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Interesting: The South Korean team's fiasco and the stock market just because of "poisonous milk"?

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Xiaose's own Weibo name has been changed to "Poison Milk Color"

Only one day after the "poisonous milk incident", Xiaose, who gave up on herself, once again took a sip of "milk" on Weibo Chinese stock market. He believes that the Chinese stock market, which has been blown out, is unlikely to bottom out the next day.

Of course, something interesting happened again. Shortly after the market opened today, the two cities began to bottom out and turned red. For some well-informed players, it is natural to thank Xiaose for the poisonous milk the day before.

The fiasco of the Korean team made Xiao Se have to believe that she was poisonous milk, and she actually posted two articles in a row admitting that she was Poisoned Milk's Weibo

If you often follow the interstellar circle or the e-sports circle, you must be familiar with Xiaose and "poisoned milk". Some of the most famous "poisonous milk" for Xiaose are also familiar to some players. If you want to learn about these interesting history of poisoned milk, you may wish to read our list of major poisonous milk events in recent years.

Flash Retires

Interstellar's most famous player, Flash, announced his retirement a month ago. No one expected that the "Legacy of the Void" Gold International Challenge in China in November would be his final curtain call performance. However, during the last competition of his career, Flash also had an exhibition match with Xiaose and F91, and Xiaose and F91, who were the archons, finally defeated Flash. After the exhibition match, Xiaose specially gave Flash a "measuring ruler" and wished him to play well in the future.

Unexpectedly, Flash announced his retirement soon after. Xiaose's "poisonous milk blessing" was also spoofed by players as the cause and effect of Flash's retirement.

“Six Gentlemen of Wuxu” and “Six Gentlemen of New Years”

The WCS Global Finals is an annual summary competition of Starcraft 2, comparable to DOTA’s TI and LOL's S game. In 2014, Xiaose selected 6 favorites to win the championship in the live broadcast and predicted that one of them would win the championship (in fact, they do have the ability to win the championship), namely Zest, soO, herO, Classic, Taeja and INnoVation. Se also predicted that Life, one of the contestants, "is just a chicken (meaning very vegetable)" and could not win the championship. An interesting thing happened. The six predicted favorites to win the championship were all eliminated, but it was precisely the optimistic "chicken" Life who had the last laugh and won the trophy.

This is the most famous "poisonous milk" incident in the interstellar circle. Afterwards, players collectively referred to the six players who died of milk as "Six Gentlemen of Wuxu", and Xiaose added another "E-sports Cixi" nickname.

The Hundred Days Six Gentlemen Poisonous Milk Incident spoofed by netizens

One year later, the WCS year-end finals, The unconvinced Xiaose made a prediction again, and re-selected six popular players to win the championship, and predicted again that Life was still a "chicken". Although sOs, one of the "New Six Gentlemen" finally broke the "curse of poisonous milk" and won the trophy, the other five who were out early and the under-appreciated Life reached the final again, still made people feel his "poisoned milk" skill .

World Cup in Brazil

Xiaose is a football lover, so he often predicts some football matches on live broadcast. The Chinese team's Asian Cup group qualification and the Premier League matchup between Liverpool and Arsenal have all had small "poisonous milk predictions". But the most famous "football milk incident" is Xiaose's prediction of the 2014 World Cup semi-final in Brazil.

DOTA2TI5 finals

Before the 2015 DOTA2 TI5 finals, Xiaose publicly predicted the final day result in his StarCraft 2 live broadcast: "Impossible. , EG wants to win against 2 strong Chinese teams in a row..."

In the end, ETeam G even won the TI5 championship against two Chinese clubs.

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