the midst of a scramble between you and me, cheering and clamoring, they dispersed.

When the spring breeze dyed the peaches and plums in the orchard red, we were in groups of three and five, like greedy kittens, coveting fresh fruits.

Climbing over the fence quietly, bypassing the surveillance of the yellow dog, and climbing up the fruit tree that is not high in three or two strokes, when I was eating, I suddenly heard the bark of the dog, and hurriedly licked it. The two largest peaches jumped off the tree, flew over the fence, and escaped.

The old man's voice came from behind: "Whose child is this?

How dare you come to my door to steal peaches..." Now, the orchard is gone, only Leaving a garden full of weeds, witnessing everything that has happened.

And my childhood friendship seems to have also disappeared along with the orchard, leaving only a few fragments, which will remain in the depths of my memory forever.

Some people say that the university is like a small society, and the intricate relationship is like a flashing neon light, which makes people wonder.

I didn't pay attentionTry to figure out, just, what you have seen and heard, has been able to prove something.

Competition is like an iron whip, driving us to the road of utilitarianism. Whether it is a friend or a lover, it is distorted in such a delicate relationship.

However, what makes me happy is that even if some people try their best to fight for fame and fortune, I can still find many friends who are outside of fame and fortune. We all know that the color of youth should not be stained with copper odor.

At night, I dreamed that I was running in the green fields with the hands of my friends, smiling as bright as the sun.

I downloaded the soap opera "Struggle" to watch it, firstly because its broadcast has been discussed on the Internet recently, and secondly because someone recommended it to me.

I naively thought it was true as the mainstream media said, this is an inspirational drama about the post-80s generation, I thought it would have a definition of a certain proposition about life, about dreams, youth, passion, etc. Confused and thinking, I thought I could see beyond suffering and achieve happiness in the sound, color, sound and picture.

As a result, I saw that this story was both nonsense and fake. Several key words: 80 years later, graduates, friends, love, marriage, career, real estate, beauty, rebellion, love triangle, mansion, Audi A4, petty bourgeoisie... This is an era of entertainment for the masses, an era of ignorance that produces entertainment.

A group of people pretending to be 13 made a 213 TV series for 213 people like me to watch, but I don't think I'm stupid enough.

I was stunned that I didn't see the significance of mainstream media and experts' promotion and deconstruction, such as the urgent search for social cognition after 80 years.

I only see that no one is struggling in the film, a few gangsters with college diplomas, a group of parasites and social scum who will never survive independently, living a life without food and clothing, extremely Advocating self, no sense of responsibility, the bed can be put on the bed, friends can be betrayed when they are betrayed, marriage can be concluded when they are divorced, and their struggles depend on the father who suddenly fell from the sky with hundreds of millions of net worth, and by being The first love that he abandoned, as well as a sugar daddy and a rich woman.

The center of the whole story is infinite hypocrisy, starting from the first episode of the play.

In the amphitheater, hundreds of graduates stood up in unison, bowed to the teacher and shouted "Mr. Li, please stay.

We miss you. , we miss you very much, but we must tell you that we must leave you, we must go to work, fall in love, and struggle, this matter is urgent, and we can't wait a day.

" Hypocritical, I have never seen such a hypocritical.

Did screenwriter Shi Kang go to college?

College life is really not as YY in his mind.

I read his "Wandering" and "Fragmented" many years ago. It's nothing more than a tone. The man is decadent, depraved, and confused. The repentance and hypocrisy, but I can't see the self-examination from the heart, and still dare not take the responsibility.

At that time, it attracted and poisoned young and ignorant innocent teenagers like me.

Many years have passed, but Shi Kang still hasn't made any progress, but his ability to be self-conscious and self-sexual has been brought into full play.

Life after walking out of the campus is not like the nonsense in the play, a group of people talk about love every day, love, ridicule: sensitive, perverse, not grateful and uneducated, willful, selfish and irresponsible.

