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The collapse of the dynasty: from the Ninetowns to Shanda, the old factory is gradually disappearing

Release Time:2022-04-13 Topic:Prosperity Group listed on the New York Stock Exchange Reading:26 Navigation:Stock Liao information > Game > Online games > The collapse of the dynasty: from the Ninetowns to Shanda, the old factory is gradually disappearing phone-reading's contribution to the Million Genre Fees Campaign, authored by Qin Mengmeng brand non-stick frying pan (special writer), please do not reprint without authorization!

The Shanda game that has already changed the owner, but staged the so-called final curtain call at Chinajoy, its show-off heart can be said to be well known by passers-by, but it makes people laugh, but it has to make people feel other. Lenovo. In the past, Chinese manufacturers competed with each other.

However, up to now, although the game industry is still prosperous and prosperous, there is a familiar one. A giant, but gradually withered. The reason behind this is not thought-provoking-what is it that makes these manufacturers with Internet cash cows fall so far? And for Chinese games, is it good or bad?

The Ninth City: Collapsed in the Illusion of Pride

The Ninth City, the Nine Cities, was eight years ago In the medieval era of online games, China was a dynasty that competed with Tencent, NetEase, and Shanda. However, eight years later, most players now feel unfamiliar with this name. And one of the reasons for Ninetowns' fall is naturally that Ninetowns used to rely on for a living, or the only blood-sucking host "World of Warcraft" left it.

As the first batch of Chinese Internet game companies listed on Nasdaq, The Ninetowns' qualifications and capital can be said to be neither old nor thick.

From the beginning of the ninth city community before the millennium, to the collapse of the first Internet bubble, the nine city chairman Zhu Jun made a desperate attempt to represent "Miracle", thus achieving his own miracle. The Ninth City can be said to have seized every opportunity for development and prosperity in the first wave of the Internet.

And the second desperate attempt of the Ninth City was to grab World of Warcraft from Shanda Games agency.

As you all know now, World of Warcraft, which came out in 2004, created an era and created a generation of youthful memories. And such a great game, naturally let The Ninetowns and Zhu Jun earn a lot of money - and this kind of money like Jinhai Galaxy, but almost no need to spend the Ninetowns much effort.

In fact, before "World of Warcraft", whether it is "Warcraft", "Diablo" or "StarCraft", these classics have made Blizzard's father's reputation across China. At that time, players who were slightly involved in game culture all worshipped Blizzard.

In such an environment, "World of Warcraft" became popular before it was tested, and people in countless Internet cafes spread word of mouth and their blood boiled, just to look forward to the opening of "World of Warcraft"! ——Although The Ninetowns made a lot of advertising announcements during this period, it was far beyond the precedent, but at that time, the configuration requirements of "World of Warcraft" were too high. If not for the players at that time, almost all of them were diehard fans of Blizzard, It is absolutely impossible to make the owner of the Internet cafe have the motivation to upgrade the configuration.

Such a frenetic atmosphere, coupled with the absence of the anxiety that "Miracle" may break out big bugs anytime, anywhere, The Ninetowns has since begun to lie in the golden mountains and silver seas of "World of Warcraft". A happy life with a good night's sleep and a cramping hand when counting money.

In addition to the company's slack, Zhu Jun, the owner, also set foot in the football club. Started his own life as a local tyrant player - the tragedy of Shanghai Shenhua ClubIt also starts here.

Although during this period, The Ninetowns also had no lack of insightful people who realized the danger of its own pillar being a single agency product, and also increased its own agency product line, but until 2006 , it was the time when domestic free-to-play games were popular, but The Ninetowns missed this opportunity and only focused on agency products - and the products they were agency were all Korean games, and now it seems that around 2006, it was The era of Korean games in China is declining.

Major mistakes in strategy, coupled with over-reliance on the revenue of "World of Warcraft", at the same time The Ninetowns is too high on its own status, thinking that the popularity of "World of Warcraft" in China depends entirely on itself operation. However, The Ninetowns did not realize that it was not The Ninetowns that made World of Warcraft, but that World of Warcraft made The Ninetowns.

