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Why can't we talk about eating noodles in stock trading? (Shaanxi people eat noodles video)

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Posted on November 21, 2021 (Author: Zijin Bank () Zijin Bank)

Another long story: Where to eat noodles in Beijing (2) Inscription: As the old saying goes, eat in winter Dumplings, noodles in summer. When I don't want to cook in the hot sun, the most common thing I do is go out and fill my stomach with noodles. If it wasn't for the Internet, I wouldn't have known there were so many face lovers like me. After I wrote the last noodle hunt, more and more bloggers and I exchanged ideas about eating noodles. Not only in Beijing, people from all over the country are talking about the delicious noodles in their own homes, which are as rare as they are. It shows how popular noodles are. In today's article, some are recommended by friends, and some are addendums from the past. What I want to declare at the beginning is: the article can be reprinted, but the author and source must be indicated, and the text and pictures are strictly prohibited from being modified. I know that saying this cannot stop all unreliable reprints. However, I really want everyone who sees it to know how I feel about my own words and pictures. When hard-written words and hard-worked pictures are deleted, edited, trimmed, and rebranded as products under someone else's name. I have to say, this feeling is not nauseating to describe. So I say solemnly: please respect my article, respect others, and also respect yourself.

--By: Xiaoya *Frankly speaking, before eating "Old Teng's Crossing the Bridge Rice Noodles", I had never been interested in Donghuamen Night Market. Because people who have a little idea of ​​taste will not eat the so-called Beijing snacks here. First, the taste is mostly dealt with, and second, the price is on the high side. At least the same price, eating the same thing elsewhere, there will be a comparison, and the food here will generally feel flashy. The "Old Teng's Crossing the Bridge Rice Noodles" located in the middle of the street is different. A bowl of 10 yuan, although a little expensive, is acceptable. As for the taste, it should be said that this is not authentic cross-bridge rice noodles, but it is indeed delicious rice noodles. The fish balls are delicious and bouncy, the sauerkraut tastes very pleasing, especially the chicken soup is really boiled in a big pot, and there is not enough to give. This is why this seemingly ordinary stall has been standing in the water-like night market of Donghuamen for more than 20 years, and 80% of the diners are repeat customers. Also, the boss is cute, speaks an authentic Beijing accent, and chats and jokes with you from time to time, which can make you feel interesting. It is recommended to soak the rice noodles in the hot chicken soup for a while before eating, the taste will be better.

Location--the middle section of Donghuamen Snack Street in Wangfujing. *"Dangui Restaurant" is in the dilapidated alley behind the Sanlian Bookstore of the Art Museum. Reading books in the bookstore, going out and turning to "Dangui" to order something to feed my stomach is a very convenient and frequent thing for me. Although the small shop is very simple, it is very popular because of the delicious taste of the food, and there are regular diners. Many people, including my dear friend Tingting, love the sour beans and sour bamboo shoots here. It has a unique sour taste, and it is surprisingly delicious when mixed or fried in rice noodles. Influenced by Tingting, I prefer the hot and sour fried rice noodles here compared to the signature lo-mei noodles. Stir-fried hot and sour rice noodles, with enough sour bamboo shoots and sour beans, a little green vegetables, and served in a big plate, it can make people's appetite suddenly increase, and then bury their heads in eating. If you are a person who likes this sour taste like me, you can add 1 to 2 yuan of sour bamboo shoots for 8 yuan a piece of fried noodles, and you can enjoy it all at once. Apart from rice noodles, the crispy fish is also a signature dish and worth a try. In addition, in summer, the store will provide one serving of ice mung bean paste, which is very sweet and refreshing.

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