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Deng Zhitian has been sentenced, who are the liars still fooling? _ talk about gold

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4. All the articles published in it are plagiarized, plagiarized without a word!

Today, take a break and slap the faces of these MLM idiots so that they have nowhere to lie!

I. Propaganda and Sources

In November 2018, the "New Era Pioneer Network" published the full text of "Talking about Gold". Dazhitian Group is promoting:

It should be pointed out that

New Era is not an official institutional website, but a "personal soft article website", which was closed in December 2018 shortly after we exposed the Zhitian scam.

Let's see what this book looks like👇

So, one might ask, is this book real? Let's face it one by one!

2. Illegal publications

In fact, just like Deng Zhitian's "China Dream" magazine, the book "Talking about Jin Lun Dao" is a misappropriation. Book number, fraudulent use of publishers, and "illegal publications" that have not been formally published.

1. Misappropriation of the book number

First come to literacy, ISBN book number is the "identity card" of a book, which is unique and records the publication of the book Country, publisher, book number, etc.

So, how is this encoded?

The first part is the country code (978 for China, 957 for Taiwan);

The second part is the code of the publisher, each publisher has a unique code;


The third part is the publication code;

The fourth part is the check code.

Look at the book number of "Tan Jin Lun Dao":

In the lower right corner of the back cover of the book Above the barcode, there is the International Book Number: ISBN 978-7-5059-8624-4

Through the National Library (), make Search by this ISBN:

Do not search I don't know, I was shocked when I checked it!

It turns out that this book number belongs to a "Liu Baorong Poetry Collection" published in 2014, the author is Liu Baorong, the publisher is China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Press.

The book number of "Liu Baorong's Poetry Collection" can also be verified by querying the "Confucius Old Books Network".

In addition, the publisher code in this ISBN is 5059, so which publisher is this?

The code of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Publishing House is exactly 5059:

The code of China Yanshi Publishing House is exactly 5059: The code is 5171:

Obviously! Hard evidence!

"Tan Jin Lun Dao" misappropriated the book number of "Liu Baorong's Poetry Collection" published by "China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Publishing House" in 2014! This book number has nothing to do with Yanshi Publishing House at all.

2. Fake Yanshi Publishing House

In fact, Yanshi Publishing House did not publish the book "On Gold Talks" at all. If in doubt, you can go to the official website of Yanshi Publishing House to check.

You can also call the number posted on the website:

3. This book is not found in the National Library of China

Anyone with IQ online knows that, The National Library has collected all the books published in China, but this "Tan Jin Lun Dao" is simply not found in this book!

4. Not found in regular online bookstores

No matter what you pass Jingdong, Dangdang and other genuine book sales networks, you will not find this book. Because it has never been officially published.

So, how did this book come about? This is the "business" of certain merchants in certain treasures and certain Xixi, you know.

In these businesses, you can also find "illegal publications of pyramid schemes" without book numbers and publishers, such as this "Chinese Dream Red Book", which is regarded as a heavenly book by MLM idiots:


So, to sum up, this is simply an "illegal publication" that used the book number and forged the publisher.

3. Forging Soros's Preface

The ISBN is fake! Publishers are fake! What else is false? The book claims that Soros, the American financial tycoon, wrote the foreword, please enjoy:

The key is:

1. Soros was 88 years old at the time, would he write a foreword to Deng Zhitian, who is far away in China and has never been heard of in the field of economics?

2. "Tan Jin Lun Dao" is written in Chinese, how can Soros understand it?

3. From the perspective of English expression, it is obvious that it is translated from Chinese, not from English to Chinese, and the English expression is extremely inauthentic, the tone of Chinese-English composition.

What does Mr. Soros think when he sees this? Let's take a look at the real hammer. Even the sentences of the Chinese preface are copied from the Internet. What's the laziness?

So, this sequence is also fake, completely fake!

