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Student Party Must-See Laptop Buying Recommendations in March 2021

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Use the shortest length to let you know about laptops
If you can read most of this article, you can already avoid being fooled by the marketing staff of the physical store
The necessary purchasing knowledge, the processor, Take a good look at these suggestions for hard drives, at least to understand what the computer you bought looks like.

You must understand the purchase knowledge

1. The common parameter knowledge is as follows (mostly quoted from Baidu Encyclopedia)


The microprocessor (or CPU) works with the operating system to control the operation of the computer. It's like the brain of a computer. CPUs generate a lot of heat, so desktops use airflow, fans, and heatsinks (a system of baseplates, channels, and cooling fins to remove heat from the processor) to cool the various components. Because the space inside a laptop is too small to use these cooling methods, its CPU typically:

has a lower operating voltage and clock frequency - which reduces the Generates heat, while reducing power consumption, but also slows down the processor. Also, most laptops run at a higher voltage and clock frequency when plugged in, and a lower voltage and frequency when running on battery.

Non-pin mounts to the motherboard - pins and sockets in desktops take up a lot of space. In some laptop motherboards, the processor is soldered directly to the motherboard and no socket is used. Other motherboards use Micro-FCBGA (Flip Chip Ball Grid Array), which uses balls instead of pins. This design saves space, but in some cases also means that the processor cannot be removed from the motherboard for replacement or upgrades.

Some notebook computers also use sockets to facilitate users to upgrade in the future. CPU suffixes with MQ (such as I7 4710MQ) are equipped with sockets.

Have a sleep or slow run mode - if the computer is idle or the processor doesn't need to be fast, the computer and operating system work together to slow down the CPU. The Apple G4 processor also prioritizes data to maximize battery savings.

Laptops usually have small fans, heat sinks, thermal fins, or heat pipes that help the CPU dissipate heat. Some higher-end laptop models even reduce heat by filling channels with coolant along the heat pipes. Also, most laptops have CPUs close to the edge of the case. This way, the fan can blow heat directly to the outside, rather than onto other components.

Cooling system

The cooling system of a notebook computer consists of a heat-conducting device and a heat-dissipating device. The basic principle is that the heat-conducting device dissipates heat. Concentrate on the cooling equipment (using heat sinks and fans, and also have models that use water cooling systems) to dissipate. Unknown cooling devices and keyboards are knocking and beating.The keyboard will also dissipate a lot of heat. [ 3 ]

Hard disk

The performance of the hard disk affects the overall performance of the system.

The hard disk used in notebook computers is generally 2.5 inches, while the desktop computer is 3.5 inches.

The laptop hard disk is one of the few common parts in the laptop, and basically all laptop hard disks are universal.

The hard disk can be divided into mechanical hard disk (HHD) and solid state disk (SSD).

Mechanical hard disk is a well-known ordinary hard disk, its structure consists of: platter, magnetic head, platter shaft, control motor, magnetic head controller, data converter, interface, cache composed of several parts. Its main component is a mechanical structure, so it is called a mechanical hard disk.

Mainstream mechanical hard disk capacity: 500G, 750G, 1T (1000G) and 2T (2000G).

SSD is a new generation of storage components that has become popular in the past two years. According to people's naming habits, this type of storage is still called "hard disk", but its structure and traditional Hard drives are completely different.

The main body of the solid state drive is actually a PCB board, and the most basic accessories on this PCB board are the control chip, the cache chip and the flash memory chip for storing data. Because there are no moving mechanical parts, it is called a solid state drive.

The common solid-state drive capacities on the market are: 60G, 120G, 256G, 512G.

Solid state hard disk has no volume limit, so it can be made very small and can be the size of an IC card. The most important thing is that solid-state drives have unmatched read and write speeds, lower power consumption and heat generation than mechanical hard drives. The most intuitive manifestation of higher read and write speeds is the startup time of the system, which is usually only a dozen seconds or even a few seconds to start up completely. It also has a high degree of experience for daily startup software, opening documents, etc.

SSD is mainly limited by its small capacity, short lifespan and high price. Mechanical hard drives still have the advantages of large capacity and high reliability.

Because of the emergence of solid-state drives, notebooks can be made thinner and lighter. The mainstream thin and light notebooks of major manufacturers basically use solid-state drives, while high-end gaming notebooks use solid-state drives as system disks and mechanical hard disks as storage disks, which can achieve high performance and large capacity.


Laptop memory can partially compensate for the performance degradation caused by a slower processor. Some laptops place cache memory on or very close to the CPU so that the CPU can access data faster. Some laptops also have larger buses for faster data transfer between the processor, motherboard, and memory.

Laptops typically use smaller memory modules to save space. The types of memory used in laptops include:

Compact Outline Dual Inline Memory Modules (SODIMMs);

·Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (DDR SDRAM);

·Proprietary technology memory modules;

Single Data Rate Synchronous Random Access Memory (SDRAM);

The memory of some laptops can be upgraded and the memory modules can be easily removed through the removable panel .

