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How to save yourself if you owe 200,000 (Should you break up with your boyfriend who owes money)

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Posted on November 14, 2021 (Author: Lin Daoping, Secretary of Guangzhou Tianhe District Party Committee, visited Guangdong Wangjin Holdings Co., Ltd.)

What should I do if my boyfriend wants to break up with me How can I save my boyfriend if I want to break up with me? How can I save my boyfriend? You must know that men are soft-hearted and not hard-hearted. The more you lead anger and resentment to talk to him, the more disappointed he will be with you. On the contrary, if you can calm down and sort out your own mood. Keep yourself in a good mood and try to make the other person feel happy when you are with him. Give him care and tenderness, and he will definitely remember you the most beautiful. Even when he's not with you, he'll look back on the good times he was with you. If you don't think about your life, it's just a mediocre life. At the age of love, if you know how to decorate yourself with books, this beauty is like a flower that makes people feel gratified. Make the other person feel that you have become thoughtful. To be a human being, learn to be soft, and be sorry when it is time to be sorry. When you know how to think about how to speak, you are wise. At this time, you will be at ease with men. Being able to break up shows that there must be a problem. You can also carefully measure your position in his heart. Does he really love you? And do you just love him as you say? Or is it just a habit, accustomed to him by your side. If after rational analysis, your love is still persistent, then think of some ways to get him back. Since you are lovers, you naturally have some good friends in common. You can ask your good friends to help you, and ask your friends to send you a message to let him know that you are just a little proud and embarrassed to come in person. In fact, I really want to get back together. , I miss him very much. You can also explore his thoughts. He is just as short-lived as you, and still firmly wants to break up. With this information, you can make your next plan. Way 1 to get back an ex-boyfriend Many people cry and cry after falling out of love, and they cannot get rid of the painful emotions for a long time. Yes, falling out of love certainly makes people suffer. But if you want to save it, put away the worthless tears first, because he will never look back when you are sad, but it will be very stressful. It happened for a reason, and since we broke up, accept this fact. After a breakup, adjust your mentality as soon as possible, control your emotions, and give each other some calm time. Stop crying, no one wants to be with a negative person. Don't contact him, he doesn't want to receive any information from you asking for reconciliation. Don't complain, start with yourself! If possible, leave a memorable personal item in a corner where he won't find it right away. When he arrives one day, he will think of you, and he wants to talk to you. A great excuse when you get back together. Also, when you leave, you should pay attention to your appearance, don't cry so badly, and keep the last beautiful image in his mind. Maybe something between you will make him change his opinion of you. But please believe that if he really loves you, he will definitely feel disappointed, sad and sad for you. It is precisely because he has such an idea that he still has a deep memory of you. If you want to change his understanding, you must let the other party know you again. You have to analyze yourself honestly, see what problems and faults you have, and how you can overcome them, so that the other person can feel refreshed. Method 2 to get your ex-boyfriend back Do you often forcibly intervene in your boyfriend's social interaction or like to stick with him all day long when you are in love? In this way, he will feel that he has no freedom, and even his daily life is restricted by you. How can he be happy with you? You should understand that everyone is an individual who needs his own life, and so do you. So if you want to save your boyfriend, you must reflect on your own problems. Only from your own reasons can it be more conducive to saving. Build your own circle of friends and be willing to let him have his own space so that the relationship can last. Therefore, women often regard men as the whole of life after falling in love, throw away their hobbies, and want to spend all their time with men. But this way the man will feel a lot of pressure and even want to escape. Women don't understand that they are too heavy.

Looking at her boyfriend makes you unable to extricate yourself, and the pain is more. After breaking up, women should return to the rich life before, go to sing, travel, paint, etc., do what they like, and treat themselves well. That way your boyfriend will respect you and love you. After you gradually start to contact, remember not to be too excited, and suddenly the need is overwhelming, which will reduce your boyfriend's desire to pursue you again. Don't blindly obey because he is timid to lose again. Appropriate refusal will arouse his sense of competition, invest more in you, and want to be with you more. Regarding how to reduce the sense of need, I have a lot of related skills that can be learned from. Only by grasping your own sense of needs can you change from passive to active and better control your emotions. No matter how tangled the breakup is, if you want your ex-boyfriend to take the initiative to come back and ask for reconciliation, this time you must leave cleanly and decisively. The so-called categorical departure means no quarrel, no fuss or entanglement. You can bring tears to your eyes and let him know that you are reluctant to be in this relationship. Quietly leave, don't secretly check if he wants to save you, and don't cry and review it carefully, which will make the other party feel you are annoying. It's helpful to pack yourself up as soon as possible, and politely say thank you to your ex when you leave, and leave him a good review. Three ways to get back your ex-boyfriend After breaking up, maybe your self-esteem is still at work, and you don't want to bow your head right away. Not too embarrassed to meet. Taking retreat as advance, contacting him by e-mail, now that the Internet is prosperous, and contacting him on the Internet, you can not hear each other's voices, and prevent embarrassment. You can show generosity, you can still be good friends after breaking up, and there is no love and hatred that can't be put aside. If you don't break it, you will be clean, and you don't have to be the most familiar stranger. When I broke up just now, my heart must have been painful and uncontrollable. But the more you do, the more you have to try to suppress your bad emotions. Find a way to calm yourself down. Don't get excited to do something silly and make yourself look like a joke. Only after calming down can you look at the problem objectively, think about it, and see what is wrong? Why did you break up, is it really your own reason? It is easy to solve the problem when it is there. You have to learn to start paying attention to your surface. You must know that for women, it is always the image that walks in front of other settlements. If you can't attract the other person's eyes, naturally you can't enter the other person's heart. When you can catch a man's sight, you will know how to conquer this man. In fact, a man hopes that a woman can conquer him in his life, and then let him be a housekeeper. But in reality, very few women can conquer the man beside him, but in the end they either make themselves a resentful woman, or make themselves a grief. So, you have to remember that if you show up to a man, you must make sure that you have a beauty to be admired. This kind of beauty can be superficial, it can be spiritual, it can be talent, or it can be temperament. No matter what, you must always remember to make others feel that it is a kind of natural beauty. There is no heart or mind. My boyfriend wants to break up with me, how can I get it back

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