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The iPhone 11 has officially dropped to the exit price, and hundreds of millions of fruit fans are reluctant to say goodbye!

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Original title: iPhone 11 officially fell to the exit price, hundreds of millions of fruit fans are reluctant to say goodbye! Source: Tencent News

In the first half of this year, the competition in the mobile phone market has entered a white-hot stage. Once the mobile phone has obvious shortcomings, it will be abandoned by consumers . 5G, long battery life and high refresh rate have become the "standard" of new phones in the first half of the year. But Apple is an exception. The iPhone 11 series currently on sale does not support 5G, nor does it have a screen with a high refresh rate, and the battery life is also average, but it is the best-selling flagship phone.

I think the reason why the iPhone sells well is the constant price reduction. The listing price of the iPhone X is 8,388 yuan, the iPhone XR is down to 6,499 yuan, and the iPhone 11 directly raises the price to 5,499 yuan. And the new phone will usher in a big drop soon. Now on the third-party platform, the iPhone 11 has officially dropped to the "freezing price" and started to exit. Hundreds of millions of fruit fans are reluctant to say goodbye, because the iPhone 11 is indeed a very practical and cost-effective mobile phone!

As a senior fruit fan, let me talk about why iPhone 11 is so popular. First of all, everyone knows that the core competitiveness of the iPhone is the A-series chip + iOS system. The A13 chip is the strongest SoC on mobile phones at present. After the smooth and stable iOS is paired with the A13, it is conservatively estimated that it will not be used for three consecutive years. will be stuck.

And there are a lot of non-linear animations in iOS, which can bring a very smooth sliding experience. In addition, iOS is much better than Android in terms of security and privacy, and MIUI and EMUI do not frequently push advertisements. These are the reasons why I choose the iOS system.

In terms of hardware, the front of the iPhone 11 is a good-quality 6.1-inch LCD The screen supports wide color gamut colors and original color display. The display effect is not as gorgeous as the AMOLED of the Samsung S10 in my hand, but the eye protection effect is very good, and there will be no low-frequency PWM dimming like the OLED screen. Eye discomfort (this is especially noticeable when you turn off the lights and play with your phone at night).

In terms of battery life, the iPhone 11 uses a 3110mAh battery, which is longer than the iPhone XR. After a certain improvement, the battery life in Apple mobile phones is second only to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and it is completely no problem to use it for a whole day.

Let's talk about taking pictures, the iPhone 11's taking pictures is significantly better than the iPhone XR improvement. In fact, the color, dynamic range and HDR of the iPhone XR in the daytime photos are very good, and the iPhone 11 mainly improves the performance in low light.

With the blessing of A13, iPhone 11 supports night mode, under dark light The picture quality has been greatly improved, which makes up for the shortcomings of iPhone night shooting. At the same time, the addition of ultra-wide-angle also increases the practicality of mobile phone photography, and the front lens has also been upgraded to 1200W pixels, and the HDR algorithm has also been strengthened..

On iPhone 11, performance, system, camera and battery life are all excellent , 18W fast charging is supported in charging, which can charge half of the power in half an hour. Therefore, the iPhone 11 is a practical mobile phone with almost no shortcomings. At present, the phone has dropped to a historical freezing price of 3,979 yuan on third-party platforms. According to speculation, after the iPhone 12 series is launched, the iPhone 11 is likely to be delisted, and I really can't bear to say goodbye!

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