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[Science and Technology Daily] Interdisciplinary integration in this university brings a "new atmosphere"

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In the past few days, Dr. Yao Changhua, who has been researching artificial intelligence for many years, is coming to Nanjing University of Information Technology to report.

This time he applied for a teacher position in the School of Artificial Intelligence, but the notice he received came from the School of Electronic Information and Engineering. "Through several communications with schools and colleges, I found that the School of Electronic Information and Engineering can give full play to my professional expertise." Yao Changhua said.

"His main research directions, such as intelligent communication network, intelligent unmanned cluster system, and spectrum big data analysis, are more suitable for the School of Electronic Information and Engineering. Now the school is readjusting the discipline layout. Broad space for development," said Qiu Xinfa, director of the Division of Discipline Construction at Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology.

From the ancients' view of the clouds and the sky to today's big data and artificial intelligence accurate forecasting, the ancient discipline of meteorology has been continuously integrated and innovated in the inheritance.

In recent years, the school has focused on the first-class discipline construction system of "one body, two wings and three dimensions", vigorously developing interdisciplinary subjects such as disaster prevention and mitigation, air pollution control, artificial intelligence, and meteorological sensing. Atmospheric science is in the third round. It ranked first in the country in the subject evaluation, and was awarded the A+ grade in the fourth round of subject evaluation. Atmospheric science ushered in a "new climate" in the integration and innovation.

Making atmospheric science more grounded

How much will a global warming of 1.5°C cost? How does a 2% increase in urban smog affect population growth?

"If the global temperature rises by 1.5 degrees Celsius, the number of deaths in Chinese cities due to high temperatures, such as cardiovascular diseases, will increase by nearly 50,000." Global warming, everyone thinks of extreme weather and climate, glaciers melting, and sea level rise, but it is difficult to give precise response strategies to the impact and risks of climate change on society and economy.

In 2017, the college was reorganized, and Jiang Tong was appointed as the dean. In the same year, he participated in the "Future Earth Project" China Committee. At that time, he already had a plan in his mind to "integrate the natural sciences and social sciences, aiming at the sustainable development of the earth in the future."

Supported by this idea, the college took the initiative to put the past "high above the ground." The atmospheric science of "falls to the ground". From regional response to climate change, risk assessment and management to cryosphere geography, arid region geography, and disaster prevention and mitigation, atmospheric science runs through it like a drive shaft. More than 70 experts proficient in different disciplines focus on atmospheric science and land surface human beings. The activities work together, hoping to get rid of the inertia of disciplinary thinking and path dependence, and collide with new sparks. In the past three years, the college has undertaken more than 100 scientific research projects of various types and published more than 300 academic papers, of which more than 100 papers were included in SCI, which has made important contributions to the continuous improvement of the global ranking of Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology in Earth Sciences.

In the past, Nanjing University of Information Technology was one of only two meteorological colleges in my country. Now through cross-integration, atmospheric science has expanded and derived two large subject groups: geographic science and environmental ecology. What is different from the past is that information technology is one of the most important supports for atmospheric science. Relying on big data and artificial intelligence, atmospheric science is more accurate and grounded.

"'Meteorology+'''+Information' is the cross-integrated subject brand being built by the school, striving to build a world-class university with the subject group of atmospheric science as the main body, and to build it with the subject group of environmental ecology and information engineering as the two wings. The domestic first-class disciplines form a three-dimensional discipline ecosystem of basic disciplines, supporting disciplines and first-class disciplines." said Li Beiqun, president of Nanjing University of Information Technology.

Unleash the creativity of teachers and talents

Eight immortals cross the sea, each showing their magical powers. A group of talents from different fields gather together, and the combined force they form is not just as simple as "1 plus 1 is greater than 2".

Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology Party Secretary Guan Zhaoyong said frankly that in the face of more than 1,700 full-time teachers in the school, the school, as a big platform, needs to think about how to give full play to the creativity of these talents.

“Beginning last year, the school has implemented streamlining administration and decentralizationThe core of the reform is to devolve authority such as performance appraisal and professional title assessment from schools to colleges and even teams. Shi Wei, deputy director of the Personnel Department of Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, told reporters that the reform has removed obstacles to the promotion of talent teamwork.

In the 1990s, Liao Hong, the dean of the school's School of Environmental Science and Engineering, found it right. The intersection of the two scientific lines of meteorology and chemistry is the first in the world to develop a two-way coupling model of atmospheric environment and climate, which is unique in the field of "interaction between atmospheric pollutants and climate change". Under her leadership, Nanjing University of Information Technology " "Environmental Science and Ecology" has entered the top 7‰ of the ESI global subject rankings.

In 2019, Professor Liu Yubao, a national specially-appointed expert, joined Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology on a full-time basis. The school supports him in forming a team and opening a special program for the introduction of industrial talents. channel, set up a refined regional earth simulation and information center, established a joint laboratory with the China Electric Power Research Institute, and invested millions of yuan in scientific research start-up funds.

“The human capital investment of the whole school in 2019 reached 960 million yuan, of which high-level talent introduction funds increased by nearly 190 million yuan compared with 2018, and will continue to grow this year. Shi Wei said that through the "Longshan Scholars Support Program", the whole school has formed a high-level talent team of nearly 200 people, and another 60 people will be added this year.

The achievements of "New Weather" are blooming everywhere

What is the supply and demand relationship of agricultural futures this year? How to calculate the insurance rate this year in flood and typhoon-prone areas? Where should down jackets be put in this winter? What effect does the color of urban roofs have on local weather... At Nanjing University of Information Technology, these make The dazzling R&D services are eye-opening.

In the past, everyone only knew about weather forecasts, but now it has expanded to climate change, climate and environment, etc.

“Currently , the school has led the formation of the 'Meteorology +' Science and Technology Industry Alliance, is preparing to build the 'Meteorology +' Intellectual Property Alliance, and has established research institutes in cooperation with 11 industry leading companies such as Huafeng, Aerospace Hongtu, and Xiangji Technology, and has transferred 585 invention patents . "Xia Jingming, deputy director of the Science and Technology Industry Department of Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, revealed.

According to Professor Miao Chunsheng, executive director of Nanjing Xinda Meteorological Science and Technology Research Institute, the institute is based on the meteorology of the Ministry of Education of Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology. Relying on the Key Laboratory of Disasters and the Collaborative Innovation Center for Meteorological Disaster Prediction, Early Warning and Evaluation, it focuses on the research and development of specialized meteorological forecast and early warning key technologies and new meteorological, hydrological and marine detection equipment, and carries out the engineering and integrated innovation of meteorological scientific research achievements. There are 20 technology-based enterprises. In 2018, the research institute cooperated with Huawei to successfully develop the Kunpeng meteorological integrated machine using the strong convection proximity warning technology and deep integration technology.

Last year, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology received another award from the discipline construction of Nanjing University of Information Technology. A new "chess piece" - China Meteorological Valley. In the next five years, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology will rely on the advantages of interdisciplinary integration to build a whole industry of meteorological services that integrates education and training, project research and development, achievement transformation, and business incubation. Chain.

Science and Technology Daily May 8 6th Edition

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