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Lemon Clinic | 300451 Entrepreneurship software, please name it and wait

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The author of the article: Satisfied Niu Finance Special Analyst - Daddy Lemon

Welcome comrades to follow Lemon Look at the market from the perspective of games, use the results of the game to determine operational discipline, and use the discipline of the game to cut losses and release profits, you can search "Learn Trading Game Theory with Lemons - Trading Game Theory "Introduction" to learn the full game theory of trading.

How about this ticket

Entrepreneurship Software (300451) is the first echelon company of medical informatization, this industry is in a period of rapid development, fixed increase, Mergers and acquisitions are all means of rapid development, and we hope to do better and better.

However, although the fundamentals of this ticket are good, the management of the market value has not really put much effort into it. The stock price trend has nothing to do with performance. Whether this ticket can make money depends on whether there is a relay of funds to hype it up. Technical analysis is a good target to play an advantage, it is worth adding optional and waiting for the opportunity slowly.

Technical aspects:

The important long-term moving averages are oscillating, the middle-line important moving averages are shocking, and the short-term moving averages are rising and falling. Start according to the game results, don't worry.

For those who want to operate, you can take a look at the following technical analysis done by Lemon using his own "Trader Game Theory"

Technical Analysis

If you want to distinguish the running direction of a stock with a high probability, it is best to look at the trend from the long-term cycle, and look for opportunities from the short-term cycle. The trend of this ticket should first be seen from the monthly line.

Entrepreneurship Software (300451) The monthly line is not bad. On the whole, the long-term trend is in the process of fluctuating upward, but the stock price is currently in the game near the 20-month line. Whether it can break through remains to be seen.

The weekly trend is also good. After rushing to the back, it is a 60-week game. This process usually involves a fierce confrontation, which is suitable for eating. The melon crowd watched the show

The daily trend is a bit short-term Meng, it is currently in the process of rising and falling. Although the two G-spot lemons worth seeing are marked, they are too far away and are not suitable for key observation operations for the time being.

Such a ticket can be viewed from a distance and cannot be played with.

I hope that through Lemon's article, every comrade in arms can develop look at the market with the eyes of the game, use the results of the game to determine the discipline of operation, and use the discipline of the game to cut losses and release profits

b> habit.

FundamentalsPositive PK NegativeList


1. The company is the first echelon company of medical informatization

2. The annual report is good, the provident fund is high, and the revenue and net profit have both increased significantly: capital accumulation per share: 6.176 Operating income (ten thousand yuan ): 115295.29, an increase of 110.15% year-on-year Net profit (ten thousand yuan): 16324.42, a year-on-year increase of 159.10%

3. In 2017, the 10-to-10-share distribution of 1 yuan (tax included) (pre-plan)

4. The first quarterly report predicts that the performance will rise again. It is estimated that the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company from January to March 2018: 40 million to 45 million yuan; compared with the same period last year, an increase of 92.77% to 116.86 %.

5. The traditional business has grown steadily, and the extension and consolidation have promoted the super-high-speed growth of performance.

6. Increase investment in research and development, and new products are frequently launched. 2017Company H1 invested 53.746 million yuan in research and development, a year-on-year increase of 57.38%.


This trend has nothing to do with the fundamentals at all. Let’s rely on technical analysis to hide in the future

I believe that through more and more battle cases, comrades in arms can discover the value of Lemon "Trader Game Theory". Those who are interested in deepening their understanding can search "Learn Trading Game Theory with Lemons-Introduction to Trading Game Theory" to learn about learning the complete trading game theory.

Be sure to remember that "technology is not everything, but not knowing technology is absolutely impossible", a solid basic analysis can help you avoid most huge losses. pit.

If you think the technology is too complicated, it is difficult for you to understand

If you think the analysis is too time-consuming, you have no time to do it If you pay attention to Lemons, you can leave a message to Lemons to solve all the above problems


Welcome to the public account of Daddy Lemons: Lemons to share with everyone who wants Friends who learn investment knowledge and improve operational skills!

Pending individual stocks

Comrades in arms who need to diagnose stocks can leave a message in the background, Lemon will Ranked at the back

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Reprint statement: This article is written by Satisfied Niu Caijing and Yicai special financial commentator , written by Daddy Lemon, a securities analyst. The basic knowledge of stocks, the theoretical knowledge of stock combat, and the training knowledge of stock skills involved in the teacher's articles, financial live broadcasts, and stock courses belong to the teacher's personal intellectual property rights. Without permission, please Do not repost.

Comrades-in-arms can learn Lemon's original "Trader Game Theory" through articles and live broadcasts to conduct stock training and trading training, and make themselves a winner in the stock market. Comrades-in-arms can search through Baidu - "Learn Trading Game Theory with Lemons-Introduction to Trading Game Theory", and you can see how to learn!

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