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Wen Jiabao inquired about the domestic stock market during his visit to Europe

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The picture shows Premier Wen delivering a brief speech at Huawei (UK) Co., Ltd. China News Agency issued a photo by Li Peng

China News Agency, London, February 1st Telegram: The European trip is coming to an end, and Wen Jiabao's "returning heart is like an arrow"

Wen Jiabao makes dumplings in the UK

China News Agency reporter Zhang Shuo Li Peng

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao will complete the "journey of confidence" on the evening of February 2.

At noon one day, he came to the Chinese Embassy in the UK to the sound of gongs, drums and firecrackers resounding through the neighborhood, visited diplomats and representatives of overseas Chinese, and reviewed the feeling of the rapid march in Europe over the past few days.

"The first few days I was abroad, I wasn't so anxious. As soon as the holiday was over, I felt like an arrow."

The holiday that Wen Jiabao refers to is the seven-day long holiday during the Chinese New Year. In Beijing, which is eight hours away from the time difference, one day is the end of the holiday.

And what affects Wen Jiabao's mind is also a matter of great concern to hundreds of millions of Chinese people. "When I woke up this morning, I asked the guard, what is the stock market today? He said, today is Sunday, and the market is closed." Wen Jiabao made everyone and himself laugh.

In addition to thinking about the stock market, which gives Wen Jiabao a reason to return to his heart at this moment, there is also a long list of achievements of the trip to Europe in the past few days-

On the first stop in Switzerland, because it is the first visit of the Chinese Premier after more than ten years, the Swiss side attaches great importance to it. China and Switzerland signed two important agreements on the joint feasibility study and investment protection of the bilateral free trade area.

In Davos, Wen Jiabao was the first to deliver a special speech at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum. This is his first time in Davos, but it is the ninth time that Forum President Schwab has extended an invitation to him. Wen Jiabao said that this year is the right time to go. Because of the outbreak of the financial crisis, the world is paying more attention to China's situation, and he wants to give people confidence.

In Germany, Chancellor Merkel accompanied Wen Jiabao to six events in less than 20 hours, and the two sides signed a number of agreements worth billions of yuan. China and Germany also issued a joint statement expressing the position, confidence and measures to be taken to jointly deal with the financial crisis.

In the EU headquarters, within a few hours, Wen Jiabao met with the President of the European Commission, the EU rotating presidents and other important EU figures. China and the EU have made two important decisions: to hold the China-EU high-level economic talks in April this year, and to resume the China-EU leaders' meeting earlier this year.

In Spain, known as "Europe's friendliest country to China", the two sides reached an agreement on expanding financial and financial cooperation, expanding bilateral investment, and promoting dialogue between civilizations. A cooperation agreement was signed, and a joint statement was issued to further deepen the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries.

On the first day of his arrival in the UK, where he stayed the longest, Wen Jiabao cheered on the Chinese in London's Chinatown, and then met extensively with British political and business circles to exchange views on strengthening Sino-UK cooperation in finance and other fields. On the last day of his upcoming visit to the UK, Wen Jiabao will also hold talks with Prime Minister Brown, attend the China-UK Business Summit and give a speech at Cambridge University.

On the evening of the second day, Buckingham Palace will also hold a special Spring Festival celebration for Chinese VIPs, which is unprecedented.

Wen Jiabao said that he designated this visit as a "confidence trip", which is to bring China's confidence in coping with the financial crisis, adhering to reform and opening up, and maintaining stable and rapid economic development, strengthening China-EU cooperation and promoting strategic partnership. Confidence in the relationship brings confidence that China is willing to work with the people of the world to overcome difficulties and ultimately bring about economic recovery and development.

"So far, I think the effect of the visit is still good," Wen Jiabao said. And tomorrow, after his busiest day in London, he will rush back to China. In response to the crisis, China has formulated plans for the revitalization of steel and automobiles. "Next Wednesday, I will return to Beijing to study the revitalization plans for shipbuilding and textiles."


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