The Ninetowns is increasingly arrogant in front of Blizzard, and the players of "World of Warcraft" are becoming more and more perfunctory. Server freezes are almost commonplace, and occasional BUG outbreaks make rollbacks the norm. All of these things are seen by Blizzard. Because of this, Blizzard's father also regards The Ninetowns as an arrogant but unknowing blood-sucking parasite, and it is not difficult to understand that he is thinking about changing agents at the same time.

Who can endure the blood-sucking while relying on themselves to make money while rejecting them What about worms?

And when "World of Warcraft" changed hands, Zhu Jun, who had been immersed in the management of the football club, realized how fragile his Ninetowns was. In the midst of the storm, Ninetowns once wanted to save itself. However, whether it was a self-developed game, or the localized proxy work "Planet Margin 2", or the stillborn "Firefall", it never happened. Rescue works.

The reason why it didn't work is actually not difficult to understand. Although The Ninetowns is a senior Chinese game manufacturer, in fact, as early as the "Miracle" era, it can be found that The Ninetowns is not so much a game manufacturer as a business company that makes money from games. During the two major BUG outbreaks in "Miracle", The Ninetowns lacked the necessary technical personnel to control the situation. This undoubtedly shows that The Ninetowns is a company that focuses on operations far more than research and development, and the latter is the core of a game manufacturer. Competitiveness.

In fact, The9 is not even a qualified operator. Whether it is the lack of product lines or the misunderstanding of the market positioning at that time, after the loss of "World of Warcraft", it undoubtedly proves the weakness and stupidity of the company's own strength - no listed company will make its own rise and fall, Pin it on a product, and this product is not a product that owns the copyright.

And in today's Nasdaq stock market, The Ninetowns also perfectly reflects its true value - 8.10 quotes and closed at $1.90! Compared with its opening price of $19 on the first day, it has shrunk tenfold!

In the end, The Ninetowns' failure was not because "World of Warcraft" abandoned it, but as a game company, it was an agent's work. Even the players are regarded as lambs, and international friends and businessmen are regarded as servants who come and go by virtue of the so-called China's national conditions. Without its own game concept, it is naturally impossible to talk about how to cultivate it. In China's online game industry, which has passed the wild era, there is no core competitiveness, too much reliance on agents, and The Ninetowns, which has failed in its strategic layout, will not be out of the game. Difficult to understand.

It's the good dreams of the past that I had no worries about, but today I wake up and want to worry but I have no worries.

Shanda: I have a dream, but it has nothing to do with the game

If Ninetowns is a story about a gambler who developed and then fell again. So the loss of Shanda Games or Shanda Group is because Shanda's dream is too big, too lofty and too advanced. At the same time, its dream has nothing to do with the game, or is just consuming the cultural value of the game.

Shanda Games on Chinajoy has just called its curtain call. However, Shanda Games has long since died where the public can't see it - Shanda Games is just a game subsidiary separated from Shanda Group in the past. Last year, Shanda Games completed its privatization, and Shanda Group completely withdrew from the company's operations.

Therefore, the curtain call of the grand game on Chinajoy is just a tragedy of showing off feelings. The real tragedy, in fact, has already been staged.

I have to say that when I heard the news, I didn’t feel much touched. As the first generation of Chinese online game players, the rise and fall of Shanda are actually seen by the author, I still remember that year, "Legend" promoted Shanda to the status of the first Internet company, and Shanda made Chen Tianqiao the richest man in China.

With such an honor, it can be said that the grand has reached its peak. However, everything that followed seemed like Shanda was immersed in a dream. Its blueprint was so big and its layout was grand that at that time, it almost traversed the world.

However, unfortunately, this grand grand scene called Internet Disney is related to the hot video, IP operation, and TV boxes, but it has little to do with the game industry. It is true that there is no lack of games as the theme, the vision of operating the park, but this is just an opportunity to fit the Disney model. In essence, this is just the value of consumer game culture, just a commercial operation.