Then the money comes, the car starts, the rich girl voluntarily devotes herself, and the struggle succeeds.

That's really money, hundreds of thousands, 20 million, 300 million.

But our way of life is not like that at all, at least not for most of us.

Most of us will experience setbacks in reality, suffering and confusion, not knowing the direction of our life, struggling for the house, salary, overtime, firewood, rice, oil, salt and beloved MM.

This is something that this era has given us a lot in common, which cannot be expressed by some soap operas.

For me, not to mention struggle, such words are too empty.

In the years of increasing age, struggling between ideal and reality, it seems that I have never matured. Countless days have been spent in chaos and confusion, far from the meaning of life, and gradually drifted with the flow.

But in the end, I came out and survived the lowest point in my life, just like a person who has climbed out of a swamp and is eager to breathe the fresh air.

On the days when the autumn wind returns, I miss the days of re-reading.The process of life is unremarkable, and it continues day after day, simple, simple and fulfilling.

Although the final result was that I failed the exam and failed to go to the Chinese teacher.

But once all the feelings gained in the process have penetrated deep into the bone marrow, the ideas formed in them will affect my future life.

Reconstruct your own life principles and lifestyles calmly, naturally, and practically.

But it's very relieved, a person's maturity is always experienced by some people and things, and then slowly comes through persistence and waiting, the past is gradually disappearing, and the future is slowly Find the direction and start to have a clear position for yourself. Many things cannot be changed. No matter how unfair you feel, the imbalance will not change.

After going through hardships, I realized more deeply that some deficiencies that can be corrected still need to be corrected, and it is most important to work hard to improve my life and live happily.

After hard work and hard work, life is a process of overcoming suffering with happiness. Maybe there is no definite measure of happiness, but I hope to keep a quiet outlook on the future as I work hard. Hope, maintain a peaceful and calm mentality, I am experiencing, moving forward, calm, heavy, forbearance, progress, and then I can transform, so that's it.

Across the long river of time, I returned to the age of fourteen in a trance.

That year, when I first heard the story of the Count of Monte Cristo from my sister next door, I became obsessed with "famous novels".

From the delicate and gentle "La Traviata" to the grand and bloody "A Tale of Two Cities", I was lucky to spend three years of junior high school with the fragrance of books.

In high school, I was burying myself in a pile of numbers all day long, and my open-minded mother refused to pay me any more money to buy this kind of property for me.

The only consolation is "Gone with the Wind" hidden in the desk. I don't know how many times I have read it. It depicts the magnificent scenes of the Civil War for readers, and envy Scarlett's always energetic and slightly evil character.

To this day, Gone with the Wind remains one of my most cherished novels.

University, with my own time and discretionary money, the increasingly impetuous life has made me lose the mood to read carefully. The long time fades away the bubbles floating in the memory, leaving behind those Imprint deep into the bone marrow.

The same is true of good literary works. You may forget the protagonist's name, the complex and wonderful plot, but you can't forget the author's far-reaching intention, unique perspective and the kind of story that the story brings to people. deeply moved.

I was lucky enough to meet Red and Black.

Stendhal is an outstanding French realist writer and the founder of critical realist literature.

The most important work is "Red and Black".

Before I read the original book carefully, I knew the outline of the story, but I couldn't understand the meaning of the title.

After reading it, I finally know that the novel reflects the social storm on the eve of the French Revolution in July.

"Red" refers to the red uniforms of soldiers in Napoleon's army, representing the advanced class at that time - the bourgeoisie.

"Black" refers to the black robes of the teaching staff, representing the backward feudal reactionary camp.

(This is only based on the opinions of some scholars and my own understanding, and may not be accurate.

) The protagonist of the novel Julien is a typical example of personal struggle in the history of Western literature. Known as a careerist.

Julien is contradictory, self-respecting and self-respecting, sincere and false, confident and desperate.

