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The history of Hongdu Airlines? How is the stock price of Hongdu Airlines? Will Hongdu Airlines keep going down?

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National defense strength is the key to ensuring national security, so the defense and military sector has always been the focus of the market. The recent market focus has been on the rise of the military sector. Today, I will talk to you about Hongdu Airlines, a high-quality stock in the aviation sector in the military sector.

Before starting the analysis of Hongdu Airlines, I have sorted out the list of leading stocks in the military industry and shared them for your reference. Click to learn:

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I. From the perspective of the company

Company introduction: Hongdu Aviation has the research, development and manufacturing capabilities of the full spectrum of elementary, intermediate and advanced trainer aircraft, which can meet the flight training requirements of different users and different stages. The products have strong competitiveness in both domestic and international markets; the company also has the ability to independently manufacture the fuselage section of large civil passenger aircraft, and the international subcontract production capacity for some large parts of passenger aircraft. Mainly engaged in the design, development, production, sales, maintenance and service support of primary, intermediate and advanced trainer series products and parts and components; the current main products are K8 trainer aircraft, L15 advanced trainer aircraft; the current major aircraft projects are C919 , and Boeing subcontracted production projects.

After a brief overview of the company's history, let's talk about the company's strengths.

Advantage one, business development,

"Trainer + Missile + UAV" comprehensive platform is out of the sheath


The company has successfully integrated Hongdu Group's related defense business into the interior. Today, the company's business expansion includes three categories of "trainer aircraft + UAV + missile". Products include L15 advanced trainer aircraft, YJ-9E anti-ship missiles, attack-11 drones and other main battle equipment. It has improved the development and system support capabilities of aviation products in an all-round way. At present, not only the total demand for global defense products, but also the procurement costs are on the rise.

Advantage two, the product has

core competitiveness

The company also has the independent research and development and production capacity of elementary, intermediate and advanced trainer aircraft products, and is the only system supplier with this qualification in China. The main product trainer series are all independently developed and have independent intellectual property rights. For the L15 advanced trainer, its performance has reached the world's advanced level and can fully meet the training needs of third-generation fighter jets. Even if it is compared with advanced similar products from Russia, Italy, South Korea and other countries, its overall technical standards It can also be in an evenly matched state, and can be customized according to customer needs; in the international trade market, the K8 basic trainer occupies a dominant position, and the CJ6 primary trainer has been proved by the Civil Aviation Administration to be in a safe and usable state, and an airworthiness certificate has been issued. Hongdu Airlines has laid a solid foundation for entering the broad civil aviation market; and for each aircraft type, the company provides a full range of training support services.

Because of the limited length of the article, I have compiled some in-depth reports and risk warnings about Hongdu Airlines, and the relevant content has been compiled in the following research report. Click this link to see the research report:

[In-depth research report] Hongdu Airlines comments, it is recommended to collect!

Second, from an industry perspective

From In terms of the number of military aircraft, the United States currently has 2,835 trainer aircraft, accounting for 25% of the world's total.The amount is 1.1:1. Comparing the two, my country's military trainers are not only worse than the United States in terms of the absolute number, but also in the relative ratio of fighter aircraft, and the room for improvement is relatively large.

The military expenditure is in At the same time, the armament is constantly being updated, and high-quality enterprises in the military industry can realize the possibility of long-term sustainable development. The defense spending budget for 2021 will increase by 6.8% to 1,379.544 billion yuan. In the entire budget, the cost of actual combat training to accelerate the replacement of weapons and equipment and promote military training is an important proportion of the expenditure. Therefore, the upgrade of trainer aircraft has become a major trend, and the demand for equipped missiles has been strong for a long time. As a training model for a variety of advanced fighter jets, the L15 model has a good performance-to-cost ratio and is extremely needed by the market. Missile operations, which are necessary for combat training, will continue to increase in demand in the future.

In short, I think Hongdu Airlines, as a pioneer in the aviation field in the military sector, is supported by industry dividends, and it is very possible to achieve rapid progress. However, the timeliness of the article is not strong. If you want to know the current news of Hongdu Airlines, you can directly read the information below, and professional investment advisors will give you opinions to see whether the current market situation of Hongdu Airlines is a good time to buy or sell:

【Free】Is there any chance to test Hongdu Airlines?

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