Games are an art that requires not only the complete layout of the industrial chain, but also a kind of obsession, a kind of dream.

It’s a pity that Shanda doesn’t have it, there’s nothing at all—Xishanju has the persistence of the Swordsman series; although Tencent started in a cottage , but the investment in self-developed works in recent years also shows its desire for transformation; and NetEase has been concentrating on self-research for many years, so that "Fantasy Westward Journey" and "World of Warcraft" have jointly maintained the heyday of MMORPG in the declining era. .

Shanda only regards games as the cash cows of the Internet, and this view is the favorite word of "hard-hearted" venture capitalists in the past. Now the main project of Shanda Group has also turned to the investment field. It can be seen that Chen Tianqiao has never been a game player, but a capital player.

With Chen Tianqiao's icy attitude, Shanda's failure and collapse in the game field is not difficult to understand - without a dream game company, what else can you expect them to do? What about the toy?

In fact, after Shanda Games was sold, Shanda Group did not completely give up the game field.

"Legend Eternal" is now the core masterpiece of Shanda Group - but it is ridiculous that "Legend Eternal" has only some poor "micro-innovation" and krypton gold in addition to showing off its feelings. The "advance with the times" of the game, and other than these, there is almost no innovation - the skin-changing game based on the game products of the ancient era more than ten years ago, is actually regarded as a masterpiece, can you believe it?

So, is Shanda a game company? If Shanda had not been born in China, a company that has not made progress in the past 15 years and is still eating its own money would have been eliminated by the world long ago.

If outside the game, from the perspective of the replacement of Internet generations, the grand dream is actually worthy of respect. It's just that Shanda that year met an era, and at the same time wanted to move into the next era too early. In the previous era, "Legend" achieved Shanda; in the latter era, Shanda mistakenly thought that he could create the era.

However, for gamers, Shanda made their money, but didn't put that money into more and better works. It can be said that in a sense, Shanda has failed his opportunity, and it has also failed the players' sustenance for him in the past - in that era, who didn't scold Shanda, but believed in Shanda at the same time? After all, the players of that era were so simple!

However, if Shanda had a real passion for games back then, and was more focused on it, perhaps today's Shanda is not only More games can be launched, and its Internet Disney dream is not just a pile of ashes.

Unfortunately, even if we turn back time, these situations will not change. Because grand dreams are never games.

Giant: not a giant, he is just a traditional businessman

One day, a man walked away in rags in the canyon of the roof of the world. come out. Behind him is a disguised off-road vehicle that slides down the valley.

At this time, the sky is high and the sky is wide, the world is vast, but he is so small that he seems to be enough to attract the attention of the gods.

Fang Jing lived and died, but he didn't have the fear he had just walked past the Jizo seat. On the contrary, his eyes were full of brilliance, and it seemed that in his eyes, he saw the future of the rebirth of his dynasty - even if the debt he borne at that time was an astronomical figure that an ordinary person could not finish for three lives and three lives.

This man, named Shi Yuzhu, later went to Shanghai.

"Journey", a game that only looks at the screen and can never be linked with the classic two characters - even in 2006this.

However, it is such a product with no aesthetics in the picture, and the game is heavily kryptonite, but in that year, it set off a huge wave, even a game like "World of Warcraft" that swept the world. In the Chinese market, he can only go hand in hand with him.

Nothing else, it is "Journey" that makes the localization of free props mode to the extreme! With just such a 2D game, Shi Yuzhu built the Giant Building, which he never built when he was making health products, and even listed Giant Network on the New York Stock Exchange, becoming the only game company listed in New York at that time. !

And such a brilliant achievement, naturally, countless Chinese counterparts have followed suit. Compared with "World of Warcraft", which has been honed for ten years, "Journey", which has no more than one year of work, is undoubtedly more popular. Chinese game makers are welcome.

Classic is for worship, and popular is for imitating.

After being nurtured by "Journey", countless players have already regarded the free item mode as "orthodox", And it is a fantasy to regard time-based games as a fantasy - and such a distorted concept of free game consumption has not been clarified until now. So much so that China's game industry is not ancient, and it is declining.