He is smart, strong-willed, and ambitious, but he is always premised on personal interests, full of ambition and heroic vanity.

Human nature is good, I think, Julien's tragedy maker is not the only one.

Being from a low birthplace, she was discriminated against by the nobles, and was frail and disgusted by her family.

How can I grow up in such an environment without being sensitive to self-esteem, and how can I not express a sincere disgust for the big bourgeoisie.

He was a smart lover of reading since childhood. He was familiar with Napoleon's writings and was deeply influenced. Zeng Tian really thought that he could make a career and get ahead with his talent.

How could he know at a young age that the world has never been based on talent.

Dreams are destined to be just the fun of chasing and the hopelessness of persevering.

The story of the whole book is completed in three main settings, and Julien's character development is well explained in these three settings.

They are the house of the Mayor of Derena, the Besançon Seminary and the Wood.Marquis House.

At the age of 19, the young Julien knocked on the door of Mayor Denarai with his ability to memorize the Bible.

At this point, he was fairly upright.

Because of his intelligence, he often despises the incompetence of the mayor and dares to arrogantly resist the unreasonable system.

I can't stand the extravagant life of the mayor's family, and I can't accept that the mayor treats him as an inferior servant.

Out of disgust with the exploiting class instincts, Julien's resistance continued to escalate, and eventually developed to the point of being out of control.

Conquering the beautiful mayor's wife is not only out of love and envy, but also an extreme means of struggle against civilian consciousness.

The social ethos of profit-seeking and intrigue in the officialdom had an impact on Lien, and his desire to stand out became stronger in his bones.

The mayor's house was the first step in Julien's character deterioration, where his struggles were confused by ambition.

As the adultery was revealed, Julien entered the Besançon seminary.

The Besançon I saw was a hell on earth.

The so-called followers of Christ are nothing more than a small group of insidious forces.

They have sharp contradictions and lean on each other.

Intrigue has become the only joy in life for this group of shameless people.

Under such a sinister environment, Julien buried hatred in his heart and confronted the surrounding enemies with silence.

Extremely hypocritical.

The seminary finally transformed Julien from a personal struggler to a complete hypocrite.

He buried all his thoughts, colluded with the seminary, and eventually became the dean's darling.

Paris, the romantic capital I've longed for, is it really as beautiful as people describe it?

I never know, because I've never been in it.

However, Julien, who can be in it, must have no intention to understand the beauty of Paris.

Paris is the place where his ambition was initially realized, and it is also where he regretted his whole life and finally realized his passion and went to death.

With many complex thoughts, how to appreciate the scenery along the way.

The Marquis of Mul is one of the strongholds of the upper class.

In a hostile environment, Julien confronts contempt with contempt.

To make contributions to the Marquis with Qu Qiuzhi's loyalty.

Be appreciated and reused.

And earn the Cross.

The love affair between Julien and Martel is naturally also a tool to achieve ambition, Martel acts as a ladder for Julien to gain fame and fortune.

Julien played with his scheming, and played with despicable and even cruel means to play with the crazy-minded Marchioness, and finally deceived her deadly admiration.

Not to mention whether the history is true or not, but throughout the century of Western literature, the individual struggles of the common people are accompanied by tragic colors.

In Julien's era, a distinct class consciousness dominated French society.

Julien's fortune aroused not only the envy of the common people, but also the intolerance of the upper classes.

As a result, the nobles colluded with the church, forcing Madame de Naray to write a letter of disclosure, and Julien finally staged the church shooting.

The dream of prosperity that had been initially realized was completely shattered overnight.

Indignation caused him to act aggressively.

I don't think he was out of anger when he shot Mrs. Derena.

As smart as Julien, how could he, like some gangsters in the market, fight for a moment of anger and end up in prison.

Stendhal is a self-proclaimed "watcher of the human mind".

He used meticulous brushwork to interpret Julien's psychological activities in prison flawlessly.

Everything is despair, and even if released, there is no way out.

