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What laptops do finance graduate students have?

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1. Taking the computer of 2015 as a reference, Lenovo Y40-70AT-ISE is recommended (quote 5000 yuan).

The configuration is as follows:

CPU:Intel Core i74510U

Memory:4GBDDR3L(low voltage version) 1600MHz

Graphics card:AMD- Radeon-R9-M275

Screen: 14-inch 1920x10803

Although the CPU uses a low-voltage version of the i7, it is sufficient for calculation and analysis of large amounts of data. It is recommended to add an identical memory stick to form a dual-channel memory, which can theoretically double the access speed.

The graphics card is AMD-R9M275 (mid-to-high-end graphics card), and the screen display effect and drawing effect are better. The overall configuration is more suitable for a large amount of data calculation and graphic image analysis, and the use in the financial industry is just right.

2. Those who study finance are mostly dealing with a large amount of data and icons. Once the amount of data is very large, the computing power of the computer is relatively high. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a mid-to-high-end CPU, and a memory of at least 4G (8G is the best), and the graphics card can use the A card, because the graphics display effect of the A card is better.

Extended information:

4000 yuan laptop recommendation:


1. Lenovo Xiaoxin 300 Classic Edition

The biggest highlight of Lenovo Xiaoxin 300 Classic Edition notebook is that it is equipped with a new sixth-generation high-end i7 series processor, built-in powerful core graphics card, and is equipped with a discrete graphics card , In addition, combined with the classic design, 1080P full HD screen, the price is less than 4,000 yuan, the price is good.

The AMD-Radeon-R5-M330 discrete graphics card is not particularly powerful, the CPU and graphics card are not well-balanced, the large-scale game capability is limited, and the graphics card is obviously not as eye-catching as the sixth-generation CPU.

Second, Dell Ins15M-4528S

Dell's notebook has always been the main fashion style, this Dell Ins15M-4528S from the light and thin body, combined with the brushed metal shell, the appearance gives people a kind of High-end atmosphere. In addition, this notebook is also equipped with i5 independent display, and the performance is not bad. The price is 3899 yuan, which is quite a fashionable notebook for the people.

3. ASUS FL5600L

Compared with the previous Lenovo notebook, this ASUS FL5600L notebook is more cost-effective, with a calm and atmospheric design, equipped with i7 independent display, and equipped with 1TB Large-capacity hard drive, 1080P full HD screen, priced at 3899 yuan, the price/performance ratio can be said to be excellent.

Fourth, HP HP-15q-aj006TX

This HP i7 gaming notebook is a fashionable gaming entertainment notebook with very good price/performance ratio.

5. Shenzhou-God of War K660D

This notebook of Ares K660D is mainly for gamers, equipped with mainstream i5 independent graphics and mid-to-high-end discrete graphics cards, and its performance can meet the vast majority of 3D gaming network requirements, and the price is the cheapest among notebooks with the same hardware configuration.

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