4. Irregular evidence of plagiarism

This book "Talking About Gold" has a total of 10 chapters, including a total of 52 articles with a total of 260,000 words. Let's take a look at the table of contents first:

Can't see clearly? Let's take a look at it like this:

After that, search the articles in this book through CNKI, the largest academic database in China. I don't know if I don't check it, I'm shocked when I check it! All the articles are plagiarism, almost no word is written by myself.

The space is limited. Take the six articles in the first chapter as an example. The following is an overview:

Article 1 Research on China's Industrial Structure Adjustment, Transformation and Upgrading

Plagiarism: Full text plagiarism, which is composed of the following two articles. Source:

[ 1 ] Yin Yangang. Path Exploration of China's Industrial Structure Adjustment——Analysis Based on the Logical Perspective of Economic Development [ J ]. Journal of Hebei University of Economics and Business (Comprehensive Edition), 2015,15(04): 61-64+76

[ 2 ] Yi Xin. Countermeasures and suggestions for accelerating the transformation of my country's industrial structure in the medium and long term [ J ]. China Economic and Trade Tribune, 2016(25): 64-65.

Deng Zhitian's masterpiece is this:

The original text of the first part of the article comes from this:

The latter part comes from this:

Article 2: On Poverty Alleviation Methods and Future under the Condition of New Economic Development

Plagiarism: Full text plagiarism. Source:

[ 1 ] Liu Zijia. An Analysis of Poverty Alleviation Ideas under the New Normal of Economic Development [ J ]. The Economist, 2017(03): 39-41.

Article 3 on Financial Security and Economic Development Innovation

Plagiarism: Full text plagiarism. Source:

[ 1 ] Ma Ji. Financial security for economic development and innovation under the new normal [ J ]. Journal of the Party School of the Communist Party of China Yunnan Provincial Committee, 2017, 18(02): 26-30.

Article 4 On China's Economic Growth Mode Transformation

Plagiarism: Full text plagiarism. Source:

[ 1 ] Wu Shuqing. Transforming the economic development mode is the key to realizing the sound and rapid development of the national economy [ J ]. Frontline, 2008(01):17-19+31.

Article 5 Deepening China’s Economic Reform Consider

Plagiarism: Full text plagiarism. Source:

[ 1 ] Zhang Yu. Reflections on some major issues in comprehensively deepening the reform of the economic system [ J ]. Red Flag Manuscript, 2013(05): 4-10+1.

Article 6 Reflections on Countermeasures to Solve China's Inequity in Distribution

Plagiarism: Full text plagiarism. Source:

[ 1 ] Cai Jiming. The causes and countermeasures of my country's current unfair distribution [ J ]. Journal of the Party School of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, 2010, 14(03): 11-15.

From the above six articles, in addition to changing The title is the full text plagiarism! Really high-level financial masterpiece ah? ? ? All copied!

In fact, according to Deng Zhitian's speech, he doesn't know a bit about finance at all, he's just a liar, how could he possibly write a "financial book", is it funny or is his mother blown up?

5. Maybe from the paper factory

There are many paper factory websites on the Internet, and I found this website by accident. On this website, this article is shown above as an example. Perhaps it proves that Deng Zhitian's masterpiece was bought here!

Oh, the so-called "richest man in the world" actually bought a spliced ​​plagiarism article, and even licked a bear face and said that he wrote it himself Yes, it's a bargain! Septic tanks are not enough to feed you!

6. Conclusion

Deng Zhitian's book "On Gold Talks" is not a financial masterpiece at all, but a patchwork. It's just a plagiarism platter! There is no, nor is it possible to publish it publicly. It's just an "illegal publication" that misappropriated the book number, misappropriated the publishing house, forged Soros' preface, and plagiarized the whole text!

Those of you who are still obsessed, wake up!

[The source of the article: Lie Terminal, the copyright belongs to the original author, if there is any infringement, please contact and delete it, reprint and indicate the source, please abide by the CC agreement, thank you very much]

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