Julien finally understood the world soberly.

No matter how smart or hard you try, it's all in vain.

The aristocracy will never allow him to cross the barriers of the hierarchy.

The shooting and wounding of the mayor's wife is a desperate counterattack. From another perspective, it is a loud cry of populism.

Julien completely abandoned his illusions. He refused to appeal and repent, and was determined to fight against the unfair society with his death.

In court, he was eloquent, pointing out that his real guilt was not the shooting, but his desire to break through the hierarchy.

The court speech is a summary of Julien's outburst of rebellious spirit and tragic fate, and it is also a reflection of Stendhal's image of Lien.'s finishing touch.

If Julien was born in modern times, he would have done a great job. Helpless, no one can turn the annual rings. Thank you Stendhal for leaving us with unforgettable works.

Ask about The most beautiful speech of the struggling youth, the requirement is related to electric power work, the word count is 200~800, urgently requested

Dear teachers and dear students, hello everyone: the topic of my speech today is "Youth More Than Ever" Endless struggle "Youth is a song, bright and cheerful.

Many people are envious of us who have a beautiful youth, and we are also proud of our youth.

Children like us have ordinary births and ordinary deaths.

But along the way, we have faith, struggle, sadness, and the youth created by the non-stop drum beat and dance.

Even if it will eventually be disillusioned, it is still beautiful and tragic after all.

I have seen this passage in a magazine: 'In the peaceful age of singing and dancing, youth grows old from generation to generation, and grows from generation to generation. Looking back, more than Huayi and love are more than learning and fashion, more than struggle and ideals, more than heroes and dedication.

'The "Bimaron" effect of Jessuru tells us that it has always been an indispensable force for life.

In the last century, when Hemingway borrowed the phrase "You are the lost generation" by Groot Stein as the opening chapter of his novel, we were given a warm flower by the cold years. Kai's name "Youth" so no one would accuse our smiles of being too cynical when we shouted that youth was everything.

It took us seventeen years to stage countless joys and sorrows.

In the constant fall and failure, we learned to be calm, learned to be stable, learned to be silent, and learned to be stoic.

The joy in tossing and turning is broken into pieces of glass.

We stood in the wind and silently swept them into the darkest corner of our hearts.

Since then, I have learned to be strong and forbearance.

It doesn't matter any more in the face of setbacks, even if you fail, you learn to smile at others.

Sincerely emerging, let youth bloom in struggle, urgently looking for a speech, about 1000 words

I firmly believe in the power of ideals. I am very happy to be able to stand here today and stand on the stage of x.

Maybe, every venue can accommodate the 20th anniversary of the sincere and emerging, but the meaning here is indeed different, because it proves that the humble dream of a humble person, as long as you persist, is Achievable, sincere emerging is a great dream realized by a bunch of humble people.

In our sincere and emerging, there are very few "official second generation" and "rich second generation", although some of us have become "rich generation", but they are still a minority after all.

Each of us is from the grassroots, and each of us has the feelings of Diaosi, but each of us has never forgotten that there are higher mountains to climb and longer roads to walk. .

On higher mountains, we can see a better view of life, and on the farther road, we can meet friends and opportunities that we have not met.

We have come all the way, for 20 years, and we have achieved some successes. These successes depend on our own efforts, but not all of them rely on our own strength.

So we would like to thank and thank our era for providing us with such an opportunity. Although there are still many faults and problems in this era, please recall that in the two thousand years of Chinese history, What era could be better than today?

In the Song and Tang Dynasties, only a few intellectuals and bureaucrats could enjoy the prosperity of the society.

Today, although we do not enjoy the prosperity of the whole society, because we know that China still has many areas to reform, there are interest groups and bureaucratic privileges, but it is no exaggeration to say that a population of more than 1.3 billion people. In this country, most people have been able to eat enough, wear warm clothes, and live their dreams. I think this era is really worthy of our gratitude.