:(、)_ Baidu Encyclopedia


2. Processor performance

Notebook The main processor is AMD or inter (most common)

Source: Desktop CPU performance ladder

Desktop CPU Performance Ranking - Fast Technology Ladder Ranking

Notebook specific model recommendation

Before you buy:

1. The point is not to buy it in a physical store. Of course, many people have these two problems

1) My mother insists that I buy it in a physical store, and the money is not with me, so there is no way

Recommend to take your mother to watch this video

2) My mother said that I have xx relatives, and my uncle's son sells computers in xxx, so they are acquaintances.

A fellow countryman sees a fellow countryman, and you are panicking.

2. How to buy? The first is to recommend that you buy it on
Self-operated. Jingdong is currently the best shopping mall for 3c digital categories.

In addition, there are various models of notebooks. The link below will help you choose the model directly. Just add it to the shopping cart.

3.The most important point after completing the second step, add after the shopping cart. Wait for it to drop in price! ! ! Notebooks often fluctuate in price two or three times a month. Generally, during the Spring Festival, 618, Double Eleven, and New Year's Day flagships will have price cuts.

4. Lenovo notebooks are a very good choice in each range (of course, you have to buy the right one), you can give priority to the Lenovo brand.

1., Those who rarely play games, e-commerce, computer majors, etc. (including Chinese, marketing, etc.) The library is also comfortable to code words on the bed.

2. Boys, game lovers, eating chicken will definitely want to play in college. Game book

3. Students majoring in video editing. Game book

4. For stock trading parents.


Sort by price from high to low, and recommend thin and light books first. Try to recommend two to three notebooks in one price range
It is not recommended to buy second-hand notebooks because there are too many js in the market. It is not uncommon for defective products to be put on a computer and sold to you, or to be sold to you with foreign garbage.

3500-4000 yuan

HP Z66 third-generation AMD

Z66 is HP's more mature and well-reputed products
Ryzen processorThe performance is also sufficient, and it will not freeze within two years of buying it.
The price is also relatively low, about 3799 yuan. The screen is not goodThe lowest price is 3499, and 3599 is the activity price to start.


Lenovo Xiaoxin air 14 2020 Ryzen Edition

High cost performance, high color gamut screen, expandable solid state drive
Good battery life and strong performance release


3964,4100 Even the event price can start.

thinkbook 14 2021

As a business book, the price is not expensive, and the premium is not high in terms of configuration
Excellent battery life and strong scalability

Disadvantage: R5 configuration is out of stock

The lowest price is 4199, 4299 is considered The event price is available.


Lenovo Xiaoxin air 15

It can be said to be the thin and light notebook I recommend you to buy at the price of 4,000

There is no reason not to recommend it with you

The performance release is good enough, and the configuration is also high enough at the same price
The full keyboard has numeric keys, and the workmanship is good, and it is a metal shell
Battery life performance The same excellent minimum price is 4699. At present, 4798 belongs to the activity price and can be purchased. You can also add to the shopping cart and other price reductions

This is out of stock, if you can reduce your budget, choose the air14 recommended above

It is all Lenovo , You can give priority to the pen of the Lenovo's brand's pen electricity

Lenovo Xiaoxin pro13

One-handed opening and closing, very thin and light
R7-4800U 16G 512G 2.5K screen high color gamut This configuration is not black
Suitable for girls or working parties who need to travel frequently

Disadvantages: The keystrokes of the keys are short, and the screen is easy to stick to fingerprints

The touch panel feels heavy. There are few interfaces, so you have to match your own expansion dock.

The lowest price is 4949, and the current active price is 4999.

HP Zhan x Ruilong Edition

has good scalability, High color gamut screen
Keyboard feels good, all metal body
Ryzen 8-core 16-thread R7PRO-4750U 16G 512G 400 nits high color gamut

I don’t like Lenovo Other options with high cost performance for people with a low price.

The lowest price is 5299, and the immediate discount price is 5299. Add to the shopping cart and wait for the price to go down

The other one is the MX450's HP (HP) and the 66 fourth generation.

MX450 can eat chicken at a low price, and the operating experience is definitely not very good. The

recommended is 15 inches, the large screen looks more comfortable for the document

ps: this link cannot be put up

Jingdong self-operated: HP (HP) Z66 4th generation 15.6-inch thin and light laptop (Intel Core 11th generation i5 16G 512G MX450 high color gamut for one year + accident) No.: 100008893813

(,It will drop a lot)

Currently the most recommended game book for the price of around 5000 is the Redmi book G

The price is very cheap compared to the game book with the same configuration, and the material is stacked Enough
The disadvantage is that the weight and chin look very big. The lowest price is 4999. The current price is 5299.

The second game is Lenovo's r7000

Lenovo's y and r series can be bought directly

It is the most famous gaming laptop in the market at present


Currently recommended are

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