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3DM Evening News Biochemical 3 Tracker Preview Hong Kong service eShop supports Alipay

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Welcome to 3DM Evening News, today is Wednesday, January 15, 2020. Come with me to review what's new in the game industry today!

Biochemical 3: Remake New Trailer and Character Information

Coming soon on 4 "Resident Evil 3: Remake" will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms on January 3rd. Today, January 15th, the official announcement of the latest tracker theme and details of many classic characters will be released. Let's review the classic characters of the year together. New image. 【Details】

Hong Kong server eShop supports Alipay and UnionPay payment

Nintendo Hong Kong officially announced today that Nintendo Switch Store Hong Kong server now supports VISA, MasterCard, Alipay (Alipay), Unionpay To pay, players can go to the Nintendo Hong Kong server store page and use payment tools such as Alipay or UnionPay cards to pay.

"FF7 Remake" "Marvel's Avengers" bounced

Square Enix It was announced recently that Final Fantasy 7: Remake, originally scheduled for a global launch on March 3 for PS4, has been postponed to April 10. Not only did Square delay the release of Final Fantasy VII: Remake, but another game got the same treatment. "Marvel's Avengers" was originally scheduled to be released worldwide on May 15, but it is now postponed to September 4, and the game will be available on PS4/Xbox One/PC/Google Stadia.

"Diablo 4" game system explanation

Previous foreign anchor Rhykker at the carnival During the demo, I interviewed David Kim, the designer of "Diablo 4", and mentioned many contents in the game, including runes, trading, pvp, open maps, game mechanics, etc. David Kim said the Horadric Cube is a feature of the Diablo series and would love to bring it back to Diablo IV. He also said that the in-game mall will not sell any enhanced items. 【Details】

The number of players in the Epic mall has exceeded 100 million

With over 85 million users, it's amazing. Today, Epic announced that its mall has more than 100 million users. The official said that it will continue to distribute free games in 2020 and sign more exclusive games. Epic boss Tim Sweeney said that exclusivity is key, not only allowing game developers to have more funds for development, but also increasing Epic's popularity and sales, and allowing more new players to join the Epic camp.

"Monster Hunt: Iceborne" PC will solve the problem of high CPU usage

Today, Monster Hunter: World made an announcement on its Steam store page, confirming that a small patch will be released in the next few days to address the high CPU usage and save compatibility issues that appeared in the PC version of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. .

Total War: Three Kingdoms 1.4.0 Update Introduction

Total War The official recently launched the 1.4.0 new version of "Total War: Three Kingdoms" on its official website. Tao Qian, one of the heroes in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, will join the game as a playable character, Lu Zhi, Huangfu Song, Diao Chan and Xun Yu. will become legendary characters; in addition, new characteristics and skills, including deployable items and siege machines, will also meet players. 【Details】

Steam "Army Raid 3" is free to play for 4 days

"Armed Raid 3" Raid 3 was released back in 2013, but developer BohemiaInteractive has been providing ongoing support for this map-heavy tactical shooter. And Steam provides an opportunity for players who have been hearing about it but have not tried it. "Armed Assault 3" will be open for free trial until 2:00 on the 20th. 【Address】

Disney's "Mulan" 30-second Chinese trailer

Today, Disney A 30-second trailer for the live-action movie "Mulan" was released, briefly introducing the storyline of the film. Because her father was no longer able to fight, Hua Mulan resolutely picked up the sword and rushed to the battlefield...

There will be a surprise when you scan Ma Yunfu characters

This year, everyone's Alipay collection speed is much faster than in previous years, and the event just started In the first two days, more than 11 million netizens have gathered five blessings. Today (January 15th), Alipay officially posted on Weibo the handwritten blessing of a "colleague surnamed Ma". Although it was not explicitly stated, it should be undoubtedly Ma Yun. Alipay also said, "It is said that scanning this blessing will bring surprises."

The official version of the domestic unified operating system UOS was released

Today, the communication software company officially announced that the unified operating system UOS has released the official version, including the unified desktop operating system V20 and the unified server operating system V20, providing multiple image versions of x86, ARM, Loongson, and server. For partners. 【Details】

Telecom's beautiful account transfer is mandatory for a monthly minimum consumption of 10,000

Recently , A man in Shenzhen complained that Shenzhen Telecom's landline number 8888 was transferred, and new users were forced to spend 10,000 yuan every month. The complainant said that the friend's 8888 number used to cost only a few dozen yuan per month, and a minimum monthly consumption of 10,000 yuan was required after the transfer. Shenzhen Telecom customer service said that internal documents require this to be implemented.

Win7 Kanban Girl Nami Announces Graduation

January 14, 2020, Microsoft Officially stop the support service for Windows 7, and declare the end of the era of Le win7 system. At present, the first official kanban girl of the Windows family, "Nami by the Window" has also announced her graduation on Twitter. As a very special spokesperson for the cuteness of the operating system, "she" once brought great popularity to win7, and now she is not allowed to Don't wave goodbye to everyone.

Foreign media exposed the new design of Xiaomi double-sided screen

Recently, foreign media LetsGoDigital exposed Two new designs for Xiaomi's "dual-screen" smartphones have been revealed and hinted at for upcoming devices. Both solutions use a dual-screen design, but differ in how the screen changes to the other side.

FBI says it has tools to crack iPhone

January 15, FBI Some of the two iPhones belonging to the suspects are still in an uncracked state. Although the FBI has passed the most basic locking interface, professional technical support is still required to obtain all the data. Naturally, the FBI thought of Apple, the manufacturer of the iPhone. , while Apple said it had provided all the help it could. Even the president of the United States couldn't sit still, tweeting urging Apple to lend a hand.

Apple's rack-mount Mac Pro starts at 51,999 yuan

The world's most expensive desktop There is a new version of the Mac Pro. This time, on the basis of the original, a rack is provided. The starting price is 51,999 yuan, which is equal to 4,000 yuan more expensive. At present, Apple's official website in China has been updated. Mac Pro is divided into two designs: tower and rack. The price is 47,999 yuan / 51,999 yuan respectively, and it is expected to ship in 6-7 weeks. Limit five units per customer.

Finally, I wish everyone a sweet dream tonight, see you tomorrow.

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