Secondly, we would like to thank every sincere newcomer present here, because no one can do great things. The reason why New Oriental is today is the result of the growth of our team.

From the beginning of me, to the last twenty, one hundred, one thousand people, today we have more than 30,000 employees and teachers, and the strength of everyone has made Sincere Xinxing a reality.

We are even more grateful to our students and parents for their trust in us, because it isTheir trust enables us to charge a steady stream of tuition fees, so that we can pay wages to every employee and teacher, and also enable Sincere Xinxing to be listed on the American Stock Exchange and become the world's largest training and education stock, all of which are It is the result of our joint efforts, and no one individual can do it by himself.

I think no matter how capable I am, if I am still alone today, New Oriental is still a small training institution, maybe still a small self-employed person, or even I may have become a Distributors.

When I am thanking my parents, I am also thanking the parents of our sincere newcomers.

Although we can't let everyone's parents come over due to the restrictions of the city hall, only some of them come, but inviting you here is a symbol, expressing Xindong's gratitude to you.

We haven't done enough. New Oriental has many imperfections, but you have given birth to a good son and a good daughter. Together, they strive for sincerity and new development, and they are doing an honest business.

Please believe that what we are doing is not about human trafficking. What we are doing is something that will have a positive impact in this historical stage of China, and even in the next historical stage.

Our era is a time of rapid change, from an agricultural society to a business-based society.

In such an era of drastic changes, we have gone from being able to stay in the countryside and the city without moving, to being able to travel all over China and the world, from an era of poverty to an era where we could not even afford a bar of soap. , to this era of great abundance of material life.

As I said just now, although there are too many problems in this era, collusion between officials and businessmen and rampant corruption, I believe that this is an inevitable problem in an era of rapid progress.

So I would rather believe that everything that has appeared in this era is not a kind of despair, but a kind of hope, not a kind of degeneration, but a kind of struggle before progress.

I believe that in ten, twenty, thirty years, China will be even better.

At that time, China had established a series of systems full of order and morality.


Because I believe there are some "firm beliefs" that will not change in people's hearts.

We firmly believe that human relationships are based on trust and integrity.

New Oriental is able to achieve what it is today, relying on the mutual trust between the teams, the trust of parents and students in New Oriental, and the trust of the government in New Oriental.

But the establishment of all trust must be based on your own trust in others and your own integrity. It is a huge force that can change all the negative energy around you into positive energy.

In my life, I have indeed been deceived by some people, and I have indeed been plotted by some people, but to this day, what I am most proud of is that I still believe in everyone around me. collaborator and every friend until the end he cheated on me.

So I believe that since this is what people desire the most, the foundation of mutual trust in China must be established.

If we do not trust the Chinese government today, it is because of the existence of some corrupt officials, but we have also seen that the government is more and more serious about corrupt officials; If we don't trust each other, it must be our poor communication, and all these things will improve as society progresses.

Second, we firmly believe that people will work hard towards equality of personality and every dignified life. This is also the basis for us to do New Oriental.

A sentence I often emphasize in New Oriental is that there can be differences in positions between people, but there must be no inequality in personality.

As a boss, you can't bully your subordinates. You must communicate with an equal, friendly, and kind attitude when talking and working.

People can criticize, but not insult, people can be harsh, but not sarcastic.

Most of the New Orientals have such a mentality of equality of personality, which is an important reason why we New Orientals can be like brothers and sisters.

China's future progress must also be based on personal dignity and self-esteem. Dignity is to make others look up to you, and self-esteem means that you look up to yourself. I hope that Chinese society will evolve into a human-to-human relationship. A society with dignity and self-respect for each other. If our entire Chinese society cannot do it temporarily in this era of change, I hope that at least every New Oriental can do it.

I'm here to issue orders to everyone, if you find any supervisorWhen dealing with your problems or talking with your boss, there is a situation that insults your personality. I encourage everyone to actively complain.

