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Psychology of a 28-year-old woman object (what the object can do)

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Posted on December 10, 2021 (Author: Kuangda Technology (002516) Kuangda Technology)

The subject's self-introduction sample I am a straightforward and generous person! I am a friend of mine Very good, but only my friends will know! I hate those who betray me and those who are clearly human and secretly ghosts! Of course, those who offend me are the kind that are big and unforgivable, and I will never in my life Forgive him and her! In my heart, parents are the most important, because people all over the world don't love me, don't care about me, or even abandon me, but they decided not to... I'm too dependent on my relatives, if you are my relatives , then you are so unlucky, because I will only deduct and take advantage of you! I take money too seriously. I have earned a lot of money over the years, but I am reluctant to spend it! It seems that saving money has become a hobby of mine I'm super serious about relationships, I don't like people who grind a few times, I love them, and I don't love them if I don't! Cherish them when they're together, and get together when they break up! A sentimental person! Always happy and sad for a song or a TV series! It's the kind of person who is brokenhearted, and I am also sad! I am a person who has no opinion and is indecisive! I think he is good when others say he is good Well, if someone says I look good on this dress, I will buy it! Always refer to other people's opinions when going or staying, whether it is buying clothes, eating or even objects! I can't do without other people's opinions! I am a person with dreams I want to be a good photographer and take the best pictures in the world! I am a very strong person! I went to work when I was fifteen! Now I am nineteen! In these four years I have only I cried four times! I can overcome any difficulties! Because my tears will not fall easily... I am a selfish person! In my heart, my relatives and friends are my voluntary sacrifices, but others are different! With me If the relationship is not good, I want him to pay him back a dime! I am a person who doesn't care about anything! I take life very plain, because I feel that people's life is short, so I must learn to cherish it Every day! Hello everyone! My younger brother is from Pujiang, Zhejiang. He came to Xiaoshan to work for a year. He is 25 years old this year. He works in Xiaoshan Wanxiang Group. He is an engineer. Excluding the year-end bonus, I have a car now, it is an automatic transmission horse 6, I bought it in November 2021. Add: I have no bad habits, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, drive, and drink. I go out and fool around, but I'm good at socializing, but I don't know many women. I have arranged a couple of kisses at home. The first one is that the teacher is from my hometown, but I consider myself working in Hangzhou, and the two places are separated and in love. , I finally gave up. Later, I had a relative who married in Hangzhou and introduced me to a local woman in Hangzhou. The first one, I met her, was not my type. The girl was too fancy, so I brought her friends when I first met. When I went to KTV and sat on the man's lap, I immediately felt that this woman was unreliable, so I didn't think about dating. I don’t want to worry about my family because of my age. I want to get a partner in 20XX, and then get married when it’s almost the same. I like free love, I like a woman who is not too bad-looking, not very arrogant, and has a stable job, preferably Hangzhou , Xiaoshan generation. If a friend has a single MM by your side, it is from Hangzhou and Xiaoshan. If you want to meet someone, you can introduce them or leave me a message. Hello everyone, my name is Zhang Zongning. Now living in Nanjing, now engaged in some animation dubbing work. In fact, I quite like the job. Maybe the world is a little too impetuous now, and cartoons may be closer to children or innocent things. I think doing this kind of thing makes me feel simple and happy. In fact, I am a typical Pisces girl. When others see me, they will think that I am very special and gentle, but in front of my friends, I am a big boy. Too much to change myself, because I think that if two people are suitable together, they are suitable, and if they are not suitable, they are not suitable. In fact, I don't mind if others say I'm going to be a leftover girl or something. I think ifIf it’s really not good for people with predestined relationship, it may be good to live alone in this life. There will be happiness at each stage. The most important thing is to be happy. Don’t force yourself to do unhappy things. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

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