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In the 100 billion meteorological service market, Moji weather "eats meat" or "drinks soup"?

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In the spring of Song Shenzong Yuanfeng's fifth year, Su Shi and his friends encountered heavy rain during a spring outing in Shahu Road. Because there was no rain gear, they were completely cold. His friends were deeply embarrassed, but he took it calmly, marched forward in the rain and wrote the well-known "Ding Storm".

Today, it may be difficult for us to experience the embarrassment and open-mindedness that Su Shi experienced. With all kinds of weather forecast software flooding mobile phones, it is not difficult to check the weather in advance before traveling.

Nowadays, the weather has brought us more and more help, not only in daily life, but also in the business field. According to estimates by the China Meteorological Association, the scale of China's meteorological service industry will reach 300 billion yuan in 2025, and the meteorological service market has already entered a dividend period.

Intensifying competition in the market has become an inevitable trend. Who will be the hand that will stir the market?

Insight into the opportunities, Moji Weather seizes the market at both ends of B and C

In terms of popularity, although the weather service market in recent years is not as good as new consumption, AI Waiting for it to become popular, but there has been no shortage of capital attention. Since the beginning of this year, commercial weather service providers such as Xiangji Technology and Jiufang Technology have completed financing successively. However, when it comes to the weather service provider that has received the most attention from the market, it is Moji Weather.

Among the domestic meteorological service companies, Moji Weather is one of the first to enter the bureau. In 2009, Moji Weather released the first version of the App and officially entered the field of meteorological services.

In the following years, due to relevant policy restrictions, Moji Weather's weather service has been developed for the C-end. At that time, Moji Weather mainly did two things: one was to use scientific and technological means to continuously improve the accuracy of weather forecasts; A one-stop comprehensive service platform. In addition, the "Air Fruit" was launched in terms of meteorological hardware, trying to deeply integrate into the lives of residents.

These actions have indeed accumulated a lot of C-end users for Moji Weather. According to its official website, as of 2019, the number of download users has reached 700 million, and the monthly active users have reached 150 million. This achievement gives Moji Weather the confidence to compete with the traffic platform for the market.

But then came the problem. With users, how to realize it? As a meteorological software, Moji Weather does not have many directions for realization. According to the prospectus, its advertising revenue once accounted for more than 90% of its revenue in the past. However, users regard Moji Weather as a tool for predicting the weather, and do not want to browse a large number of advertisements before checking the weather, which leads to the risk of losing users to Moji Weather.

Therefore, in order not to fall into this dilemma, Ink Weather has opened up a road to B.

In June 2015, the Bureau of Meteorology officially issued an order to open up China's meteorological information, which will be fully opened in 2020, while encouraging cooperation between private capital and the Bureau of Meteorology.

With favorable policies, Moji Weather quickly launched "Moji Chibi" to enter the B-end market. Due to the rich experience and massive data accumulated in the C-end market for many years, Moji Weather has been successfully rolled out in the B-end market.

By the end of 2020, Moji Weather has provided weather services to over 100 industry customers. Compared with other commercial weather service providers, Moji Weather is already at the forefront. However, the data shows that the degree of commercialization of the weather service market as a whole is still low. The public weather service accounts for 76.01% of the total market, and the commercial weather leader has not yet emerged.

In the face of the blue ocean of hundreds of billions of commercial weather services, how does Moji Weather release its value?

With the deep commercialization of weather services, is ink weather still "playable"?

Due to the late commercialization of weather in my country, most people may not realize that weather services are very important to enterprises.

From the perspective of service objects, many industries such as agriculture, logistics, transportation, travel, catering and retail need meteorological services. The assistance brought by meteorology to the development of enterprises is not only in "predicting the weather", but also in management upgrades, process reengineering,Service innovation and industrial upgrading.

Taking the retail industry as an example, large-scale retail enterprises generally have mature supply chains to achieve seamless connection between procurement, logistics, transportation, and sales, and improve operational efficiency. But it also means that once a problem occurs in one of the links, other links will be affected.

In the actual operation of procurement, logistics, transportation and sales, it is often affected by uncertain factors such as weather. At this time, professional-level meteorological services are needed to make scientific decisions in advance and reduce costs and increase efficiency.

In fact, large foreign retail companies such as Wal-Mart, McDonald's, Starbucks, etc. have fixed weather service solution providers, and weather services have been integrated into all aspects of their production.

In contrast, my country's meteorological service is still in the early stage of development, and the enterprise's meteorological service awareness is still being formed. In such a market environment, how can Moji Weather release its value?

As a weather service provider, the coverage and accuracy of weather forecasts are naturally the keys to determining whether they can fire the first shot. . Whether the coverage of the weather forecast matches the business map of the serviced enterprise, and whether the accuracy of the forecast is almost the same as the real weather, these are the key issues for enterprises to consider when introducing weather services.

The coverage and accuracy are essentially a test of data collection capabilities. Compared with other weather service providers, Moji Weather can not only collect data from professional meteorological organizations at home and abroad, but also use crowdsourced data such as massive real-time weather pictures in the Time View community and short-term feedback from background users to update weather information in real time. With the addition, the latter is the main reason why the commercial value of Ink Weather is different from its peers.

The reason why the B-end and even the G-end market needs commercial weather services is that compared with public weather services, commercial weather services are more professional, and the data analysis and weather forecasts can be accurate, which can help the B-end. Avoid losses caused by weather changes in production activities with the G terminal. By improving data collection capabilities, Moji Weather can issue different customized solutions for different industries, breaking the deadlock of "one solution for multiple industries" in the industry.

However, with the gradual release of the meteorological service market value, the strength of late-entrant competitors should not be underestimated. For example, Xiangji Technology, which focuses on the B-side, has a good scientific research strength. It has independently developed more than 50 meteorological technologies, including big data development, meteorological identification, weather forecasting, etc., and has applied for patents. In contrast, Qichacha has only 33 patent information on Moji Weather, which is slightly insufficient.

After all, professional weather services for B-side and G-side are different from public weather services for C-side. In order to maximize the release of value in the 100 billion market, Moji Weather must continue to improve its scientific research strength and market operation capability.

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