I hope New Oriental can exclude people who are insulting and disrespecting people and people who don't give people self-respect.

Of course, I also hope that everyone here can first respect others.

The biggest problem of Chinese education is not the construction of disciplines, nor the lack of quality education, nor the college entrance examination. The biggest problem of Chinese education is that we have never told our children in education and have not been told since childhood. Citizens of the Republic, what kind of respect should they give to others and what kind of self-esteem should they give to themselves? This is the basis of human equality and freedom. I hope to start from the New Oriental.

Third, I firmly believe in the power of human progress.

As long as you think for a moment, from ancient times to modern times, we have experienced countless darkness. Human beings are full of killings, chaos, famine, and disasters. People are progressing from scientific knowledge to humanistic knowledge, people are enjoying more and more rights, people's living standards and respect between people are improving.

Even though we see some bad phenomena in China, we must believe that most people in this world are pursuing progress.

We have seen the whole world become one, and the tendency of globalization has brought concepts, ideas and progress from every corner of the world to us. We are no longer blindfolded and closed to ourselves. China, we are no longer China where humanity was suppressed during the Cultural Revolution.

Even if the current public speech is not enough, each of us can at least express our free voice in the circle of friends.

Because I believe in the progress of the world, I believe in the power of growth. We have been pursuing our own growth, the growth of Chinese students, and the growth of every family in China.

Through this growth, we are pursuing the growth of the whole of China, the growth of our nation, the growth of our motherland and the growth of our history.

Finally, I am a firm believer in the power of ideals.

The ideal does not necessarily have to be lofty, we do not necessarily say that we must become the Secretary-General of the United Nations, nor do we necessarily say that we must become a scientist who wins the Nobel Prize. Anyone who starts from humble beginnings , even the ideal of bit by bit progress is worthy of our respect.

As I said just now, my ideals started from humble beginnings, from a rural child's humble hope of "pulling out the roots" and leaving the countryside, to finally entering Peking University; from the hope of becoming a Peking University I hope that I can study abroad, and I set up New Oriental after failing to study abroad; I just hope that my family can have some living allowances.

But this kind of ideal has grown little by little. From the highest dream of only 300,000 RMB, to finally I have enough money to support my family, and finally bring New Oriental into a listed company; now my ideal has really changed. I hope to contribute my own strength to China's education and culture, China's progress and development, and China's transparency and fairness.

Perhaps all ideals have a humble beginning.

The world is so ever-changing. In the past, it took a hundred years for us to change anything. We used 2,500 years to change China's feudal society.

From the time I was born to the age of 18, my home was those shabby thatched huts, those few streams and those few dense trees, but because of the Cultural Revolution, the trees were cut down to level the land.

The information we collect in one day today is already the information that our ancients may have collected in a hundred years. Today we encounter a business model that may take a hundred years to change. may be overturned and changed.

We have seen that the bookstore that I liked to go to when I was a child has disappeared now, and we know that people's habits of buying books and reading have changed.

We can buy anything you want in the world without leaving your home, and we know that the general store business model has changed.

Nowadays, changes in education are coming.

In the past two years, the number of companies investing in education, whether traditional or high-tech, such as mobile Internet and Internet companies, has reached more than 3,000 in China. It is a potential opponent of New Oriental, and each company may overthrow New Oriental.

So today we see that New Oriental faces two fates: the first one is that we, New Oriental, can continue to grow and continue to lead the development of training and education in China.

But we may also have another fate. We have been defeated by our competitors since then. Sometimes you die for a moment without knowing how you died.

Many business leaders look back when they were smoking and drinking, only to find that their companies had fallen apart.

New Oriental is now standing at the juncture of the best historical opportunity, and also at the juncture of our own most crisis.

Can New Oriental win at this juncture?

I am full of confidence in the future of New Oriental, and I have four reasons to tell you why I am confident in the future of New Oriental.

First, New Oriental is a business of integrity.

No business of integrity is easy to beat.

