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Technology Enterprises in Taiwan Province—Inspection 18—Automotive Electronics—Tongzhi Electronics

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Taiwan Automotive Electronics ADAS Leading Company

I. Company Profile

< p data-pid="pKhb9mXu">1. Production capacity distribution: 60% in Xiamen, 30% in Kunshan, and 10% in Taiwan

2. Main products: ultrasound, imaging, radio frequency

3. Customers: GM, Ford, Changan, Great Wall, Beiqi Yinxiang, etc., different car manufacturers and different certification systems.

4. Production process, etc.: similar to 3C factory

5. The company's product development trend: reversing radar + camera + Anti-collision detection + long-range radar, benefiting from the increasing application of automotive electronics.

Second, the company's products

1. Product Category

Ultrasonic Products: Parking Assist System, Blind Spot Monitoring System, Low Speed ​​Brake Assist System (SCBS), Tailgate Switch Assist System
Optical Products: Multifunctional rear view camera, side view system, 360 degree surround view system, lane departure warning system, driving recorder, laser radar
RF products: body control module, keyless entry/start system, engine electronic anti-theft system , tire pressure monitoring system, microwave radar blind spot detection system
Others: intelligent rearview mirror, automatic lighting system, T-BOX

2. Trends in automotive electronics

Image optics: The development of cameras to surround view cameras, driving recorders, lane departure warning and other software requirements are high.
BCM: Integrate on-board controllers, such as integrating separate controllers for doors, lights, etc. into one controller.
Laser: Lidar; equivalent to camera + long-range radar. Tongzhi has at least 3 years of production capacity, and the current cost is high. Millimeter wave radar: blind spot monitoring, BAIC Yinxiang. After taking the software, it may have its own product this year.
ADAS: Integration of the above products

3, the company's key products

automatically Parking system: At present, only Bosch, Valeo and Tongzhi are on the market.
BSD: Blind Spot Detection
Lens: Pixel upgrade, now to megapixels, the price is 1.5 times to 2 times the previous. Domestic self-owned brand SUVs are growing rapidly, and there is a lot of demand for cameras. It is expected to account for 30% of the company's total revenue this year, compared with only 5% in the year before.
Tire pressure monitoring: the company can do the host + 4 transmitters for the original car factory. It will benefit from the growth of GAC and other customers.
Clients: GM, Changan (the value of a bicycle is less than NT$1500, parking sensor + camera), Great Wall, Jiangling (surround view image, lane deviation, BCM, tire pressure monitoring are available, the price of a bicycle is NT$15000)
Domestic Competitors: Everbright, Haun

4. Industry barriers

Patents: Most of the product technical principles will not infringe, the design is possible, and all Tongzhi's patents in the field of accumulated appearance
Qualification certification: Obtaining the car manufacturer's seriousness is a necessary condition, the hardware is specially made with the car factory, and the labor and other costs are high. Ultrasonic radar has no competitors: 1) For Taiwanese manufacturers, the Taiwanese market is not large, and the 3C market is developing relatively well. 2) Competitiveness for mainland manufacturers: enter from low-end products and make products with low software content. 3) The gross profit margin is not high, which is related to experience, and new entrants do not have an advantage. Entry sooner or later, communication costs, etc. are all important factors

5. Future growth

It has a high correlation with downstream car sales and bicycle value.
It is impossible to judge whether Internet companies and traditional car factories will lead the autonomous driving, and more opportunities lie in traditional car factories. Because Internet companies may do it themselves.

3. Others

< p data-pid="uA3Jqml5">1. Camera module: The company made it by itself, and also purchased Sunny's lenses and Largan.

2. Reversing radar: Generally, a car has 3-4 sensors.

3. ADAS products: The software part is in the same direction as Mobileye, but the Mobileye database is complete. The chip is found by TI, etc., but the chip manufacturer has less software, and generally uses a general-purpose chip (the more functions required, the fewer manufacturers can do it)

4. Ultrasonic The launcher: you can do it yourself, it's not cost-effective. Buy Audiwei (domestic new third board, ultrasonic for main ships), and then design your own software.

5. Manufacturing cost: more than 85% of materials, 15% of workers' production lines.

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