After the great success of "Journey", the giant network began to be too superstitious in itself, and the construction of the giant building was as if Shi Yuzhu was announcing his return to the world. However, this time the Giant Building was not unfinished, but later facts proved that Shi Yuzhu was a successful businessman, but not a successful gamer.

After "Journey", "Giant" is the second product launched by Giant Network, and it can also be said to be the last "named and surnamed" product. The second work of "Journey" has a maximum of 230,000 people online, which is almost not in the same order of magnitude as "Journey", which has more than one million people online. And not long after that, the online number of "Giant" plummeted, and then disappeared.

The failure of "Giant" can be said to be a sign of the sudden decline of the giant network after the sudden rise - when Shi Yuzhu began to talk about feelings, the products launched were mainly 2D, and the research and development cycle In less than a year, the inevitability of its decline has already become a bamboo in the Fang family's heart.

In fact, Shi Yuzhu was not unaware of the bleak future of the giants. As someone once disclosed, he entered the online game industry just to make a comeback. Although Shi Yuzhu, who came with a speculative mentality, achieved unexpected success, he was not a gamer. Compared with most rookie uncles who were new to the game in that era, he was not a gamer. There is no essential difference.

When a game rookie and a businessman born in the 1960s in red China dominated the situation of a listed game company, the tragedy of Giant Network was already doomed.

But the tragedy of Giant Network is not the tragedy of Shi Yuzhu. In fact, after his failure, he can rise again and be better than the past. Shi Yuzhu's pattern is naturally within his reach - at least his own shortcomings and the incompatibility of the giant network should be clear.

And when he realizes that the giant network is under its control, it can no longer change the situation of decline, but he When he was reluctant to let go of the power of a listed company, it was already doomed that the giant network would inevitably fade out of people's sight. In the three years after 13 years, he withdrew from the management of the giant and lived in seclusion for a time, but the decline of the giant has been irreversible. Three years later, after the completion of privatization, the giant returned to his helm, but it did not change much.

In fact, the author has reason to believe that Shi Yuzhu did not completely retreat after seclusion. When the giant continued to sink into the quagmire, he did not return in the open, but he was undoubtedly the one who made the privatization. is pushing. And this may be the downside of traditional strongmen—the zeal for rights does not help the facts.

The cause and effect of all this, the rise and fall of the giant network, the fall of a game giant, but now only idlers like the author are left to talk about it. As for the opportunity for the giant to meet, it has failed an era of games, but who can ask a businessman to sincerely love games?

This is also one of the reasons why the famous Chinese manufacturers in the past have disappeared in time. The explosion of the game market and the huge cash flow will naturally attract countless speculators, and most of these speculators don't know much about the game, and there are even many who despise them.

And it was different from the mature venture capital system in China at that time,At that time, most of the bigwigs were too superstitious about their own abilities. Those who could go into battle in person would never be entrusted to manpower. This is not only the legacy of idol worship in the past, but also the tradition of Chinese masters.

And when the blue ocean turns into a red ocean, and the red ocean turns into a bloody ocean, and it is necessary to fight with real swords and real guns, these traditional Chinese businessmen who know little about the game and begin to feel powerless about the company begin to try to cash out. Exit, as expected.


In today's game situation in China, big companies are withering. However, behind this seemingly tragedy, it is actually a big country's game market. After more than ten years of development, it is a normal situation after a benign elimination.

Those who were lying down and sucking blood like Ninetowns collapsed, those who had big dreams but had nothing to do with games like Shanda changed careers, and those who took advantage of the situation to make a fortune like Giant disappeared. The game industry or game players are using their own methods to replace the bigwigs who once dominated the industry.

No matter what decision the remaining PC game manufacturers make, the future change of the PC game pattern is already on the horizon - the market has made its own choice, and no one can escape the replacement of the times. And the new giant must be the one who wins the hearts and minds of the people.

It's not a historical lie, it's a fact - because, it's us who paid.

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