We have been serving students and parents, every penny of our money is open and transparent, we have always been doing things with conscience, we have ideals in our hearts, we are indeed "study and diligent, Zhigao" Go far”. Although everyone in New Oriental is pure, despite unrealistic pride, and even quarreling for interests, we are essentially a group of very pure people, and New Oriental is essentially one of the best training groups in China , With such a foundation, we will have confidence in the future.

Second, New Oriental is an organization that is good at change.

Just think about how many organizations have changed from self-employed to world-class listed companies

New Oriental has gone through countless changes, starting from self-employed, into a mom-and-pop shop, and into a family It became a partnership of friends, it became a Chinese joint-stock company, it became a world joint-stock company, and finally it became a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Although New Oriental has bureaucratic tendencies now, and although New Oriental has grown formalism and led to low efficiency, I still believe that the heart of New Oriental is the heart that welcomes change, because I am willing to change, and I am willing to bring In this spirit of change, we will move forward together with everyone.

We can break all the old rules, establish new business models, and even overthrow and start over. The most fearful thing is that we are unwilling to change.

So please believe me, I am willing to change, I am willing to devote all my energy and time, and even all my wealth and resources to contribute to the reform of New Oriental. I also hope that everyone in New Oriental can work together. Be at the forefront of change and work together to bring New Oriental to the next 20th anniversary of development.

Third, the reason why I firmly believe in the transformation of New Oriental is that when I looked around the team, I found that there is no one in the world so full of ideals, passion, new consciousness and creativity, and so A united, egalitarian and fun-filled team.

I have visited many big companies in the world and many big companies in China, and I found that the culture of New Oriental is really very good.

Although we have all kinds of arguments and quarrels, this kind of quarrel is also reproduced in "Partners in China", a movie based on me, Xu Xiaoping and Wang Qiang, But all these quarrels are for the development of New Oriental and for us to develop better. Therefore, in the team spirit of New Oriental, there is indeed the gene of the true vitality of New Oriental.

Fourth, I once read a sentence: As long as any organization can focus on the growth and influence of young people, it will occupy the future.

In China, we have not found any institution that is closer to the hearts of young people than New Oriental.

Because New Oriental knows how to communicate with young people in their language.

A person my age also used a lot of terms popular among young people on the Internet when speaking at Harvard. The topic was "Building a 5B Business with the Spirit of 4B."

Students are with us Together, students represent the future.

When students turn away from us, we truly lose our future.

So we just need to do a little bit and serve students steadfastly , let students always face New Oriental, stand with New Oriental, let us provide students with better teaching resources, better teaching team, better teaching system and better education platform.

Let Let's ignite the ideals of students together. If young children really appreciate our sincere and emerging teachers, like the one we performed in today's program, such admiration and appreciation, then sincere and emerging teachers will be invincible.

Write a speech of no less than 1000 words on the theme of the most beautiful youth in struggle

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The topic of my speech today is.

Employees are the blood of the enterprise and the eternal burning passion of the enterprise; the enterprise is the life of the employees and the endless source for the employees to have a mission and strive for it.

Because of the prosperity of the enterprise, each fresh life is endowed with a new soul; because of the decline of the enterprise, the flying thoughts will also gather into a tragic elegy.

This is the eternal and unchanging criterion that employees and enterprises always depend on each other for survival.

Today, I would like to talk about my feelings and experiences on the theme of "the prosperity of the enterprise is my responsibility".

Time flies, and in the blink of an eye, it has been ten years since I became a human being.

In the past ten years, the company has achieved many fruitful results, the dream of a million-dollar factory has been realized, the system reform has become popular, and the honors are fascinating.

Over the past ten years, I have also developed an inseparable affection for her.

Because I have grown up during the continuous and healthy development of Datang, and every step I take is closely related to her. This big family has given me great support. and help.

In the past ten years, I have had confusion, joy, failure, and success... In the end, I understand: In this world, when you do anything, you should do everything with your heart and mind. Create" attitude, go all out to pursue the perfect realm of "pragmatic harmony, concentric leap".

"The big stage of the Tang Dynasty, responsible for talents".

It is a splendid and colorful stage, and everyone has their own space on this stage.

Whether to dance alone, or to watch others perform; whether to faithfully play one's own role, or to follow behind your companions; whether to go to the front of the stage or go back to the background

Everyone will If you have a dream, we all hope to realize our dream on this stage and contribute a fiery heart to the leap of our homeland.

As the spring breeze blows, I am fortunate to be a part of China Datang and an employee of Xigu Thermal Power.

As time goes by, I gradually feel her uniqueness: profound corporate culture, standardized operation mode, humanized management, like a fresh spring breeze, let me bathe in it.

On the big stage of the company, every employee always seems to be put into a big and deep lake, and you need to work hard to surface and land on the shore of the lake.

Here, we try our best to adapt ourselves to the new environment. "Abide by the rules and regulations and prohibitions" allows us to be strict with self-discipline and benefit from life; family, and found a suitable position for ourselves, learning with an open mind and self-improvement, so that our overall quality and work ability have been continuously improved.

In the past ten years, in order to meet the needs of the company's development, I have also "played" a number of job roles such as learning duty officer, duty officer, and inspection.

It can be said that I do my work and love my work. No matter what role I play in my post, I have never complained about changes. Complete every task well.

Suddenly looking back, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I have become a different me from the past.

With the development, I also continue to grow.

I am glad that I can complete a certain work task independently; I am more grateful for the enthusiastic help and positive encouragement of my colleagues; I also create value for Datang while maximizing The value of your own life without regret.

A drop of water will not dry up until it is put into the sea. Xidian Gansu is like a vast ocean. She gave me the courage and infinite strength to fight.

...In the past ten years, I have witnessed as a proud Xidian person that she sang heroically from weak to strong with an impressive "Datang Speed", carrying the full-loaded pride and dreams of Datang. .

Ten autumn clouds and moon, ten years of dust and soil, ten years of wind and rain, and finally created this tree with lush branches and strong stems on the land of Longyuan. Tree.

We are proud of the prosperity of Datang, and the company has developed rapidly because of the unity and cooperation of employees.

XD Homes has a "people-oriented" cultural heritage, a harmonious atmosphere of "harmony is the most important", and a drive to forge ahead with "effectiveness first". Working here makes me happy both physically and mentally.

He will always give employees the opportunity to hone their skills and let you experience the profound culture in your work.

Everyone is equal in the face of opportunity, what matters is whether our attitude is positive.

Your laziness and your withdrawal can only make yourself lose the opportunity to sharpen and grow rapidly.

Because of dedication, we are recognized; because of self-love, we areLive with dignity.

The rapid development of Datang Homes not only gives us opportunities but also gives us higher requirements.

I often remind myself to turn pressure into motivation, to constantly improve myself, and to be a sensible, thoughtful, responsible and capable executive with a master attitude.

Faced with all kinds of temptations, people often ask me: Haven't you thought about leaving?

I said, what will happen to you when you feel nostalgic for your family

Of course, it is to actively contribute to building a more comfortable, more beautiful and more perfect home... People, no matter what position you are in, no matter which company you come from, we are all western Solid Thermal Power, the strongest force in our shared homeland, let us use it to compose a brighter and better tomorrow for Xidian! Together, we are a bolt of lightning, a beam of heat energy

One piece, we are the whole sun, the whole starry sky

Standing in one place, we are the faith formed with heart, the city wall that will not fall

Facing challenges, facing ups and downs, and joining hands Come, let us shoulder by shoulder, and use the blood of youth to forge the immortal soul of Tang and Gansu

I am responsible for the prosperity of my homeland, I am proud of the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty, and youth is wonderful because of struggle

Thank you everyone

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